Have a question or having problems with one of our games?

Here are a few of the the things we get asked most often. If your question isn't answered here, you can use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us... but do please read it first :)


Will it run on my computer?

Our games run on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Our games will run on most hardware bought in the last few years, as long as up-to-date graphics drivers are installed - please see the Drivers section below.

Are your games on Steam?


Controller support?

Mostly! Titan Attacks, Droid Assault and Ultratron can all be played with a controller, but not Revenge of the Titans.

Are the soundtracks available?

You can get hold of the soundtracks to Ultratron here or on iTunes and the Revenge of the Titans from either Steam or direct from Dave S-B.

Can I still get hold of one of your older games?

Sorry, not at the moment. Please contact us if you're desperate!


Nearly all crashes in games are due to old or outdated video drivers. PC users should visit their video card vendor's web site and download the latest drivers. Usually you will have one of Nvidia, AMD, or Intel inside your computer.

Mac users can get updates automatically from Apple via Software Update.


How do I reinstall or update a game?

Since all our games are on Steam now, all you need to do is load up Steam and they should update automatically. If they're not installed yet just doubleclick them in your Steam library to get the process started.

If you bought the games somewhere other than Steam, you can get a free Steam key just by visiting this page and popping in your email address. If you have any problems, use the contact form below.

Can I install the game on my Mac AND my PC?

Yes, when you buy any of our games the registration is valid for PC, Mac and Linux.


Game will not start, and desktop shortcut is missing it's target file.

In rare cases, anti-virus software (such as Norton) will treat program (.exe) files like a virus when you install them - and automatically delete them... without telling you!

You'll need to reinstall the game, excluding the game's program folder (eg. C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\DroidAssault) from scanning.

With Norton for example, this folder will need to be added to both the Scan Exclusions section and the Real Time Protection Exclusions section in Norton's settings.

Comodo Internet Security has caused a lot of folks problems in the past, if you're using it and can't get the games to work right just drop us a line via the contact form below and we can help you get it working.


Steam keeps your games up to date automatically. If you're on an older version of the game that doesn't use Steam, you'll need to switch over to Steam using the free Steam key you can pick up from this page.

Can I carry on using my old non-Steam version?

You can, yes. It should continue to work indefinitely. You won't get any updates with bug-fixes and new features unless to move to Steam though.


Can I upload or stream videos of your games?

Totally! We love it when folks upload video of our games so please go ahead.

Can I use YouTube Monetization on those streams

Uploading/streaming videos of our games with monetization enabled is absolutely fine by us! If YouTube bug you for written permission, please get in touch so we can sort that out for you.


Can't fix a problem? Let us know what's up and we'll do our best to get things working!