Game Developer Competition Time!

As recently discussed on this thread on, we are holding a little competition for Java developers. Actually we will open it up to non-Java developers too, but there is a catch, as you will see.

Here are the rules:

  • The deadline for submission is 30th April 2006. We advise you to submit early in case you need to make adjustments to get it running on all the judging machines.
  • Submissions must be made for all three of Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.3+, and Linux x86
  • Submissions must run on all the judges’ machines, which are basically an iMac G5, an Acer Aspire 9500, a Dell Inspiron 8100, and whatever Linux machines that Oddlabs use to test Tribal Trouble on. Failure to run on a particular machine means losing points, not disqualification! There may or may not be an Intel Mac available. All machines will have OpenGL drivers on them.
  • Submissions are to be sent to competition ‘at’ (replace ‘at’ as appropriate)
  • There are no restrictions at all on file size, library use, language, etc. Use the tool that works best for you!
  • The theme for the game submission is digging, tunnels, earth, channels, dirt.
  • Scoring is based in equal weights on graphics, sound, polish, fun and is multiplied by the number of judging machines the game successfully runs on and then further multiplied by your theme ranking which is how well you adhered to the theme (and that’ll prevent you from just slapping a title on a game you already had like “Digger” and winning on graphics and sound you developed over a four year period ;))
  • Scoring in each category is simply by rank against all the other games.
  • First prize is a paltry $100 PayPalled to you. So enter for the glory and don’t waste too much time on it eh?
  • Don’t use any material you do not have the right to redistribute, or you will be disqualified, if we find out 😉 (Remember, there are more points available for polish, fun, and theme than graphics and sound so don’t waste too much time on graphics and sound!)

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

5 thoughts on 'Game Developer Competition Time!'

  1. I would need a bit more informations to consider participating ;
    – for Java, which JDK version and which distribution format (webstart / jar / batch) are allowed ?
    – what are the minimum CPU / GPU requirements allowed ?
    – what are the minimum OpenGL / DirectX versions allowed ?


  2. I’m in!

    I’m designing a retro-style (easier with the graphics) action with touches of strategy digging game.

    Engines started…

  3. Ooo! I’m going to enter this compo, i’ve always wanted to enter a games making compo ^_^

    Will there be any help in getting the game to run on the judges machines, because even though i plan to use lwjgl I dont have access to linux or a mac.

  4. Some clarifications:

    • All machines will have OpenGL 1.3+ on them but obviously no DirectX as the competition is cross-platform
    • All machines will have Java 1.4 or better on them
    • You may distribute your games in any way – so long as it’s not a pain to get them to run. We prefer just to be able to click and run. Webstart’s best for Java obviously (use self-signed certs. to use native code if you want). Other languages should “just run” in the native way on the target, eg. Win32 installers, MacOS zips and dmgs, and Linux .sh installers.
    • Scoring formula is (graphics + sound + fun) * theme * platforms
    • GPU will be something at least as powerful as a Geforce2.
    • CPU will be at least 1.2GHz.
    • All machines have at least 512MB RAM.
    • I’ve got a joypad and I’m not afraid to use it but have to go and buy some new batteries for it

    We’ll do everything we can to get the games to run on our machines – no submission is final and we’ll have to be honest and say we will allow several attempts to get stuff running ok. There are lots of gotchas when doing things on Mac and Linux. Half the time my own games don’t even run on Linux but rest assured that largely there won’t be a problem because the Linux test machines we’ve got are already running all our games.

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