More polish, Igor!

Thanks to all you lovely beta testing user types, we’ve recorded and squished no less than 13 bugs in Revenge of the Titans, and tweaked the balance just a teeny bit. The freshly-baked result is v1.80.1, available at the usual locations – install over the top of the old one. As usual Jeffrey will be taking care of the Humble Bundle versions, however, it takes 2 hours for the files to upload to his server, so there will be a little wait for you. I’ll update the server notification message when Jeffrey confirms it’s all uploaded (that’s the thing that tells you there’s a new version available on the title screen)

Unfortunately due to a bit of an oversight, er, once again it’s possible that you might lose your progress, but only if you’re on Windows. But wait! There is a remedy. You know how there’s this revenge_of_the_titans_1.80 directory in your user home folder, in which lies all your saved games and prefs and such? Well, just rename that folder, prepending its name with a single period “.” character. Then all will be well.

Here’s what’s fixed, new and notable:

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: survival crash when only completed Earth missions after 40 minutes
  • Fixed: functions keys keyboard shortcuts now work
  • Fixed: crash when > 9 powerups
  • Fixed: Linux shellscript saved logs in two slightly different locations
  • Fixed: powerup numbers sometimes out of sync with button enabledness
  • Fixed: multibarrel technology description
  • Fixed: tangleweb shouldn’t slow down flying gidrahs, gidlets, or wraiths
  • Fixed: gidlet spawned on tangleweb got stuck and couldn’t move
  • Fixed: hover effects not being removed when right-clicking to pick up build mode
  • Fixed: building effects now hidden when can’t build because hovering over other UI elements
  • Fixed: couldn’t click when hovering over top HUD element
  • Fixed: missing dot in settings folder name on Windows
  • Fixed: exploding gidrahs not going off

New Features and Enhancements

  • Option to not degrade difficulty when level restarted (for hardcore perfectionists only!)
  • Lasers either target ground or air targets but not both at the same time
  • Lasers targeting air targets only hit air targets but can fire over mountains etc.
  • Battle postmortem in mission failed screen tries to offer a few hints


  • Slightly easier Earth levels, slightly harder later levels
  • Survival mode slightly harder
  • Special offer on Decoys! Now only $1500!
  • Your inventory of powerups now contributes to the overall difficulty of a level. Hoard them at your peril!


  • Refactored powerups cycling code so it’s saved in metastate
  • Included MSVCR90.dll in Windows build; seems that OpenAL-Soft requires it and it isn’t present on some systems
  • New internal version number invalidates all slots (and hence, progress)
  • Replaced StringBuffers with StringBuilders

Sorry these blog posts are so boring these days! Hopefully I won’t have to do any more emergency fixy things in the near future and I’ll be able to do a bunch of more enlightened and interesting bits of wisdom, like a postmortem, musings on the Humble Indie Bundle, how much money we earn, and what the next game’s going to be. You’d all like that, yes?

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    1. Yup, he is taking care of it “. As usual Jeffrey will be taking care of the Humble Bundle versions, however, it takes 2 hours for the files to upload to his server, so there will be a little wait for you. I’ll update the server notification message when Jeffrey confirms it’s all uploaded (that’s the thing that tells you there’s a new version available on the title screen)”

    2. Yup, he is taking care of it “As usual Jeffrey will be taking care of the Humble Bundle versions, however, it takes 2 hours for the files to upload to his server, so there will be a little wait for you. I’ll update the server notification message when Jeffrey confirms it’s all uploaded (that’s the thing that tells you there’s a new version available on the title screen)”

  1. That’s great, and here I was all ready to send you a save file with frozen gids, sometimes they stop moving forever and are immune to smart bombs (but not having buildings dropped on them)

    Also the laser rebounding on the inside of an armoured bomb gid was happening much more frequently, it happens at the end of a laser sweep, if there happens to be an enemy there the laser hits the gid but doesn’t bounce off and then the game lags while it pumps out a million sparks at that location

    Will have to see if the bug is still present in the new version 😛

    Here’s a suggestion for a future build, can we have a new campaign button that erases unlocked levels data but keeps the survival technology unlocks? I know you can start over any time but it’s not the same as having a blank slate on the map select screen.

    1. The phantom power up numbers bug is still present, but Earth is a bit easier now. Hope the rest of the game isn’t too much more difficult, I was already generating easier levels in the previous version

  2. When is it coming out on Steam? :3
    I mean – I have it already and bought/recommended the game for/to everybody and their grandma but there are Steam fanatics who won’t have anything that isn’t there. 😛
    It was supposed to come early this year…

  3. Basically you need to spend all your money and powerups or else the game will get super hard, the spider gids pretty much teleport to your base because they move so fast. Suddenly those delivery research options seem counter productive

    1. True dat, I got to mars and suddenly everything was god-tier, whilst difficulty being tied to money is good I’d like it to not have as big an effect as it does now…and using powerup count for difficulty is just a bit too much in my opinion.

      1. Well, the way it’s designed now is “an empty wallet is a healthy wallet”. You’ve got the money – so spend it! There’s no real gain to hoarding significant amounts of cash. Or powerups.

  4. I thought you should be made aware, if you aren’t already: after each update erases my campaign progress, all missions I have done are still visible in the solar system and planetary menus. I don’t know which one I am currently on. If I start a mission too far ahead, it will say “Welcome to Earth” and start over, but occasionally this has erased my progress yet again.

    Thank you for taking my feedback and for making such wonderful games.

    Your financial supporter,

  5. This is getting heartbreaking! Lost my savegame AGAIN!

    I was fine starting over with 1.80 (LOVE the changes by the way), but for some reason 1.80.1 does not create a new directory in application support, so copying over your slots file doesn’t seem to work! Any ideas?

  6. In WinXP I don’t think you can manually create or rename a directory to start with dot. Gotta love windows 😉

  7. Actually you have to use the DOS prompt to do it:

    rename revenge_of_the_titans_1.80 .revenge_of_the_titans_1.80

  8. RE: Restoring progress:

    In addition to renaming the folder revenge_of_the_titans_1.80, I also had to rename the subfolder “slots” to “slots_1.80” and now I have my progress back. Or you can just copy the files from the old slots directory into the new one created by version 1.80.1

  9. I thought I had my progress because it asked me to restart a saved level but then it didn’t work and got the error:

    Sat Feb 05 14:40:23 EST 2011 java.lang.Exception: Invalid game state
    Sat Feb 05 14:40:23 EST 2011 at net.puppygames.applet.Game.doRestoreGame(
    Sat Feb 05 14:40:23 EST 2011 at net.puppygames.applet.Game$
    Sat Feb 05 14:40:23 EST 2011 at net.puppygames.applet.screens.DialogScreen.onClose(
    Sat Feb 05 14:40:23 EST 2011 at net.puppygames.applet.Screen.close(
    Sat Feb 05 14:40:23 EST 2011 at net.puppygames.applet.Screen.close(
    Sat Feb 05 14:40:23 EST 2011 at net.puppygames.applet.screens.DialogScreen.onClicked(
    Sat Feb 05 14:40:23 EST 2011 at net.puppygames.applet.Area.doClick(
    Sat Feb 05 14:40:23 EST 2011 at net.puppygames.applet.Area.tick(
    Sat Feb 05 14:40:23 EST 2011 at net.puppygames.applet.Screen.tick(
    Sat Feb 05 14:40:23 EST 2011 at net.puppygames.applet.Screen.tickAllScreens(
    Sat Feb 05 14:40:23 EST 2011 at net.puppygames.applet.Game.tick(
    Sat Feb 05 14:40:23 EST 2011 at
    Sat Feb 05 14:40:23 EST 2011 at net.puppygames.applet.Game.init(
    Sat Feb 05 14:40:23 EST 2011 at net.puppygames.applet.Launcher.main(

    Oh well I’ll start over I guess.

  10. i’m back at earth (again) my profile was erased and i don’t mind playing it over and over. but those titans are all lined up single file like cattles to a slaughter. shouldn’t they rush your base when the times up?

  11. Hey guys, just played through 1.80.1, and while I wasn’t on board from reading the changeset descriptions, I was convinced that the new setup is pretty cool after the first few levels. The new research mechanic feels solid and I think things are on track for a great release; well done guys! The only things that really come to mind are the usual ones: cost vs. benefit issues and difficulty seems to ramping up at a breakneck pace.

    To be more specific, I’m not convinced that $1000 for a capacitor is worthwhile, as they discharge very quickly and have a very small range that can only be modified by reactors. Additionally, they are required for later mars levels, so a more conservative price of $750 or $800 would be closer to making them useful again (IMHO).

    Also, it seems a little too easy to plonk down a bunch of turrets and be sitting on $10 with no refineries in place. This basically leaves you income-less for a good portion of the game, relying on random drops and big titans to generate enough income to start refining. I’m not sure of the best way to encourage the player to avoid this.

    Despite all of this whining, I genuinely enjoy the game and it feels really solid now. Once again, great job guys! You continue to impress. Looking forward to more!

  12. 🙁 lost my campaign data.

    Guess I should have re-named the folder before installing the new version? combining/overwriting did me no favors.

  13. Congratulations, you’ve made the tech tree *even more* opaque !

    Multiblasters are just bad as they were and they now require an extra tech.

    1. I think the tech tree is way more clear now! sure, multiblasters still suck, but each research item contains a description of what it does and a set of pre-requisites, shown as a line of icons. How is that more opaque?

      1. What? Multiblasters are bad? I just wanted to research it. 🙁

        I am so bad at this game. I am still at earth and trying to figure out how I this game works.

  14. Hey, are there any cheats, or something of the sort (like someone’s save?), so I can just play Survival with everything unlocked and not have to beat the game again?

  15. the numbers on the power ups won’t go away when i disappear the bottom screen.

    $1000 for capacitors seems a bit much. i loved making a wall of them and smiling evil smiles.

    earth still seems harder in comparison. maybe it’s the way i’m playing it, going for refinery tech first and so i don’t have enough gun power to dominate.

    this game just keeps getting better and better. awesome work!

    1. Rename your folder to .revenge_of_the_titans_1.80 (need to use cmd prompt for that as Explorer won’t let you use a dot) and rename the slots folder within to slots_1.80 and that should fix it all.

  16. Would be nice to have the $7500 reward be clearer as to when/where you’ll get it or have some sort of option making it selectable between it and the 3 smartbombs so that the need for restarting the game to get the reward you want is negated–on 1.8 I wasn’t aware that it went to the latest level in your campaign progress, and for those of us whose progress got wiped on 1.8.1 it would be nice to have it carry over too by using the pre-existing e-mail (I had to use another e-mail for that).

  17. Mine/barricade count tends to get stuck on screen (i.e. floating disembodied digits) even after I press Spacebar to hide the whatsit at the bottom.

  18. Hey, this is a note to the programmers of the game:

    I managed to break you AI today in a survival round, build lots of symetrical defenses around my base and then at around the 55 minute mark the titans stopped coming :/ here is the video about it: also with some more text to it 🙂

    Really would love to see a highscore system of some sorts implemented in the game to compare what you are doing with other players here on the site like your other games have.

    And while i´m at it:
    An idea what you could put in the last lonely empty slot for powerups:

    A droid drop~ if you click this powerup and choose a location an orbital drop pod is launched, containing a number of advanced battle droids that are then deployed after impact on that location.

    The drop pod would do massive damage in a small area (to kill titans so they don´t immediately walk over the droids) and then spawn a few waves of advanced battle droids to combat the titans around (they would behave just like the ones from your factories, but maybe have other stats to bring them in line with the strength of other powerups)

    1. mhhh and a few more things i would really like to see in future versions:

      -an option for automatic pickup of dropped powerups and money if you don´t take them manually before they expire (since they all count towards the difficulty of the game now there is no reason not to take them), since especially in later levels with multiple fronts all over the place there sometimes you can miss them with so much blaster fire flying around

      -a minimap in the lower left corner giving an overview of the battlefield (maybe a research option?) showing you the location of crystals, pickups, enemies and your buildings, so you can see if a titan snuck past your lines

      -the old research “tree” where you could easily see wich research is connected to wich (if its possible with the lots of cool new technologies)

      -a preview to see what technology will do if you research it (turret stats or passives or whatever) you can do it now by researching it and if you don´t like what you get click back and pick another :/ there is no point in keeping that information from us and as it now is seems silly when the researcher dude talks about what they have done and i just go back :p

      -a small blaster or something ontop of my base (upgradable 😉 ) so it can at least look like it can defend itself~ or some passive buff aura for turrets nearby

      Also in the description of the turrets there is a typo with the firerate: it says “0.4-2/sec” but it probably should be “2-0.4/COOLANT” if its supposed to be in line with the others (Battery, Reloader)

      And is it just me or are Batteries a liability right now as reloading takes soo much longer with them attached?
      What good are the extra shots if my turret shuts down for a minute after expending its ammo to refill even with reloaders attached, allowing the titans to close in? (for example a normal blaster with no attachments reloads as quickly as one with 4 batteries and 4 reloaders attached, since each battery gives less than what the blaster has as base ammo it means that while reloading it gets less ammo than the unbuffed one)

    2. I had the no-titans bug on survival as well. You can actually place turrets at the edge of the map and they will shoot at them off screen which sometimes unblocks the traffic jam. I think the AI pathfinding gets stuck more often in this version for some reason and until you get rid of the stuck one the rest of the titans will also stop moving.

      Also I agree about batteries being much worse than reloaders, I always just use 4 reloaders and no batteries and my guns have shorter down times (except for capacitors because they are utter crap without max upgrades)

      Minimap would be good, just need the screen space for it

      1. mini map would be nice, but screen space already seems tight. reloaders are my new favorite thing. didn’t realize that batteries increase reload time, just instinctively stopped using them when i saw how awesome reloaders are.

        not that i hate it the most, but doesn’t put a smile on my face; upgrades adversely effecting other upgrades. like with reactors, when i put those down i have to account for that and throwing in some more cooling towers. it quickly clutters my playing field. guess i’m just frustrated cuz i haven’t yet found the perfect setup like i did for pervious versions.

  19. Just uploading a teeny tweak fix (1.80.2) to fix the powerup/mines numbers bugs, and also make the game a little easier. It is indeed a bit too hard I think. Hopefully this will fix audio issues on Windows. This time.

  20. The game is now way too hard, my saves got reset on linux so now im on earth again. I cant get past the last level, i restarted 5 times already with different research each time but i just cant make it. I really liked the game before but now it’s just frustrating and not of any fun any more. Also it is pretty impossible to mine the crystals in time, i had efficiency all up and 5 refineries in place and still couldn’t make it.

  21. Is there any chance we could get an option to start the campaigns from easiest first? I’m one of the few who just want a nice and easy game to play without being thrashed, and restarting the map a few times to get an easy one gets really irritating. 🙁

        1. Yeah not officially though 😉 And talking of which… Jeffrey’s just updated the HIB to 1.80.2 so I can do a quick blog post about it…

          1. Cas you have made me a hardcore fanboy of this game. just saying. thats why I am so….passionate about it

            I think I mention RoTT at least 15 times during any conversation, RoTT and Bulletstorm.

          2. Awesome! I came to check if the 1.80 version had been released yet, saw 2 new blog posts, checked HIB to find 1.80.2 had just been uploaded.

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