Mac users – help needed!

Cas has a Mac. It is broken. I’ve done a .icns with a 512px square image for the Mac dock thing or whateveritscalled – but no way to test. As far as I’m aware the 512px image in the .icns is only used in the dock thing and should look something like…

… so Mac users, your challenge is – can you get to preview a .icns file in your dock wotsit, is this the only place a 512px icon is used, and does it look any good, or does it look a bit poo? You can download the .icns here. Winner gets a brand spanking new yet-to-be-seen signed wallpaper with your name scribbled on it! Or something.

oh and ‘Arm of the Lord’… just the first image i grabbed from google 🙂

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  1. The icon only appears 512×512 in cover flow. This is as big as a dock can get in OS X (running on 27 inch iMac) So I doubt you will ever see 512×512 in a dock.
    The icon looks great, but it differs in size/brush strokes from 512 to the lower res icons. Was that on purpose?

    1. Yes kind of – the 256px and sizes down to 16px are a bit different from the 512px version. Slightly different proportions and without the flames either side. Max size in windows is 256px, and it seems for Mac you’ll only ever see the 512px version in cover flow, so it wont matter that its a bit different. I just wasn’t sure this was the case.

      Ah, it’s not.

  2. Hi, I have tested it and it looks perfect 🙂 On a Mac, you can right click on any app, and go to ‘show package contents’, then ‘resources’, find a .icns file, rename it and replace it with your .icns file.
    You not only see the icon in the dock, but also in the Finder, which is like Explorer.

  3. oooh almost makes me wish I had a mac or ubuntu that is a sexy icon, could you change the windows icon with that?

  4. Thanks all 🙂 … so it was cover flow I meant, not dock. But as it looks good in the dock thing that’s ok. Does anyone actually use cover flow?

    Deluxe, Kevin, Jonathan and Duncan win the special wallpaper if they so desire, post your desktop size to claim! 🙂

    …and apart from the 512 sized image with the flamey bits at the sides, which is just in the .icns file, this will be the new icon from whenever next update is, not just Mac version.

    1. OMG, Lion! 😀

      I guess that flicker when you resized the icon in CoverFlow is just something with the pre-release?

  5. I’d still be interested to see how it looks in this cover flow thing whatever that is – first to post a pic gets the wallpaper and… a photo of a ktten!

  6. Aktariel wins a photo of a kitten!

    So it scales all the way up to 512px and that size is not just used in cover flow thing – looks a bit odd when the proportions of the boss Titan change. Ah well, at least it does look ok at 512 – maybe I’ll have time to change that before next update.

  7. Yay kittens!

    Let me know if you want further testing etc… More than happy to oblige.

    Side note, Cas: “./ width=1680 height=1050 scale=1.5” works just as well as the Info.plist option for command line options. (For every day use entering them into Info.plist would be a better option; for those of us who are never satisfied and like to tweak the Terminal launch is more flexible).

  8. any chance of getting that stunning new icon as a wallpaper for us PC users?

    Seriously, that angry looking gribbly is begging to be a full scale background. 😀

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