for Windows, Mac and Linux

MAY 28 - JUNE 28


Welcome Commander!

Become the commander of a mighty army of fearsome battledroids, and watch them fight in epic battles of mass destruction. Create your defences and test their strength, or send your forces to crush those of your friends and enemies online!

Across the desolate ruins of Earth wages an endless struggle between autonomous megacorp armies with only one objective in mind: victory no matter the cost!

BATTLEDROID is a multiplayer battle simulation game in the auto-battle genre, with elements of tower defense...

That's a really dull way of saying it's a game about BLOWING STUFF UP in epic battles, and crushing your enemies with loads of DROIDS and big GUNS!

Construct bases and defend them with masses of turrets, barricades, minefields and deadly robot infantry, or deploy your legions to annihilate your friends, and then watch the ensuing CARNAGE!

A great experience for anyone who likes playing team based games but wants to build the team instead of controlling it


Massive robot armies = epic scenes of destruction!


Pick your terrain and start crafting the most cunning base ever, an impregnable fortress bristling with turrets, scanners and ammunition dumps. Reinforce with support buildings such as reactors, scanners and shield generators, surround it with barricades of concrete and steel, misdirect your enemy with cloaking devices and decoys, and cunningly conceal mines to surprise attackers.

Then watch in HORROR as your Steam buddies spot your weak point and spectacularly waste it in a barrage of ROCKET and BLASTER fire.


Exact REVENGE upon your enemies with TOTAL DESTRUCTION of their bases. Select and deploy your infantry and artillery to the front lines, and on your command your fearless forces will advance to obliterate all that stands before them...

Or have you misjudged the rate of fire of those heavy multi-blaster turrets?

Watch helplessly as wave after wave of your valiant droids hurl themselves ineffectually into the fray and to their fiery doom!

Ah well, there's always next time.


A daring raid on an overpowered enemy base that succeeds is worthy of the greatest rewards, and victorious commanders will be honoured with MEDALS, rising through the ranks to become FIELD MARSHAL.

Medals also come with rewards. Choose between new types of units, upgrades, extra supplies to turn the tide of battle, or cold hard cash.

Spend it in the ARMOURY to create your own uniquely armed fighting force of fearsome battledroids.

Blast stuff to bits with high-tech weaponry! Explode your foes with rocket barrages! Slice them into very small bits with beam lasers! Scramble their innards with disruptors! Fry them with flamethrowers!

BATTLEDROID has a wide variety of weaponry attached to an even wider range of droids and turrets, each with different sensors, drive units, armour, and special equipment.


BATTLEDROID uses our own state-of-the art custom voxel graphics engine, VOXOID.

We've written Voxoid entirely from scratch in Java and OpenGL, to allow us to create spectacular battles.

Voxoid supports massive super-detailed landscapes, thousands of battling droids, and millions of particles to create explosive effects.

Voxoid is dripping with high-tech features...

  • Forward+ HDR lighting model with cones, points, and directional lights, all perfectly tone-mapped
  • Bump, gloss, and specular mapped voxels
  • Fully order-independent transparency
  • Depth-of-field rendering
  • Efficient particle engine capable of rendering millions of particles per frame
  • Temporal anti-aliasing - super efficient super smooth voxel edges
  • Screen space ambient occlusion
  • Fully cascaded shadow mapping
  • Distance fog and ground mist implemented with Mie scattering
  • High performance instanced model rendering
  • Volumetric lighting and shadow
  • Post-processing effects like lens flares, lens dirt, grain, and vignette

... with more features to come!


  • Free to play!
  • Massive battles with up to 1000 units on each side.
  • Asynchronous online multiplayer - you can play even if your friends are offline.
  • Voxels! Voxels! Voxels! State-of-the art custom voxel graphics engine, with destructible scenery.
  • Editable environment and weather system with realistic fog, mist and volumetric lighting.
  • Tiny download, quick startup, and free to jump in and start blowing stuff up!

for Windows, Mac and Linux

MAY 28 - JUNE 28