Old games updated, bugs squished

Some of you might have been receiving mysterious crashes with Droid Assault, Titan Attacks and Ultratron, whilst just sitting on the title screen. It turns out that I forgot to build the last two versions of each of these games with the resources to display the little message box to tell you to download a new version! So when the new versions got uploaded a while ago, they all, er, started to break.

If you’ve been experiencing this strange crash, redownload and reinstall your games from Puppygames.

In other news: some people have been experiencing some crashes with the latest release of Revenge of the Titans. I’ve looked into the error logs and noticed that it’s because you’re trying to use a 1.5 profile with the new 1.6 game. Sorry guys and gals, I broke it – your old profiles and saved games are no longer usable. You’ll have to create a new profile.

Also, you might have noticed the file sizes increasing slightly. I’ve reverted from using the (completely naughty) hacked Java 7 JVM in the games to using nice normal unhacked Java 6 again, and this has the pleasing side effect of the games working once more in Japan and China. Don’t ask why 🙂

2 thoughts on 'Old games updated, bugs squished'

  1. Ultratron crashes at start-up every single time I try to open it. The initial loading screen comes up, it loads to 100%, then the game crashes right before the main menu pops up. I’ve re-downloaded and re-installed every Puppygames release and they all work fine except for Ultratron. I have Ultratron set to full-screen (don’t know if that’s the problem or not) but I can’t change the resolution because it never gets to the main menu in the first place.

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