Monster Mash Takes Shape

We’ve been working on our new game the past week or so, and Chaz has been experimenting with all sorts of various graphics. Here’s a mockup:

Mockup of the new game

The game currently actually plays, with the game starting, an initial base formation spawning in the middle, and then the gidrahs start to appear at the top of the screen and wander down looking suspiciously like they’ve escaped from Ultratron. Saucers appear here and there. And when you’ve blasted all the gidrahs to bits the shop screen appears, but you can’t buy anything yet.

Actually rather a lot of the game currently looks suspiciously like Ultratron because currently about 90% of the code is the same!

8 thoughts on 'Monster Mash Takes Shape'

  1. Mmm, interesting… do enimies spawn from the top only, or all directions?

    And I’m liking what looks like destructable enviroments.

  2. The environment isn’t destructable sadly, but then again, it consists basically of nothing apart from the buildings on it (which the monsters are trying to destroy) so that might count as destructable I suppose!

    The monsters spawn from different edges of the screen depending on which wave you’re on. They start from the north, then on level two it’s south, then level three it’s north and south.

  3. Nice. That broken square – aiming reticule? Mouse, or keyboard controlled? Could be interesting either way.

    Personally, I’ve always wondered how Ultratron would feel with mouse-aim. Quite different, I think.

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