Hola, I’m Kev (sometimes seen as kevglass roaming around various forums) and I’ve been graced with posting privileges here on the illustrious PuppyBlog. You lucky lucky people!

Well, well, well. Finally Tiltilation is live and “out there”. After years of pushing out demos and free games in the Java world, I’ve decided to dip my toe into the pond of indie games. The great people here at Puppy Games have been nice enough to help me out, so a big thanks to them.

screenshots and download here


In Tiltilation you guide a ball round a level to collect the tokens and get to the exit. “Thats It!?” I hear you cry. Of course not! There are a tonne of features including electric fences, pinball bouncers, teleports and of course the evil Fuggles! All topped off with the twist that instead of controlling the ball – you control the board, tilting it to cause the ball to roll about, teetering on the edges of the level. In the full version you’ve got 6 unlockable balls (ooer) and 64 levels of fun.

So what now? My first game is out there, sales are slowly rolling in. I’ve suddenly got free development time … what next? Well, I’m working on a new freeware game based around the classic board game SpaceHulk, development shots below. Let’s also not forget the Java 4K games contest is coming soon, I’ll be trying to get at least a couple of entries in this year – including one that works a bit like LocoRoco for the PSP, called Loopy Gloop (very much a work in progress).

Space Hulk WIP

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  1. Mista_B, there is a link – you can download via puppygames!

    Kev, I’ve been occasionally following your Coke and Code site and your tutorials. Thanks for all the great resources!

    I like Tiltillation’s idea and execution as well! The only “flaw” I found so far is a missing icon for the Mac package I tried – there’s only a default Apple app icon showing.

    Keep it up and good luck!

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