Revenge of the Titans 1.64 released

… this is just an intermediary release which we weren’t really planning to do, but in true Puppygames style we missed our deadline and haven’t quite finished Titan yet. So instead I thought I’d just wrap up the various tweaks and bugfixes that are otherwise ongoing whilst Titan bakes in the oven.

Here are the direct uncached links for you blog-following sorts:

Mac OS X
Debian Linux (32 bit)
Debian Linux (64 bit)
Generic Linux (32 bit)
Generic Linux (64 bit)
Webstart (all OSes)

The Debian packages should hopefully install with a doubleclick, and put a shortcut in your applications menu under Games. If in doubt about whether to use Debian or not… well, you probably shouldn’t be using Linux 🙂 But just grab the generic Linux packages instead, and there’s a in there you can just double-click on to make it work. Provided you have either Sun Java or OpenJDK installed. The Debian packages will automatically install OpenJDK for you – I’ll figure out how to get it to use Sun Java if it’s already installed in the next release.

We haven’t yet tweaked the ordinary download page to include the Linux variants on it yet, so the Great Unwashed won’t know about them until Chaz does some twiddling.

Here’s what’s otherwise changed. Sorry about the blaster noises and character speech – we’re still working on them, and the sounds in there are just placeholders.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: factory-not-restarting bug again
  • Fixed: flickering status message when factories autocollected and turrets autoloaded
  • Fixed: saturn flying gidrahs not appearing!
  • Fixed: awesome medal awarded multiple times in a level
  • Fixed: gidlets getting stuck on crystals

New Features and Enhancements

  • Survival and Endless modes are now available to demo players too!
  • Factories that shutdown with less than $10 to collect should go straight to shutdown
  • Extra mines / barricades powerups no longer appear in campaign/endless mode
  • Custom window sizes: pass width=xxx height=xxx on the commandline to use a custom window size (not compatible with fullscreen mode yet – sorry)
  • New blaster noises! – sorry, but the old ones were of unknown provenance – still working on new ones using steel slinkies and tuning forks
  • Some new ambient background sound for Saturn levels
  • Linux .deb installers
  • Linux .tar.gz installers


  • Buffed disruptor very slightly from 16 to 24 pts damage
  • Droids fire a tiny bit more frequently
  • Make saturn boss a bit weedier
  • Gidrah slaughter attenuation now only in effect after level ends from the state at level end
  • Gidrah rush ramp-up duration now gets longer as levels progress, rather than shorter!
  • Crystals a little more far-flung, and a few less crystals on Titan


  • Titan colours
  • Fiddled with sound attenuation parameters
  • Quieter bashing sounds & building collapses now based on building size
  • Fixed problem where game assumed all flying gidrahs drop bombs
  • Tweaked minimum level size to ensure that (barring desktop display mode changes) levels always fit properly into a monitor
  • Some new ambient background sound for Titan levels
  • Fixed: Exploding gidrah bullets totally destroyed buildings in one hit!

You might be interested to know what’s on the ToDo list at the moment. Now’s your (last!) chance to add things to it!

To Do

  • Fix turret targeting to use better heuristics
  • Speech
  • Blaster noises
  • Blast mine pips
  • Show total medal bonus on intermission screen
  • Wraith (gid 5) for Titan
  • Titan gids 4, 5, and gidlets sound effects
  • Titan Levels
  • Titan Stories
  • Don’t do building destruction noise on sale
  • Get custom resolutions working with commandline parameters
  • Research screen says “all researched” at the top even if not everything’s researched. (fixed this: And it’s white, too. And in the wrong place.)
  • Online hiscores?
  • Turret beam angle wrong?
  • Linux .rpm installers?

50 thoughts on 'Revenge of the Titans 1.64 released'

  1. The 64-bit deb package installs fine. However, performance is quite bad. It hogs cpu from xorg and compiz, and reacts very sluggishly. It is even difficult to move the mouse cursor at times.
    I’ve seen this happen with Droid Assault now and again, but with ROT it seems to be the norm.

    PS are we getting .debs for Titan Attacks and for Droid Assault as well? Pretty please?

    1. Hm the performance is likely to be something to do with crappy OpenGL drivers. There’s even a slim chance you’re running in software mode! What card have you got? (And cpu?)

      TA, DA and UT will all have .debs and .tar.gzs in short order.

      1. I use the proprietary nvidia driver, version 260.19.21. My hardware is geforce 9400m on an intel P8700 processor. Other 3d apps run fine. ROtT Starts fine too, but its performance deteriorates very quickly.

        1. Hm… occurs to me the 64-bit one might need a bigger heap. Twiddle the parameters – where it says -Xmx256m try -Xmx350m or somesuch.

          Btw if you can get ahold of JDK7 early access… it’s loads faster 🙂

    2. Just bought Revenge of the Titans as part of the Indie Bundle. Installed from the 64-bit .deb, under Ubuntu 10.04. The installation goes smoothly, but I’m having trouble with the game, too. The cursor moves sluggishly, and doesn’t match up with the cursor in the background desktop: so before I can move the cursor to the side of the RotT window, the cursor appears on the desktop, and the RotT window loses focus. When I fullscreen RotT, I simply can’t move the cursor onto the top third of the screen.

      I’m doubtful that a graphics card issue can explain this.

      1. Im having the same mouse lock issue. But I also have it in Hammerfight and Hoard. I feel it has something to do with windowed display and resolution of your display device.

        Do you by chance have your pc hooked up to an HDtv??

  2. Is there a way to update the game without making me restart the game? It clearly shows the levels I’ve completed, but every mission I select assumes I want to play the first level on earth!

    1. You’ll need to copy the slot data over from the old 1.63 folder – take a peek in your home directory, and there’s a Revenge of the Titans 1.6x directory or two in there. Underneath there’s a slots directory, with your slots in; and in each slot is all your saved game data. Just copy it over.

      This won’t always work but it’ll be fine for 1.63->1.64.

  3. If we complete the campaign will we be able to go directly into the endless campaign with all the same stuff unlocked and money, or will we have to start all over?

    1. Start over – the endless campaign is completely separate to the story campaign. The story campaign drives the availability of stuff in survival mode (and the unlocked worlds).

  4. Great work !
    The Generic Linux (64 bit) installer works just fine.

    I’ve a few questions and notes :

    “pass width=xxx height=xxx” How to pass these options ? I tried / or sh width=.. height =.. but it doesn’t work so I tried to edit to add these options inside. It works but whatever resolution I put in width and height, the game always run in 853×600 (I think)

    We need online highscores 😀

    It seems to me that the very few firsts level are fuckin hardcore :/ If I don’t rush the Scanners and Heavy Turret, I barely can pass the first world. Scanners are so indispensable that I suggest your lower down the cost of research for them (Actually I think 7500 is really too much :/)

    Blast cannon and Multi blasters are useless. It cost too much to research and Heavy Turret is way enough powerful to survive until you reach more advanced weapons.

    About fusion reactors, I never use them. I don’t see any interest in putting them near refineries, because if you want mineral to be extracted faster, you just have to spam few more refineries. You can spam 5 refineries for 1 fusion reactor..
    About increasing reloading time of turrets, well, I usually spam 2 Scanners, 2-3 batteries and 3-4 cooling towers so I barely can’t put them enough close to affect the turrets. Especially if you add auto-reloading device, what I never do.

    I tried to use the device that can fool enemies so they are attracted by the device instead of the base, but I don’t get it. I managed to finish mars without using them and I usually collect all the minerals, so yeah, I think someone have to explain me how to use it properly 😀

    About silo. Does it increase the amount of minerals you can extract from one single mineral or does it just increase the maximal capacity of the refineries. (like if factory has 110 $, does the mineral has 10 $ less in it or is it extra 10$ ?

    I think we need to see what unresearched building/technologies are, because actually we are blind and we don’t know what we”r going for.

    Last thing, I erased /home/cremuss/.Revenge of titans 1.64 and renamed the 1.63 folder to 1.64 so the progress is saved, but nothing happens. I still have to restart everything o_O Any ideas ?

    If you’r curious, I managed to get past mars using only normal refinery, silos, scanners, batteries, cooling towers, advanced stunning shotgun thing turret and the heavy long range rocket turret (ofc plus every research needed to get those) with 30k gold left in bank

    I think that’s all 😀
    Anyway, great game, keep it up the good work 🙂

    1. what?! blast cannons are my go to weapon!

      what?! I use fusion reactors all the time! They’re at the “root” of my setup. Couple them with a line of capacitors and just dominate.

      I have never used that many cooling towers.

      Yeah, not sure how silos work, just know that i’m pulling $300 a pop by using ’em.

      I feel you about the decoy.

      ….interesting the different strategies this game allows

      1. interesting 😀

        I restarted the game many times due to saves being erased and I research blast cannon and multiblaster only.. 1 time I think.
        Maybe I need to give it another go.. but Heavy blaster are enough powerful to reach end moon/beginning of mars, then you good to go for the first of the stunning shotgun turret. So yeah, different strategies here 😀

        I did not know that fusion improved capacitors. Anyway I use capacitors only when there are ghosts ^^ (but I should try one defense based on capacitor one day, and also one based on droid factories.. it sounds great :D)

        Cooling towers increase turret fire rate, and they are pretty cheap so spamming them works good 😀

      2. Silos are a must, they increase the total amount of resources you can get in a level so the earlier you get it the better. They’ve been nerfed a bit but still worth getting.

        Decoys aren’t really good with rockets as you destroy your own buildings but they are great for tanking shots from shooting aliens if you have a couple shields on them also if one is behind a mountain the gids will trek all the way around to get to it which is a handy delaying tactic and you can shoot at them with cheap blasters all the way. They’re also a good way of distracting bosses and bomber aliens.

    2. I don’t know why you’re saying multi-blasters are useless. They are my absolute favorite weapon!

      You need to place them farther back from your other turrets for a last line of defense type deal. If you do that you will find they can completely take down all the little titans in a few seconds. Oh, and don’t forget quite a few of the ammo increasing things too.

      1. realy? thats how you use them?
        I always put 2 multiblasters and 2 rocketturrets by each other then 4 of each power up and as may reactors I could fit…
        we were rich because we didnt supply them with cofee…

  5. This is an awesome game.

    I will say that I miss the difficultly – any way there could be an insane mode? I used to be afraid of the mars levels with the crazy fast moving spider things destroying all your refineries, and an advancing horde that could barely be kept back with spreader/assault cannon – now I barely even use those weapons to beat mars and the spiders seem to be “on something” and have lost their pizazz. There’s something rewarding and exciting about franticly holding your own against an oncoming horde which I haven’t been experiencing, I’ve leisurely been kicking butt, which is fun too.

    1. There should totally be a checkbox in the options for “Insane mode”– it should double the titans’ health for everything

    2. cas will save file transfers be more stable now? can I play the game to mars before you guys awesomely rush in another awesome update to this game?
      I havent seen saturn yet due to all these updates :c

  6. Here is what I’ve found after a few hours of playing endless:

    The balancing between spending and researching is pretty much perfect!

    The new sound effects for turrets are great, but the voice sounds for the robot are a little loud and um….strange.. I still don’t see what was wrong with all the old voices.

    The droid speed is just right now that they have a short burst to help them along.

    I have run into a few levels where, when the time runs out, titans get an instant x2 maybe even x3 boost to their speed, instead of it being gradual.

  7. How about, instead of adding more levels, having the Gidrah counterattack sometimes ?

    Basically, you play a map, build a base and eliminate all the titans, then the next map is in fact the very same one you just played, with the same base still here, but with an angry horde of Gidrah squealing for revenge.

    this would:

    1. extend the game story a bit (although it is I think resonably long)
    2. Have a player enjoy the defenses he built a bit more, instead from starting from scratch systematically.

  8. I think the third boss (the gidrah queen) is too tough.

    I had 2 laser cannons, 4 blast cannons, 2 mutli blasters, 1 heavy blaster, 4 tesla pods, et an army of droids firing at it in berserk mode, took maybe 10% of its life before seeing my base trampled.

    Ah I forgot that I had 4 scanners, 2 cooler tanks and 2 ammunition tanks for all these turrets…which makes it even tougher. 🙁

        1. yeah…I’ve typically had a pretty inconsistent success rate on bosses. I think it has do with some weaponry being more effective than others. Like lasers, not so effective from what i can tell. Droids? probably not gonna help (except for the queen). And obviously power ups help a lot – scratch that, are a necessity for beating them (I sigh a big sigh of relief when I have two rampages and a freeze under my belt.) But I had something like 4 lasers, 8 blast cannons, 2 assault cannons, 3 muti-blasters, 8 heavy blasters, 8 reactors, 10 scanners, 6 batteries, 8 cooling towers, 1 droid factory, and at least 17 capacitors. Not quite 10 times, but keep in mind those scanners/cooling towers/reactors/batteries do a lot for multiplying your destructive power.

  9. A couple of notes while playing:

    – Disruptor range doesn’t seem to get boosted by reactors as was claimed by the research, which it used to back in 1.60 or something. I mean, the red radius does not increase with number of reactors. Bug?

    – Lasers will not hit the flying bombers before the projectile hits your building when it’s being distracted by land-based gidrahs. Do you think you should change the targetting priority since it’s being sold as an anti-air weapon? Also, has its range decreased in the last few patches?

    1. Can you please remove the white screen flash effect of the disruptors? I can’t use them because it’s quite disorienting.

  10. Rocket Launchers make you reload them when the bar looks like it has 1 bullet left. A very very minor bug.

  11. To me, the balance issues have all been practically fixed (in the newest update) and the game is almost perfect. Found lasers to be a tad too expensive so I haven’t bothered to use them; decoys are finally proving essentiall on saturn; saves me having to lay down two seperate patches of defences, and the tweaks to the little droids is great!
    I agree with what someone said earlier on though, that the spiders on mars do seem a bit too slow now, and are only really bothersome when concentrated in large numbers in smaller areas. Noticed a little bit of minor freezing during some hectic gameplay moments like boss fights, but haven’t noticed any major bugs. Oh, except for the fact that weapons don’t seem to fire over crystals; is this intentional? It sometimes makes placing defenses a bit awkward (but not impossible)
    I totally disagree with an earlier request to give info on unresearched tech; don’t fall into that trap! You should love the mystery and thrill of discovery, where’s the fun in knowing everything beforehand??? You’ve already got the tech tree, what more do you want?!? Again, it’s called trail-and-error!
    New weapon sounds (blasters) are great and really fit the game; much better than the generic s.w. effect used. Looking forward to the speech improvements; but one suggestion – make the boffins sound nerdy!
    Bravo on all the continual improvements Puppygames; and for making one of the best (and most fun) games of the year… 🙂

  12. The blaster sounds are great!
    One thing though, occupationally when I alt-tab or close the program my computer will lock up and become unresponsive even to the shut down button and I end up having to do a hard reset.

  13. cas will save file transfers be more stable now? can I play the game to mars before you guys awesomely rush in another awesome update to this game?
    I havent seen saturn yet due to all these updates :c
    sorry bought the dupe post

  14. “pass width=xxx height=xxx on the commandline” What’s the proper syntax for passing these parameters on the command line? I can’t seem to get it to work. Thanks!

    1. something like this seems to kind of work (in, except it still wants to be 640H for some reason

      java \
      -noverify \
      -Djava.library.path=”${INSTDIR}” \
      -Dorg.lwjgl.util.NoChecks=true \
      -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=3 \
      -Xms256m \
      -Xmx375m \
      -Xincgc \
      -XX:+UseAdaptiveSizePolicy \
      -cp “${JARPATH}” \
      net.puppygames.applet.Launcher \
      width=853 height=600 \
      >”${LOGFILE}” 2>&1

  15. I can’t type anything when it asks for my name when the game first loads. I’m running Kubuntu 9.10, with Intel 945 graphics, trying to run the x86.deb.

    out.log says this:
    Fri Dec 17 19:02:21 HST 2010 Loading:
    Failed to open device (/dev/input/event8): Failed to open device /dev/input/event8 (13)

    Failed to open device (/dev/input/event7): Failed to open device /dev/input/event7 (13)

    Failed to open device (/dev/input/event6): Failed to open device /dev/input/event6 (13)

    Failed to open device (/dev/input/event5): Failed to open device /dev/input/event5 (13)

    I found some stuff on the web that said those errors are a permissions problem. So I ran this:

    sudo chmod go=u /dev/input/event*

    Now I don’t get the errors in out.log anymore, but I still can’t type anything or click on anything in the game.

    Any ideas?

    1. Thanks! Found the fix in the support area.

      ps aux |grep ibus

      which outputs:
      user 1522 0.0 0.1 16380 3004 ? Sl 18:08 0:04 /usr/bin/ibus-daemon –xim

      Then killed the main ibus process:
      kill 1522

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