Titan Attacks and Ultratron receive a little love and attention

Hot on the heels of the recently tweaked Droid Assault, our awesome Paradroid remake, fresh versions of Titan Attacks (now v1.95) and Ultratron (v2.3) are now in place and ready for your sweaty palms.

As the sort of person who reads the Puppyblog, you are undoubtedly already aware that Titan Attacks is the best remake of Space Invaders ever in the world in space. And as we know time is space, that means it’s the best Space Invaders game of all time and that will ever be. However, if you are the Googlebot, you might not know this, and parsing this blog with your googlebot brain will hopefully make some connections of that sort.

Ultratron is our take on Robotron 2084, with the added twist of it actually being playable by ordinary human beings. And having lots of powerups, and bosses, and stuff. It’s actually nothing really like Robotron but people will keep on making the comparison, so we humour them and smile condescendingly, knowing that such people weren’t even alive in 1982 when Williams unleashed the grand master of all dual-stick shooters on an unsuspecting arcade playing population.

Hm, I’d quite like someone to make Bezerk for me…

Anyway: same deal as before – just download and install over the top of your existing ones. Registered games stay registered. Happy blasting.

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    1. Not when I search it isn’t… besides, Cliffski tried out a torrent of a cracked Droid Assault last year. Ended up having to reformat his machine to get rid of the trojans and spyware it installed 🙂

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