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Basingstoke Out Now!


And it’s 15% off for a week, so now is the prefect time to get your very own Basingstoke.

A Basingstoke also makes an ideal gift for a friend or loved one, so why not get the gift of Basingstoke for a friend or loved one, while it’s 15% off for the next week!

Or why not pamper yourself with your very own Basingstoke, safe in the knowledge etc. 15% off etc., or if you’re looking for that ideal gift for that special someone, why not… etc.*

Oh, and here’s the new trailer

You can get it on Steam, Humble, GOG or Itch, or read more about it here.

* might be a bit delirious at this point

Apocalypse Soon!

The Apocalypse is due on the 27th of April. This is the Day of the Apocalypse, as foretold by Nostradamus in ‘Les Propheties’

Earthshaking fire from the center of the Earth will cause tremors around the New Town. An alien force will sack a great county (Hampshire, presumably)…

Sooner and later you will see great changes made, dreadful horrors and vengeances. For as the Moon is thus led by its angel, the heavens draw near to… Basingstoke.

You may want to prepare for the Apocalypse, but have trouble remembering dates… I know I do!!! If so, why not add Basingstoke to your Steam Wishlist, and they will remind you when the special day is upon us.

Import Unity animation timings to 3dsMax

The joys of Maxscript.

Here’s a quick bit of code for grabbing the animation timings from a model that has been imported to Unity, and sticking them in an array. I’m using it to automatically fill in the multilistbox on the right, which lets me crop the timeline to the selected animations.


unityAnimList = #()
s = openFile (pathName+characterName+".fbx.meta")
skipToString s "clipAnimations:"
while ((skipToString s "name: ")!=undefined) do (
 animName = readline s
 skipToString s "firstFrame: "
 firstFrame = readline s as integer
 skipToString s "lastFrame: "
 lastFrame = readline s as integer
 anim = #(animName,firstFrame,lastFrame)
 append unityAnimList anim
close s

Normal postcard service will resume at some point in the future, probably.