Droid Assault 1.2 Released

I just released the latest version of Droid Assault, fixing three niggles that have irked players. This is what’s changed in the new 1.2 release:

  • You now unlock levels after completing every five levels. This means you can now start just after any boss or danger stage! Hurrah! So when you get really far you won’t have to start quite so far back in the game, and you’ll gradually get to experience all those really vicious droids in the later levels!
  • The flamethrower equipped droids now actually shoot at the enemies when you’ve captured them. They used to just wander around aimlessly and get blown up.
  • And last but not least, the smarter robots now flee from bosses to the best of their fairly limited ability! It’s not foolproof but it might keep them alive a little bit longer.

So there you have it, go snag the latest version and enjoy!

7 thoughts on 'Droid Assault 1.2 Released'

  1. Well I must say. I’m extremely addicted to this game keep up the great work. Could definitely say this game is up with the greatness of N+ and braid.

  2. i think i like this game a little too much. throughout my day i’ll “hear” sound effects from the game. like the distance bullets ricocheting off walls or those fluffin’ sirens when you know you done messed up.

  3. Aye that’s right – after level 50 we don’t actually add any new content, the game just gets more difficult from there on, so no point in starting any later than that really.

    And there wasn’t enough room on the screen to add any in the selector window 😉

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