Revenge of the Titans beta released!

t’s finally here… playable beta demo to download, and now available to pre-order at 50% final price!…

Our server is currently taking a massive hammering though, so apologies for the painfully slow download speeds – we’re looking into solutions

Update: server fell over! we have Windows version download mirror sorted now, but have had to restart the server, apologies again, we weren’t expecting quite such a massive demand πŸ™‚

52 thoughts on 'Revenge of the Titans beta released!'

  1. damn that’s sweet, mac one seems to crash every now and then when I place a refinery πŸ™
    but its still cool

  2. I’ll see if I can find out what’s causing the Mac crash tonight… might be tricky without a Mac though, like what I don’t have… I don’t suppose anyone has any logs forthcoming?

  3. Loved the demo and pre-ordered instantly! Now to take a look at your previous games too.

  4. Given: windows 7, revege of the titans demo
    When:I try to install to default folder C:\\Program Files (x86)\…
    I receive: error box can’t create file [can’t remember exactly]AL.dll

    Given: successfully installed to C:\TITANS
    When: I try to run executable
    I receive: no game window being show, only link to puppy games in my default browser. And socket error in error log, possible this is because i’m behind a firewall.

  5. Congratulations!

    Played a few minutes, no crash, looks nice. No real challenge in the first few levels I played though – should get harder quickly.

    Also no way to get to main menu from “play next level” screen (back button goes to scientist talking).

    Very nice overall, will get back to playing it.

  6. I’m seeing the same issue on the Mac regarding a crash when a refinery is placed (and then it pulls up the Revenge of the Titans webpage, incidentally). I’d be happy to supply the logs for this, but am not finding them. Where are they, and if I get them, who should I send them to?


  7. It really does get harder. I’m onto level 13 and all my shots bounce off the enemy! I’m struggling to manage to kill any before they reach my HQ. Perhaps I need to set up my blast turrets in a better place. Needless to say this is not for the faint hearted!

  8. Crashes every time I place a refinery on my mac running 10.5.8. I’m not seeing any log files being generated, the game simply quits and takes me to your website.

  9. Great graphics and design! … but the scrolling seems a bit jerky, and the mouse movement speed is a bit slow.
    (think the map scrolling is jerky because it moves a fixed amount as the cursor reaches the edge, rather than a analog/variable amount)

  10. Good to see you’re supporting Linux, this is a huge plus in my book. The game itself is great too – can’t wait for the final πŸ™‚

  11. I’m also getting the refinery crash on my Mac — oddly, I was crash-free on my first play through Earth. Now it crashes the first time I place a refinery, consistently.

  12. eeekkkkk what a timesink. Iam on my 5th start fiddeling with diffrent research trees. Seems the Xeno-research is the best so far. New turrets combined with coolingtowers seem to work best.

    I miss some documentation about the researchtrees. SOme additional info ect.

    Other than those nitpicks its a really charming quirky game !

  13. Played through the game once, closed the application, and now it won’t let me play again. I’ve tried reinstalling several times, deleting all associated files, and a number of other things but whenever I hit the play button it first brings up the help tutorial and when I hit the play button again it sends me straight to the nag screen. Clicking “maybe later” exits the application and opens a new browser window for the game’s site.

    Any ideas?

  14. Ingame activation and clicking on the link does not work for me … mail address is not recognized. I preordered the game and got the whole BMT Micro email stuff

  15. Once again, an absolutely brilliant game. Thanks so much you guys — this one was worth the wait!

  16. PC demo is fantastic – experiencing major slowdown and jerkiness though. The PC is pretty old P4 3GHz with a Radeon 9800 Pro in it, I’m running the game in a window. Each level gets progressively jerkier and the ‘mission complete’ sequence has a lot of crackling sound and is *really* jerky. Then it fixes itself in the between-mission screens just to start again on the next level. πŸ™

  17. We’re completely overwhelmed by the amount of interest this beta is getting πŸ™‚

    Though it seems like everything’s working fine for most, a few people are having problems, so we’re currently compiling a list of problems and fixes (hopefully). These seem to be the most common issues…

    On installing the demo it tells me that it cannot open the files for writing.
    On installing I get ‘Error opening file for writing: OpenAL32.dll’.
    On start-up, the game window is invisible, but mouse movement is restricted to it’s geometry.
    On start-up, all I get is a black and green screen.
    The game doesn’t recognise the keyboard.
    Game crashes when I try to build a refinery.
    I’ve pre-ordered, but the game does not recognize my e-mail as valid.

    If you’re having any of the above problems please bear with us – we’re looking into them.

  18. It’s hard to tell what research item will bring you a new placeable building and what “only” opens new branch in the research tree.
    Also I missed an option to return to the main screen.
    Anyhow it’s a cool game.

  19. I’ve also pre-ordered, but the game does not recognize my e-mail as valid.
    Using Ubuntu Linux 10.4

  20. Im playing it on pc and I have one major problem: i never have enough cash to research new items. After mission A i have, lets say 2400$ – so i think, i can buy something after next mission, but after mission B i have 1300$. Not cool.

    Placed preorder anyway πŸ™‚

  21. For the OpenAL32.dll error (when trying to install with Windows 7) you have to run the installer with administrator rights. (Right click, properties, etc.) It’s because new data in the Program Files folder is read-only in Windows 7.
    Worked for me, have fun with the game πŸ™‚

  22. In relation to the bug ‘On installing I get β€˜Error opening file for writing: OpenAL32.dll.’;

    If you right-click the executable and select ‘Run as administrator’ it will install without any errors.

    Got my pre-order in, and I’m enjoying the beta, despite experiencing a few bugs.

    My main feedback would be for a little more info on the research screen to explain what I’ll get on the battlefield if I invest in a particular type of research. Sometimes it’s not clear what I’ll be rewarded with.

    Where can we report any bugs we find?

  23. Best way to send bug reports is using the form on the bottom of the support page, I’ve added ‘Revenge…’ to the subject drop down list now.

    The problems with registration appear to be something to do with key generation, in a few cases they’re not being added to our database. We’ve got BMT records of sales though so not to worry, it will get sorted…

    It’s something Cas will have to look at though, and he’s currently at the day job πŸ™

    Hopefully we’ll have that fixed later today, apologies to those affected

  24. I like it, but the UI could be a little more consistent.

    Some things you can click on while in build mode, e.g. the dollar icons. Other things don’t work while in build mode, e.g. you have to cancel out of build mode before you can click a reload icon.

  25. Ahh, this game is really cool, just add multiplayer and battledroid factories (along with setting waypoints for them) and maps with both players having to fight off titans, compete for resources and then attack each other. Ahhh, that would be great. I don’t really like RTS’es and tower defense games, but if there is going to be multiplayer I might consider buying Revenge of the Titans….

  26. I just bought the beta/full game today and kinda dislike seeing my private data ingame. Also I am unsure if it isn’t a tad to easy just registering a game by email. E-Mails aren’t that secret and other people might use them if they see the right users in the forums (which leads to them getting my address information).

  27. Having tried out the beta, I’ve got a few issues. Playing the PC version (via bootcamp).

    First, it doesn’t look like the base integrity bonus is actually getting applied. When I subtract the research expenditures from what I had at the end of the mission, there’s no bonus getting applied.

    Second, the difficulty curve is rather harsh. Earth was so easy it was not so fun, in my opinion. I did perhaps more theoretical research than I should have. Now on the moon, the first mission with the ‘Occuli’ (the ones that like to actually attack) I get completely slaughtered time and time again– and it’s not just them, but the fact that all of a sudden one is facing what seems like 2-3 times the density of foes as in just the previous mission. I’ll probably try starting from the beginning to take some different research paths, but it seems clear that I researched myself into a corner on my first try. Just the basic blaster trio without supporting parts seems to be insufficient. Perhaps I just need more practice, but the difficulty spike makes things feel much worse.

    With all that said, it looks quite promising. Haven’t pre-ordered yet, but I may well yet. Thanks for releasing the beta for all!

  28. Pre-ordered, played the game last night. I had fun!

    Haven’t experienced any of the crashes or bugs that others have mentioned, but I do have one item of feedback/request. Would it be possible to turn up the mouse sensitivity in the game? I have the sensitivity in the game settings turned all the way up and it still feels pretty slow to move my mouse all the way from one end of the screen to the other, especially when I’m trying to scroll the screen.

  29. Restoring saved games seems iffy.
    I died in a level i started with 8000. When i restored my save to the same level, i could only start it again with 4000. Is it possible money for bought research is substracted, but not the research itself?

    Otherwise, there is need for a better way to handle the individual levels, and redoing them, especially if more worlds are added.
    Its _very_ easy to run into a dead end at level 15 or 18 without a good way besides starting over.

    To gauge the success of the level, it might also be nice to have a summary screen at the end (with stuff like “starting money”,”money mined”,”money from kills”, “money spend”, etc.)

  30. An odd issue here with retrying levels in the beta/demo:

    I got up to the first level with armored enemies (Cheddarium, mission 14). I splurged on the heavy blaster in the research screen just before this level. Things didn’t go so well, so I quit out of the level eventually.

    Later I fired up the game again and selected that same level to give it another try. However this time I don’t have enough money to get the heavy blaster (and I also don’t have the heavy blaster).

    Seems like something’s wrong here… either it should save my purchase, or it should give me back the money that I had used on it. Or am I misunderstanding how level retries are supposed to work?

  31. ok, so i made new profile and the “no cash for research bug” went away, butonly to come back few mission later on Titan. I had 5000$ so i wanted to wait for next mission to earn 7500$ but – kablam – now i have 4700. grrr

  32. I declare this game awesome. Stylish, frantic and gratifying. I do have one mild criticism however:

    The research tree *needs* to be more transparent. It may make sense that the boffins don’t know what exactly will result from studying particle physics or xenobiology, but from the all important gameplay perspective, I need to know how to go about obtaining a ‘Capacitor’ when I’m told it’s the only thing that will so much as scratch the next wave of gidrahs, and more generally, it detracts from the quality of the game when I have to roll back several levels because I unwittingly painted myself into a corner in the research menu. Besides, if they know what a ‘Capacitor’ would do despite it not existing yet, then they must know what they need to study in order to build it, right? Perhaps instead of completely ghosting out unavailable areas of research, there could just be some text saying, for instance: “Blast Cannon: needs Heavy Blaster”, while other areas of study will show a list of what items they will make available. Either way, the process currently involves far too much blind trial and error for such a fast paced and arcadish game.

    Otherwise, most excellent. In particular, the art style is so refreshingly bold that, after I quit, the world actually looked monochrome for several minutes :/

  33. That’s brilliant !
    I stopped at the Moon in order to purchase the full game !

    I’d like to see a multiplayer survival-mode for this title.

    Or maybe a multiplayer game where half of the players are sending waves of aliens and the other half is defending.

  34. Bugs to report: When a new turret is connected to a battery, the first shot it fires will deplete about half of it’s ammo for no apparent reason.

    The boss at the end of the moon sometimes doesn’t die when it’s health reaches zero; it just stands there silently roaring forever.

    I also just experienced the bug of losing loads of money after exiting the game and then returning to an earlier level.

    Also a “wouldn’t it be cool”, if you have the time to spare: I liked how the stampeding noises of the gidrahs add a sense of impending danger, so, I thought, how about furthering this by having plumes of dust rise from the gidrahs feet as they march? It could be a toggle-able effect for those with slow machines, and I figured it wouldn’t take much effort to add since you already have plenty of smoke effects, but of course, I’m not a coder…

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  35. Great game, but had a question regarding the pre-order. Will Revenge of the Titans be released on Steam? I noticed Cas mentioned on the indie gamer forum that the target market was Steam. If so, will a deal be worked out with Valve so that users who pre-ordered can add their key to Steam or possibly be issued a new key altogether?

  36. Who knows about Steam? We’ll ask them but they’re just as likely to say “no” as “yes”. It’ll be the same price at any rate.

  37. Thanks for the reply regarding Steam. I can understand if Valve would not allow 3rd party keys registered to Steam or required a heavy toll from the publisher to make up for the lack of revenue generated from the game’s sale.

    However, being a huge fan of the convenience and features that Steam provides (potential Steam Cloud support for saved games & settings, automatic downloading of game files and updates, an easy-to-use backup feature, et cetera), I am hesitant to purchase the product anywhere else if it is indeed heading to Steam.

    Also, when you say they will be the same price, are you referring to the $13.37 pre-order or full cost? Would Puppygames consider offering their ‘l33t deal’ pre-order through Steam? I would imagine developers and publishers have a lot of say over their game’s price point when being listed on Valve’s platform, not to mention a front page listing with a catchy slogan and attractive price would most likely generate quite a bit of media buzz.

  38. To echo some of the thoughts about what I’ve read so far.

    re: Not enough money

    I had the same problem mentioned earlier. I never had enough money to get cool things, and so eventually my game just withered down to a frustrating prolonged demise at the hands of some Titans. I under that the game should get hard and challenge the player. On the other hand, if the game is “unfriendly” to people who are not hard-core gamers, then you lose something.

    If you are “losing” the game, then don’t make it worse for the player. There’s an old game called “Z” that had this problem. Once you started losing, you kept on losing until you finally lost. It was unfortunate, and ruined the game for me. I think there is an element of that here. If you don’t “win” with enough money for the next stage, you can’t afford any neat stuff to win the next stage.

    Plants vs Zombies had a neat mechanic to fix this. They always give you the thing you need to pass the next level. i.e. a certain kind of plant, etc. However, hard-core players who racked up a bunch of money were rewarded with ubercool stuff they could buy in a store. (i.e. cornapult). You didn’t need these ideas to win… but it made the game fun.

    So, instead of punishing the player for losing. It was rewarding the player for winning. A subtle difference that makes the *all* the difference in a game.

    That being said. I love where this game is going. I preordered. πŸ™‚

    re: Balance

    Just keep balancing and balancing until you get there. It takes time.

  39. Just pre-ordered off the movies I saw. Pretty slick game you guys have going.

    Wanted to let you know that my Norton Anti-virus (from comcast) identified your .exe file as a heuristic virus and disallowed it from being install.

    Norton’s Firewall also prevented me from communicating with your database of purchased copies.

    easily remedied but wanted to pass it along.


  40. Amazing game youve got there im trying to pester my parents to get it for me as I dont have a credit card but still amazing, also blame notch about the overload of downloads, every loyal person hes got at minecraft reads his blog dailey :3 like me.

  41. Man i love this game its so addictive. You should never stop the revenge of the titans series you should totally make another one after your done with this one. Words cant describe how much fun i find this game. Normally i hate these types of games but when i tried this one it actually kept me interested i love this game.

  42. Man i love this game its so addictive. You should never stop the revenge of the titans series you should totally make another one after your done with this one. Words cant describe how much fun i find this game. Normally i hate these types of games but when i tried this one it actually kept me interested i love this game.

    Great Job Guys Awsome Game

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