8 thoughts on 'She loves me not'

  1. jeeze, “is so boring”?! thats a pretty bold thing to say. Especially with gibbage is only availble on one os, windows…

    titan is one of my favourite games because of the quick action shootemups, plus java rules 🙂

  2. Whoa… pretty heavy bash on my music. Yea, it’s cliche stuff (and made with Acid no less) but it’s not supposed to be grandscale scoring, just passive stuff in the background. Still, I’d rather have blunt honesty than sugar coating, but jesus christ on a stick was that harsh…

  3. Gah… I’ve been attacked by an angry critic. My music ain’t that bad… Then again, it is cliche stuff. I’m going to meander off and cry now… or just play Ultratron for a while. Picturing Dan as the robots.

  4. Nah…
    Dont worry about the stupid review.
    Gibbage is so buggy and boring as hell
    (this shows dan marshall doesn’t understand
    what a good game is).
    Love Titan attack much better.

  5. that was rough, but I do have to agree with the ‘too easy’ bit – I was crazy about the game and kept fighting for number 1 when the game was released =) but once it got to the point where I had to beat the game consecutively 2, 3, 4, etc…. times to take back 1st place again, well, that got old. it would be allright if it was an ‘endurance’ fight, but it didn’t take a lot of concentration, just needed an hour or two of time I could kill. maybe some difficulty settings would be a good move? putting increasing costs on the smartbombs definetly made things more interesting by stopping me from just using bombs all the time with my loads of cash (before that change bombs let me ROCKET through the levels =P)

    I DO love the game, but the difficulty does need some tweaks =/ seeing how many hours I can play it on one save is not the kind of challenge I’m looking for

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