Gibbage: diary of a n00b

Dan Marshall recently wrote a series of articles for the mighty PCZone magazine, one of the monthly rags floating around here in the UK. The series chronicled Dan’s progress from know-nothin’ n00b gamer to the uber-l33t ranks of game developers with his game Gibbage.

Here’s a linky to his Gibbage development diary. Enjoy the read! I see he’s having a go at portals which is nice, although ultimately it’s a bit like sending bags of shit in the post to Bill Gates (tip: some other poor loser opens his mail for him)

One thought on 'Gibbage: diary of a n00b'

  1. Actually, Bill Gates sends me shit in the post. And I have to open it.
    I’ve asked him to stop it, but you know what he’s like…

    Anyway. Thanks for the link.


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