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I'm having a blast with this one, fun, polished, relaxing.

nodmg Steam review

The best, most-addictive solitaire game I've ever played.

genkicoll Steam review

Definitely recommended... a relaxing, beautiful solitaire game.

MommaFae Steam review

Clear cursed cards and gain power to face the secrets of the Dire!

Explore the world of Atlas, learn the ancient histories, form friendships, and defeat foes.

The dark tide of the lost rises, and with it comes a chasm through the skies. The cosmic voice that eats up light. Leaving all but frail, wretched beings bereft of spirit who wander the lands in search of the spark, the ember of life. Beware the grey, indomitable fog.

Blown away by just how lovely the presentation is.

A favourite to keep jumping back into.

How to play: Click cards above and below the foundation in value. Faerie Solitaire Dire is an up/down (wheel) solitaire game at its core with many new and surprising card game mechanics to challenge you.

What sinister wonders await those brave enough to face the Dire?

Don’t let the label of 'challenging solitaire' scare you. Dire includes features to customize your difficulty to be right for you.

Faerie Solitaire Dire will challenge your skill, your luck, and your sanity as you match cards up and down, destroy walls of ooze, play with light and shadow, meddle with curses, open gates, and linger with salt and bone.

  • Eerie atmospheric hand-painted locations to explore
  • Hand crafted card layouts each made to give challenge
  • Pets to collect and evolve
  • Dark fantasy world and story with many characters
  • Save the faeries before it's too late
  • Many new and interesting mechanics yet to be seen
  • Fun and rewarding!
Faerie Solitaire Dire Steam gubbins

Get it on Steam!

Faerie Solitaire Dire comes with all the Steam gubbins...

Or on Itch!

Not a Steam user? No problem, you can download Faerie Solitaire Dire from!

  • DRM free!
  • Linux users: name your own price!

What a nice game; thank you for making this for linux, and no steam/DRM involved!

A lot of fun to play and runs perfectly. :-)

scratchie Itch review

A magical, lovingly-polished gem of a game that I absolutely cannot stop playing.

genkicoll Steam review

I just can't stop playing this game... this is a must buy.

galt Steam review

Even more addicting than its predecessor and you will never do anything else ever again :D

codefiant Steam review

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From the makers of the classic card games Faerie Solitaire & Faerie Solitaire Harvest.

Faerie Solitaire Classic
Faerie Solitaire Classic
Faerie Solitaire Classic

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for Windows, Mac and Linux