Titan Review

Out Of 8 just gave Titan Attacks a 6, which is nice, I suppose. I wonder how we’d go about getting the other 2 points?

Regardless this mere 75% score, the game appears to be selling like hot cakes! In fact we’ve never released a game that’s sold like Titan before. It’s a shame that in a few days it will vanish off of the radar for everyone and we’ll be back to scratching for grubs in the dirt again. Ah well.

A question for the masses: how do we keep ourselves in the limelight?

4 thoughts on 'Titan Review'

  1. Actually, I consider a 6/8 pretty good. Out of the 80 or so games I’ve reviewed recently:
    Only 3 8/8
    And 11 7/8
    Anything 6/8 or better is good. Courtney Love would be proud.

  2. God bless Courtney, and all who sail in her. Actually it’s a great review, and just inspires us to try even harder!

  3. How to keep yourselves in the limelight? Hmm… Release even more cool games? 🙂

    The only reason I found TitanAttacks was due to a spontaneous and random search for interesting Mac shareware/freeware. Of 6 things that I downloaded, TA was the only one I kept… and bought.

    I’ve delicious’d the TA page – you’ve got a few other hits on there, but most of them haven’t got any tags – so they’re not going to be found.

    Try advertising on Fark or Metafilter, perhaps submit to other mainstream games review sites? Digg has a gaming category, and whilst it isn’t really for stuff like product announcements… well… 😉

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