Well, you know how it is: you toil away in obscurity for 5 years and then all of a sudden everyone wants to play your new game, all at the same time. So your server is flattened as if by a tsunami of eager Earth Commanders eager to turn the tables the advancing Titan hordes, andΒ boom! the registration key generator dribbles its last, expiring quietly, without telling anyone.

We’re working with BMTMicro right now to get everyone their registration codes which didn’t come through. I’ve got about 50 emails to reply to and assure everyone that everything’s ok! We got all your orders in the BMT database, but they just need to be sent over to our server now. Stay tuned!

By the way – don’t play past the end of the Moon yet! Mars and so on are completely not at all done at all, with just placeholder graphics and aliens that aren’t even drawn right and have the wrong hit points etc. etc. – it’ll be very boring! Mars should be coming at the end of June, and you’ll have to deal with wraiths and gidlets!

While BMT help sort out the problems we’d just like to thank everyone massively for helping us out and for being extremely patient while we get the problems fixed. We’re reading every single little bit of feedback or commentary all over the whole internet and I’ll be making all sorts of little improvements and tweaks based directly on your feedback.

In the meantime I’ve got to hold down a day job 9 – 5 thing while dealing with all of this still – and guess what we’re doing at work? Yes, releasing a big bit of software this week, which doesn’t work yet.

Back to panicing.

UPDATE: the key generator was fixed as of last night, and looking at the stats this morning, everything’s working fine, so hopefully no more problems with new registrations. Things are slow with BMT to sort the backlog though, so we’ll manually register those today. Everything should be sorted by end of today. Phew.

UPDATE: manually registered all those that the key generator had previously failed, they should all now be working fine… and then it breaks again πŸ™ currently waiting for Cas to return to fix.

UPDATE: that was me just being daft – key gen is working, database was blocked cos i was adding stuff to it manually. doh. Everyone now should have keys. Hurrah!

UPDATE: nope, not just me being daft, it’s still not quite right πŸ™ Still only affecting a few people, apologies to them. I’ve manually added the recent few – all up-to-date at the mo.

13 thoughts on 'Disaster!'

  1. So I just preordered this :). I’m wondering if there is a guide or suggestions because I’m getting utterly crap sacked in the third or forth moon mission.

    I just get overrun with death :).

  2. you should try to provide registration link with %20 symbols instead of spaces in name “Revenge%20of%20the%20Titans”. because when i tried to copy link in firefox from gmail, it was inserted into address bar with two spaces after word Revenge. It is possibly gmail bug in converting href into plain text.

  3. Congrats on having problems with too much attention!

    Way better than the opposite. Bummer with the problems, but what would IT be without it πŸ˜‰

  4. I tried my e-mail activation, and it did not work for activating Revenge of the Titans

  5. So much going on for you guys. πŸ™
    I guess my dreams of you releasing your remix of Bach’s Toccata & Fugue in D Minor from the trailer are shattered… For now…
    Did you compose it yourself or did you hire an external artist? Or even bought the whole track?

  6. bug: on mac Leopard, the game crashes when I place a refinery

    wish: make it easier to fast forward through non-playing time – enter seems to help, maybe accept space bar as well ?

  7. Not to bug you about something else while trying to fix this. But I was curious if there are any plans to add a survival mode to the game someday? πŸ™‚

  8. Here is a trace from the bug I mentioned: http://gist.github.com/414903 . It may depend on where you place the refinery, see paste.

    Re fast-forward, I appreciate the button to FF in-game time – excellent. What I’m griping about is the cut-scenes, menus etc. – enter works sometimes, but other times you have to click, or click to focus. So eg between each level it’s more work than would be ideal. I noticed this in one ore more previous games too.

  9. Ah.. I see from previous blog post that you know the refinery issue. Final clarification on the menu-screens-ergonomics gripe: too much switching between keyboard and mouse required, and too much precise positioning to hit small mouse targets.

  10. +1 for that suggestion of a guide/walkthrough. I’m on the 9th moon level, but I’m still trundling away against the odds with a few barriers, and large blasters. I look at the trailer and there are these mega epic defence setups with all sorts of kit.

    Perhaps I’m failing to develop my resources properly to get the full action benefit of the game?

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