Now More Expensive Than Ever!

Well, here’s a little announcement to the world in general.

You may or may not know that Chaz and me write Puppygames just for the love of it in our meagre spare time, and we’ve barely ever made a bean from it. In fact to date I think we haven’t actually made a profit. Impressive!

Well, this year, we’re going to go full-time at producing games and selling them, and that means quitting our day jobs and having no money to live on. Unless, of course, we actually start making some money selling games.

So all you lucky people out there who bought Titan and Ultratron at the bargain price of $9.95 – you did wisely, because as of this very moment, they’re now at the more sensible industry standard price of $19.95. Hopefully that’ll see us making a little money to live off of.

The next step is the ambitious release of no less than 3 more mini-games next year in the same style and general mould of Titan and Ultratron.

And sometime during the year we’ve got to work out a few business arrangements with our two favourite underdog portals. More news on that as it happens, but largely speaking, we’re delegating the marketing function to some other people who enjoy doing it.

Happy new year!

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