Postcard 16 – BOMBS!

If it’s got wiggly wires coming out of it, it can be only one thing!

From left to right:
time bomb, egg bomb, proximity bomb (WIP) and sausage bomb.


I’m going to retreat to the shelter and not come out until Tuesday / I’m on holiday.

3 thoughts on 'Postcard 16 – BOMBS!'

  1. is here any idea for release date battledroid??? I waiting so long without any info about it and i cant wait 🙂

    1. Battledroid’s gonna have to wait until Basingstoke has made our fortunes! It’s pretty far advanced, but I haven’t been able to do any code on it this year while I slave away workin’ for da Man. (And of course, Chaz hasn’t been able to do any graphics for it either, as he’s doing all the Basingstoke graphics).

      I can’t wait to get back on to Battledroid… but got to be patient while I make ends meet in the meantime… bah. If only our Patreon were anywhere near the goal.

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