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Droid Assault a winner in Game Tunnel 2008 awards

2008 Action Game of the Year

Droid Assault recently picked up 4th place in Game Tunnel’s 2008 Action Game of the Year awards, making it our third in the Action Game category.

For those not familiar with the Game Tunnel Game of the Year Awards this is the 6th year they’ve been running, an always entertaining review of the very best Indie games in a range of categories – action, sport, sim, rpg, puzzle, adventure and strategy – always worth checking out for the odd gem you might have missed. Cheers Russell!

Big Thanks for Feedback

We’ve had a fair amount of feedback from the site recently, especially since the release of Droid Assault. The majority are positive, but we do get the odd angry sounding letter. People sometimes think we are to blame for having wasted their time, cos they downloaded a demo and didn’t like it. Fortunately they have enough time to write to us to tell us.

And that’s fine, we don’t mind. We’d like to say sorry that they feel that way, and respond to any questions they have. Sometimes though they think it better to leave a made-up and offensive email address rather than a real one, and that’s really not very grown up now is it?

Here’s one example of some of the positive feedback we’ve had…

Just want to say how much I love Titan Attacks, Ultratron & Droid Assault.
They are better than sex and a bargain at the price!! You guys are awesome for matching Steam’s general indie prices. Hell, your games are better than most of the indie represented games on their servers.

It’s still a little surprising that people take the time to write to us and say nice stuff stuff like that! Makes you feel all warm and glowy inside. So a great big thank you to Ryan in Australia for that, and for letting us publish it here. And thanks to everyone else who has written in with similar messages over the last few years, and all the suggestions and constructive criticism too. Keep ’em coming 🙂

Titan Review

Out Of 8 just gave Titan Attacks a 6, which is nice, I suppose. I wonder how we’d go about getting the other 2 points?

Regardless this mere 75% score, the game appears to be selling like hot cakes! In fact we’ve never released a game that’s sold like Titan before. It’s a shame that in a few days it will vanish off of the radar for everyone and we’ll be back to scratching for grubs in the dirt again. Ah well.

A question for the masses: how do we keep ourselves in the limelight?


Hurrah, we’ve been mentioned on 1 Good Game! Hilariously Titan Attacks is absolutely clonetastic which for regular scenegoers should raise a few eyebrows in mirth, as 1 Good Game is a site that doesn’t take too kindly to clones.