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Came across this today doing research for the next game: ILoveEgg Once again the Japanese defy predictability! <edit> Anthony Flack of Squashy Software informs me it may be Korean, not Japanese! To my eyes they’re both two sandwiches short of a picnic though.

The next game is going to be Japanese in theme, and will be a departure from shooting, for a change.

Prepare for invasion!

Oh no! According to the BBC, Titan actually already has been seeded with lifeforms. It’s only a matter of a billion years before they develop advanced death ray technology and extremely poor fleet tactics and attempt to invade the Earth!

Dust of that las-cannon, commander, there’s work to be done!

Titan Review

Out Of 8 just gave Titan Attacks a 6, which is nice, I suppose. I wonder how we’d go about getting the other 2 points?

Regardless this mere 75% score, the game appears to be selling like hot cakes! In fact we’ve never released a game that’s sold like Titan before. It’s a shame that in a few days it will vanish off of the radar for everyone and we’ll be back to scratching for grubs in the dirt again. Ah well.

A question for the masses: how do we keep ourselves in the limelight?


Hurrah, we’ve been mentioned on 1 Good Game! Hilariously Titan Attacks is absolutely clonetastic which for regular scenegoers should raise a few eyebrows in mirth, as 1 Good Game is a site that doesn’t take too kindly to clones.