This is the kind of thing I like listening to whilst I’m making games:

At least, when I’m not listening to Kool Keith, which is the current soundtrack during development of our forthcoming game. You should get yourself some Hexstatic – it’s great 🙂 And some Kool Keith.

How’s that new game coming on?

Chaz reckons he’s about 6-7 weeks away from finishing it. I suspect a bit longer now I’ve looked at the to-do list but it should be definitely out before the end of the summer.

Can I see some screenshots?

Not yet! We’re just a few days off of having something that we’d be comfortable with showing off. And if you’re extra lucky we might do a video of the gameplay instead!

Is it completely awesome?

Of course it is! But you’d better get an iron mouse because it’s going to take a pounding.

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