New Droid Assault Uploaded

My favourite game, Droid Assault, has just received a little TLC, and updated to version 1.8. This version should install correctly on Windows Vista and Windows 7, and it should also work on ATI Catalyst 10 drivers. You may or may not notice it running a little more smoothly as well, especially on slightly older hardware, though I really doubt you’ll notice it. Four other things were fixed:

  • Multi-core AI was completely broken but nobody seemed to notice. They’ve had their brains ripped out and replaced with the brains from the gidrahs in Revenge of the Titans.
  • The disruptor now does 50% more damage.
  • The S490 droid is less annoying now, having twin blasters and moving 50% quicker.
  • Registration details now fade after 30 seconds

I hope you have fun with it!

Any problems, please let me know as soon as possible. I’m off to bed now.

8 thoughts on 'New Droid Assault Uploaded'

    1. Done Titan too, just didn’t blog about it just yet… and Ultratron tonight (only 1 small graphical glitch to deal with).

  1. Joy! There’s just something purely addictive about this beastie. I’m out in the high 50s at this point, and I neeeed NEEED to know how it all ends…

    1. Hah! I confess now that it doesn’t so much end as just get more and more mental. I had some dude on the morning of his wedding complaining to me that there was a problem on level 75. On level 75, apparently, it’s a danger stage, and all the droids are laser-proof droids armed with lasers. Which means that after a short firefight the only weapon he had left was… a laser. He was most irate and wanted to know how to get past it.

      This is on the morning of his wedding.

      I didn’t know what was on level 75. I think I only saw up to about level 60 before I thought, this is too mental for anyone to get past here, I can stop testing now.

      1. You have underestimated the addictiveness of your game, it seems. So, no. You can’t stop testing. I’ve gotten out to 65 I think, and yes – it’s pretty darn mental. As in “Pants On Head No Other Clothes But Woad Running Through A Shopping Centre Singing About Spiders” mental.

        I can stop playing now, safe in the knowledge that all else is sheer, procedurally-generated lunacy, and that I’ll never get Dr. Zap’s autograph.

        Yep. Stop playing. Any time now. No problem. Just… stop.

        Yep. Suuuure….

        1. When you find out how to stop playing, please let me know!
          I keep getting busted in level 82. Nothing special about level 82, it just seems that suddenly all your backup drones are gone and you’re surrounded by a lot of very dangerous equipment. And judging by the once or twice that I did get through, level 86 is where things really get hairy…

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