Game Tunnel Gold for Droid Assault

Droid Assault picked up a Gold Award in the Game Tunnel June Monthly Round-Up, as did Ultratron and Titan Attacks when they were reviewed, making it our 3rd Gold Award in a row. Oddlabs’ Tribal Trouble also got gold, so that’s all the games we currently feature 🙂

We were just pipped to the post this month by Jon Mak’s Everyday Shooter, which I’ve yet to play as there’s no free demo and I’ve got a feeling it’s not going to work on my old laptop. Bah. Were pretty chuffed anyway with joint 2nd in a month which featured some big games – new releases from Rake in Grass, Grubby Games, Pi Eye Games, the follow up to Gumboy Crazy Adventures and the Penny Arcade Adventures game. This month also sees a welcome return to the panel format, which is always a good read, even when Cas isn’t on the panel stirring things up.

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