Killer Betties

Just got a glowing review from, courtesy of Jason Van Horn (you’ll see him as thankeeka on the hiscores). We are mightily smug.

Talking of hiscores… anybody noticed anything a bit suspicious about a few of those scores eh? You know who you are! Time to close a few little loopholes methinks. Roll on version 1.2…

One thought on 'Killer Betties'

  1. Talking of highscores, I thought that I was doing really well going through the 100 levels and then starting again at the beginning – with all my weapons! “Roll on the top highscore!”

    I eventually bailed at the Saturn mothership with a massive 8.6 million… only to find that I was only 22nd! Doh!
    Top dog has 73.5 million – wtf!? How many times through the game was that?

    Would be great if the main play screen could show you your current highscore rank dynamically whilst you’re playing…

    Great game, though – the last great shoot ’em up I played was “Galaxians” on the Vic 20… a long time ago! 🙂

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