Battledroid is a unique free-to-play, massively-multiplayer, asynchronous online Steam exclusive game, for PC, Mac and Linux, aimed at the discerning mature gamer. It is a game of conquest, strategy and iteration.

Puppygames are seeking crowdfunding to finish Battledroid. We're halfway through but we need another year of development before we can release it.

We need your help!

Free To Play

Battledroid really is free-to-play. There's virtually nothing in the game that any player can't access. You can't pay to win. There is no grind - only gameplay.

We plan to sustain its development and funding by selling collectable, customisable units via microtransactions. Players who are time-rich and money-poor can play for free and spend their time acquiring resources through hours of play. Players who are time-poor and money-rich, or who just want to support the game, can accelerate their progress towards collecting resources with some cash. Real fans can become subscribers with various perks.

Asynchronous Massively Multiplayer

The death of many multiplayer games is not having enough people online at the same time to play against. And particularly for the more mature gamer, having to arrange gaming around a hectic life schedule can be especially tricky. And the more retiring and shy gamer might not want to actually have to deal with other real people in realtime.

We've solved this with an asynchronous design - your opponents do not have to be online at the same time as you are. They leave you battles to play, and at the same time, you leave them battles to play, as and when you've got time. Nobody has to talk to anyone directly, and no set-up or meeting times are required.

Steam Exclusive

Battledroid is already deployed on Steam, and there it will remain, letting Steam take care of account identity, micropayment and subscription, automatic updates, and extracurricular community functions such as discussion forums. We have no plans to port to consoles (other than the Steambox) or mobile devices. With Steam taking care of all of that stuff we only have to develop the game. Right now we have 1,000 alpha development keys to give out to our most generous patrons, so that you may watch an MMO unfold before your very eyes, in monthly updates until we're done!

No Pay To Win?

You can't pay to win this game. Your money only goes towards unlocking more interesting and varied strategies. And cool paint jobs. Otherwise, all games are automatically balanced with a points system, and no matter how much you've spent, you'll be using the same points as your opponent - just maybe with more fun stuff.

No Grind?

There is no grind in Battledroid. The only way to advance is to play the game, and the game has no repetitive, pointless tasks: every battle is for real, against real enemies, for real advancement.


It is the year 24__. Yes, really. Humanity has largely fled the Earth, leaving a war-torn, blasted environment. What remaining resources there are on Earth are fought over by factions from megacorporations from afar using automated battledroids. You are the commander of such a faction, and your mission is to conquer and hold as much of the Earth as possible with your robot armies, and thus become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.


The Metagame

The Earth is divided up into a huge grid of territories, and each territory that has a bit of dry land in it is owned by one of you, the players. Initially they won't be owned by anyone, but fearless alpha testers should soon rectify that. Every territory harbours a resource in the game, such as a type of battledroid, or barricade, or mines, or hopefully, something cool from Steam such as a Team Fortress hat. While you own that territory, you can create armies that contain those resources (or you can wear that hat in Team Fortress...).

As you attack territories around the world and conquer them, your enemies will be doing the same back to you. There are strategic advantages to maintaining contiguous (unbroken) territory, and advantages to having lots of territory - but not advantages that prevent other players from attacking you successfully.

Everything in Battledroid advancement is about opening up new and more exciting strategies and possibilities as you progress. The larger your biggest contiguous territory is, the more points you will be able to use when placing a defensive army. The more total territories your possess, the more different units you'll have to play with.

Once you have conquered a territory, you capture the army within and it will act on your behalf. However, you can throw it away at any time and replace it with an army of your own. You must devise a well-structured and balanced army that can withstand attack in your absence!

Resources are gained immediately on a successful attack, but only lost when you next log in (or every 24 hours, whichever comes sooner).


Upon selecting a territory to attack, you are presented with a simulator, which shows you the exact configuration of the incumbent defending army. You then have to design an army - choose, deploy, and program the battledroids and turrets - that will defeat the enemy army. You do not control your army! The battledroids are entirely autonomous and will fight as they see fit according to your general instructions and parameters. You can replay and adjust your attack as much as you like in the simulator. When you're happy that your attack is certain to succeed, you launch your attack for real.

Our servers then resolve your attack and find out what actually happened, and relay the final results back to you. Then you can watch the actual battle unfold as it really happened. You are not guaranteed success in the real battle based on a successful simulation! Tiny changes in the starting conditions can sometimes have a deciding effect. The trick is to design an attack such that the effect of these tiny changes has minimal effect on the final outcome.

Explain how it'll make money again?

There are two ways we'll get Battledroid to be self-sustaining. Firstly we'll be selling ordinary resources such as battledroids, turrets, barricades and mines, and also "veteran" battledroids. Veterans gain experience points in attacks where a conquest is successful, depending on how audacious and unlikely the win was (based on points difference). You can cash in experience points to upgrade your veteran with level-ups, upgrading one of fourteen different stats.

Please note that purchased items can never be lost through any circumstances: they're yours to keep forever. Whereas free players have to fight and hold on to every scrap they can get their hands on, purchases are permanent.


Everyone who is a patron of Battledroid will become a subscriber for life and gain all the benefits of subscription; players joining us after release will pay a monthly subscription fee. The chief benefit being that the longer one subscribes to Battledroid, one receives an ever-increasing discount on microtransactions! Any subscription fees are automatically paid straight into your account and can be used to buy things from the shop as you'd hope - just with a discount of up to 90%.

How can I help get this game made?

We've launched a crowdfunding appeal on Patreon. With Patreon, you can donate a tiny sum of money to us every month - as little as a dollar - until we've finished making the game. Once we've reached the critical threshold of $5,000 per month we can resume development on Battledroid full-time, and we expect it to take approximately 12 months from that point to get it released. Every dollar helps! We will reward each and every one of our patrons as soon as we reach our initial funding goal. See the Patreon page for full details.

Can I be involved in the game's creation?

Yes - to some extent! Our $10 patrons will be receiving Steam keys when the project kicks off and will be able to test the game's alpha code and provide us with suggestions and valuable feedback. Our most generous patrons will also be asked to design some custom units for use in the game, and name them.

How long will it take again?

Game development is very, very hard, and especially massively multiplayer online games, which are the hardest games there are to write. We've managed to make about half of it so far, and we anticipate that it's going to take approximately 12 months to get it to releasable state, from the point at which we give the project the green light. We will start on this development once Patreon reaches its minimum monthly target of $5,000 per month. We'll cover the shortfall on running costs with sales of our other games.

What are the benefits to me of backing this game?

Every backer - no matter how small - will receive a giftable set of Steam keys for each of our existing games: Revenge of the Titans, Titan Attacks, Droid Assault, and Ultratron when we first achieve our monthly funding goal and the project kicks off. You might already own these games but they make great gifts to friends! And we'd like to put your name or handle on our credits screen to acknowledge the help and kindness you've show us.

More generous backers will be invited to the beta launch, and will be granted full subscription status for life - and we'll put all your patronage into your account at launch, too.

Even more generous backers will have access to the game in development on a monthly release cycle. Hurry up though - we only have 1,000 of these keys to give away! But there's more. We'll also title you Friends of Puppygames, and we will give you everything we ever make again - for ever - for free. This includes our new survival horror game, Basingstoke!

And finally, the very most generous backers... we want to talk to you directly, and put a little something from you in the game. We'll be in touch!

Why aren't you doing Kickstarter?

Because Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing backing model, there's a significant chance that we can't drum up enough support in the short time that a Kickstarter project is live. Furthermore Kickstarter only raises a single fixed sum of money, which means that once that money's gone... development stops dead, whether we've quite finished the game... or not. So instead, we've gone for a slow-burn approach, building up support through Patreon until we know we're definitely going to be able to complete our game, and you can watch it being made with regular updates. And of course - if you're not happy with progress, you can make it known to us, and pull your funding at any time.


We need your help! We need your money! Just spare change. Every tiny little bit helps.

Our first goal is to reach our minimum monthly financial outlay, which is $5,000 per month, so that we can kick off the project. If you'd like to see a unique free game made, please back us on Patreon; it's safe, convenient, and just a drop in the ocean for you, but means everything in the world for us!