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Quick to pick up and a ton of fun

Gadrial Steam Review

twin-stick arcade shooting at it's finest

once you start it is impossible to lay it down


Experience the thrill of old-school arcade mayhem, updated and improved for the modern day!

Deploy your team of Glitchangels to repair 'THE SYSTEM', one corrupt subroutine at a time.

Defeat hordes of enemies, purify areas of corruption and unlock devastating abilities as you go.

Become a ghostly apparition, go supersonic, summon minions, nuke the world, or even rewind space-time itself!

The braver you are, the deeper you go, into the depths of the virtual realm - headlong into confrontation with the five bosses of the forbidden partions.

Love twin-stick shooters? Need a fresh modern take on retro classics with plenty of upgrades?

Glitchangels is pretty much all you need and it's fantastic.

Harness the power of time to rewind!

  • 7 famous angelic manifestations to control - choose your favourite and master their powers.
  • Destroy enemies, earn cash and upgrade your angel's abilities.
  • 8 unlockable applications can be turned on or off to modify the experience and match your mood.
  • 30 glitches to discover - featuring bouncy bullets, x-ray vision, monster crates, party time and many, many more.
  • Blast your way through ever increasing levels of hunters, pods, snipers, grunts and various other lethal threats.
  • Vanquish the 5 evil demonic boss robots.
  • Multiple achievements chart your progress through the game. Beat the bosses, collect all the $cash, harvest skulls - we've got you covered.
  • Online stats and leaderboard - beat your friends and claim those bragging rights.
  • Cloud save support.

pretty much perfect as a retro-fuelled arcade action shooter

easily repeatable and enjoyable thanks to the masses of upgrades and the extra abilities on top of different characters to switch between.

Harness the power of time to rewind!

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Glitchangels was developed by Pumpkin Games, makers of Alien Abduction and Paladin.

so much depth in its simplistic gameplay... a very unique and addictive experience. I highly recommend buying this!

really fun, frantic as hell too as you're running around zipping through enemies with your various abilities

probably my new favorite game, and I've played a lot of titles in the "twin stick action" genre

Nanohard Steam review

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