Little by little

Slow progress the last couple of weeks, due to mounting pressures at work. Ah well, such is the indie developer’s lot.

Tonight I finally had a few hours to do a bit of coding on the game again, and I’ve implemented robot turrets and minefields. Borrowed some graphics from Ultratron which look completely out of place, and also cobbled together some wizzy computer HUD style aiming computer type graphics for the robot turrets. They look more or less entirely awful. Chaz will hopefully spot them on Monday morning and sprinkle magic Chaz dust on them.

Robot turrets are nifty but expensive – drop a robot into a turret and you don’t have to worry about firing it any more. There’s a 1 second delay before they fire and their range is limited to the suspiciously computery number of 96 pixels.

Minefields you can just scatter about the place and the gidrahs wander into them. BAM! 10 points of damage, usually enough to finish them off instantly. Minefields work 3 times then stop. They also have a 1 second delay between explosions so the gidrahs can rush through if they’re determined.

4 thoughts on 'Little by little'

  1. Hotdang! looking forward to getting my hands on this game! any chance of a screenshot or two? 😉

  2. Maybe in a couple of days. I want to put the laser cannon, rocket launcher and flamethrower in this week methinks, which should make for some hectic action shots.

  3. Damn, I’m getting excited about this game. Sounds like it’ll fit right in with the puppygames family. Any chance of a weak auto-aim type weapon?

  4. You can buy robots to drop into your turrets (any kind of turret). They are 100% accurate but they only fire at gidrahs closer than 96 pixels and they’re a bit slow to aim, so fast moving gidrahs completely fox them.

    Already implemented it too 🙂

    I’ve done the laser cannon turret now. It looks good. Blasts through whole clumps of gidrahs in a flash of while boiling away into ultraviolet.

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