Endless Mode!

I’ve just uploaded Revenge of the Titans v1.6 here:


The following tweakery has been performed for your delectation and continued amusement:

Bugs Fixed

  • Again at certain resolutions the map scrolls past the edges
  • Gold medal awarded even though level made easier
  • Mysteriously reverting to earlier planet when resuming
  • info panel remains open when HUD hidden
  • Having your progress reset once you get past Earth

New Features and Enhancements

  • Add a “sell stuff” hint or two
  • Endless mode!
  • Movement animation of stop-start gidrahs looks better
  • Stop-start gidrahs move in a slightly different way


  • Crystal reduction as player gets richer slightly less severe
  • More crystals!
  • Blast cannon damage buffed to from 12 to 16


  • Much better frame rate limiting code
  • New animation commands to avoid XML duplication

As per usual, download and install over the top of your old version. Also as per usual, all your progress and saved games are invalid – bah! – that’s the perils of beta software. So I advise you start a new profile from scratch and test Endless Mode for me πŸ™‚

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  1. freakin awesome – endless mode – YAY!
    will check it out today. feedback coming πŸ™‚

    really nice job.

  2. The new version is lovely. May I suggest a tiny bit of extra polish: on help screens 14-15/20, “it’s” should be “its.” On 11/20, put a comma before “though.” Also, please do something about my desire to spend all my time playing this game obsessively.

    1. This is what happens when I let Chaz write the story screens πŸ˜›
      The cure for Revenge of the Titans is Minecraft. Though that’s a bit like giving crack to babies to ween them off Calpol.

  3. Where do I send error logs? I just got a crash while playing endless mode.

    Running windows xp

    This is the first actual crash I’ve had for this game πŸ™‚

    1. puppygames@gmail.com

      I too have been having crashes, ver. 152 is stable (on my rig, running win7) however the save game is borked.

      Ver. 160 will crash fairly frequently for me, besides the err.log and out.log, you may want to send Cas the

      error log that appears in ROTT’s main directory. might appear as ‘hr_err_pid####.log’

      I’m not a programmer but my monkey sense sez it’s some sort of java error….

      Addicted to ROTTs quite already thank-you!

      all the best,



  4. THis was cut and pasted from an email I sent to Cas:
    = = = = =
    Btw, here’s some comprehensive play feedback.

    The disruptor’s range (boosted by 4x scanners, 4x reactors) can’t cover anything other than a choke… πŸ™ Most missions average 3 passages or so on the max difficulty, which means $20000+ investment, or a completely different playstyle. It feels pitiful and in need of some balance love, difficult as it is – I’ve managed to justify using it once against a single boss, and once more covering leftovers who successfully sneaked around my turrets. Even a 10% range boost will help immensely (main question will be average size of passage in map generation versus turret coverage)

    I’m not certain if a second droid factory is worth the price… (at least, I know that it can’t synergise with my current set up of turrets) What’s the AI routine on these little bots – it runs towards the closest enemy in a large active range, which is good for single passages, and bad for multiple routes.

    ***There’s a “feature” at the end of each level, that allows me to sell structures after ther last enemy is defeated, and also gain credits for salvaging. Don’t fix this, though – it would be extremely difficult to keep up with monster levels otherwise. πŸ˜› ***

    Assuming that a valid strategy is to defend all passages* in order to harvest most/all of the crystals, 80% returns (sell+salvage until you can’t sell all your structures before accomplishments come up,) ran out of steam about where I am right now. So at Mars, I have 23 pieces of tech and not enough standing capital to adequately defend everything. Awards are ~20 No-scratches ~23 Harvest-Everything. I’m guessing that if I went for laser turrets instead of disruptors I’d be better off… This strategy is much more enjoyable than camping my base, since there’s more micro involved.

    …If only we knew how much crystal there is in each patch so that I can decide whether or not it’s worth investing in.

    …if it is possible to bring capacitors earlier in the tech tree, and have an upgrade that allows either sensors to increase its range, or increase damage…? I’m all for Increasing potential user actions! How much damage do capacitors do anyway? Do they stack at all? Can we allow them to destroy blocking buildings and doodads so that turrets can have a clear field of fire?

    *(minimally, until most of the titans commit to the seemingly weakest path.)

    = = = = =

    So people, what are your experiences?

    1. Phew! A lot to take in. I haven’t really tried out disrupters yet so I’m not sure how effective they are πŸ™‚ I expect I’d probably agree with you about their range, though I’d probably have to reduce their damage somewhat then. A key feature of disrupters is that they penetrate all armour – they are devastating against ticks and suicide bombers and other heavily armoured targets. They are also specifically designed to place in choke points πŸ˜‰ (Of which there will be many on Titan, as Titan will be a particularly wriggly environment).

      So in no particular order, these bits of information should prove particularly enlightening:

      Crystals are available in 3 basic sizes: small ($600), medium ($1200), and large ($1800). So stick 6 refineries around a small crystal and you won’t make a bean! Silos are the key to making big money. A silo effectively increases the size of a crystal (although it actually works by slowing the amount of “wastage” from the refineries it’s attached to). With 4 silos, a refinery will consume crystal at half rate, effectively doubling its value! Of course there’s a really crazy balance to figure out, as each silo doubles in cost when you build them, and you’ll need to position them really cunningly so that the maximum number of refineries possible are attached to the maximum number of silos possible as well as each refinery being attached to the maximum number and size of crystals possible. If you’re seriously lucky and very clever you can effectively double your takings on a level.

      There’s absolutely no point in selling your buildings at the end – (nor collecting refineries) – it is all done automatically for you! See, I think of these things πŸ™‚ That’s what the building recycling is – it just sells the lot. And yes, this includes the full refund for buildings built in the last 10 seconds that didn’t get used.

      Gidrah pathfinding changes halfway through the level by the way – when the timer runs out, the gidrahs no longer take your defences into account and just make a run for it! You’ll notice this more and more as the levels get longer and longer as you approach Titan.

      Capacitors are immensely powerful. Not only are they cheap, they completely ignore armour, and are particularly effective on bosses as a result. Also, they’re the only thing you can really use to target wraiths effectively, and not only that, they’re quite good at mopping up the little gidlets as well. The only downside to them is that they must be manually controlled. So there’s a reason they’re quite far down the tech tree! If you want to increase their range, use Reactors. Batteries increase their discharge capacity. Spam 3 or 4 capacitors down near the base on a boss level in case the boss tramples through your other defences.

      The droids first target the nearest gidlet – and failing finding any gidlets they target the nearest gidrah. They’re not particularly bright. Pop a reactor or 3 down next to the factory and they’ll come out at quite a rate. Droid guns are considerably weaker than even the plain blaster but against unarmoured targets, a swarm of droids can become a formidable stopping power, and as they never run out of ammo, a very convenient way to keep a passage free of invading hordes. Usually just one factory is probably enough but maybe if you’re super-rich you can stretch to two. Again, combined with reactors, they’ll both pump out new droids at a remarkable rate, giving you a never ending constant supply of laser-toting goodness.

      1. Re: Silos.
        Wow, now if the tech tree described that advantage more clearly! I understood the “efficiency” as: increase storage capacity such that you don’t have to empty refineries as often (implied by the name silo)…

        Re: crystal prices.
        Okay, that also means I was wasting too much money defending outer mineral patches. “…I, I just wanted my Efficiency medals… (T_T) You know, max clearing Gold+Pristine+Efficient”

        Re: Disruptor.
        Okay, I researched that a little too early then… Moon, Mars, they offer wide environments.
        I figured that Disruptors pierced armour just by watching the devastation it causes to the small area.

        Re: Gidrah pathing.
        Part of the problem about the Disruptor is that if it was placed at the start of the level, most of the titans will skirt around the map. So one will need to leave space for it until the gidrahs do start rushing (I noted that change in pathing, but didn’t know when) So, when the titans’ red bar runs out – they stop spawning *and* rush?

        I believe I’m a sucker for technical information, and the American “shock-and-awe” tactics. πŸ˜› Who cares if it’s not affordable?

        = = =
        Question for public: If the gidrahs chew through your concrete barricades, etc. does that lose you the Pristine award? I never used barricades, nor saw a point in them as they won’t change pathing. I’ll probably go figure it out myself, anyway.

  5. A bit of feedback!

    Tech tree errors: Assault cannon doesn’t need heavy blaster. Blast cannon should need heavy blaster.

    Players can get double money by selling items just before recycling (probably because sold items don’t disappear immediately). I think this is what the previous poster was saying.

    I agree about disruptor range being too small.

    Practically the whole game is passable using spreader cannons alone with full upgrades. Plus some capacitors.

    1. Yeah, it actually takes a while for buildings to “disappear” after they are sold. So, you get the sell money at the moment when you click the button, and then you get the salvage money separately when the mission ends – apparently *as long as the base is still on the map*(?).

      This bug funds my fireworks show.

      = = =
      One thing about the spreader cannon and its bigger cousin: because the total damage output is 4×7 and 8×9, they are much more money efficient than the single fire cousins… πŸ™‚ Why? With correct turret placement, the spread bullets travel onwards to hit the gidrah army that are still out-of-range.

      Blast cannon is doubtful at $1500, and may only see use where there are enough gidrahs with 8+armour to break though your capacitor defenses.

      1. Damn you and your bug finding abilities! πŸ˜€

        I’m nerfing the spreader cannon slightly (3pts instead of 4pts damage) so that it will be completely ineffective on armoured targets (except for stun). In fact because of the research path taken to get spreader cannon it was always doing 5pts per bullet and therefore pierced light armour, which made them a bit more powerful than I’d originally intended. Likewise assault cannon which will be down to 7pts from 8 (so in reality, it’ll be 8pts).

        And as for that sell bug… oooh you crafty sods. I’ll be fixing that right away. I did wonder how people had disrupters and such already.

        1. But, but I like hoarding lots of mulah… (T_T) Those eggheads keep hounding at me for more research funding for their starving children…

        2. About the disruptors – you can easily get either disruptors or lasers early by ignoring blast cannon, multi-blaster, and robotics then going straight for them. That’s in fact what I did originally, and found that it was really hard to use.

          About the laser: When you develop it, the tech tree said 1-360 damage(!). But after research, the turret said it did 1-9 damage. *That* is a smart piece of salesmanship => doesn’t even pierce armour. πŸ˜› Just looks pretty when the beam reflects off those queens.

  6. Hi, My first time playing the game after Pre-order

    Nice Game, thank you!

    My thoughts as below:

    1) The game Graphic / button is too small, centered in the screen, feel like not fully using the screen and missing the “Umm” feeling

    2) Could we have a “Titan-pedia” explaining the monster and everythings else? just curious Titans’ characteristic are all the same except stronger? maybe some can run faster etc

    3) Tower Defense are very common these days, I wondering if we add at least 1 or 2 unique gameplay only found in this game? Maybe Experience system, rewarding the players for putting their building into the right location and keep them alive without selling. (max up to rank 3 veterancy – titan killed or time stayed)

    4) Reserve mode. – Let player be the titan and computer me the player with the same rules.

    5) Sound hints – for example warning sound when tiitans come in, when titan died etc.

    6) Achievement room to see all the achievement and snapshot function to keep as wallpapers

    7) map editor

    8) some polish effort like count down on the time before titan approaching.

    9) Whether effect or 1 random factor that will remove the “expected” experience

    10) “once I play back mission 3 I no longer able to to play 7” and can only continue to 4? no sure it is a bug

    11) a boss every 10 level.

    Just my 2 cents, I am not preoviding as must suggestions to improve as I can here given the game potential.
    The first 3 is what I really think most needed

  7. I think your base should have a self destruct button to nuke the titans when you know you’re a goner.

    Also an automatic “take five” mode that locks the game after too many hours of play until you go outside and get some fresh air.

    I love the power ups but I’ve often repeatedly try to beat a boss level until I happen to get a “rampage” and then I smile an evil smile and wait for the gidrah to get into firing range.

    After the mars planet, the titans have been acting weird, like waiting to attack, until I finish building a spread of whoop-a for ’em. There was also this little remaining alien dude that looked like he was cuddling with a crystal, allowing me to leisurely finnish making a grip of cash from the remaining crystals.

  8. …And here’s more feedback!

    Found a small bug: the Assault cannon’s ammo bar is still a bit loaded when the turret has no ammo left (when it needs to be reloaded).

    Other than that, keep up the good work man!

    Oh, and for those that might be interested:

    Cas: “With 4 silos, a refinery will consume crystal at half rate, effectively doubling its value! Of course there’s a really crazy balance to figure out, as each silo doubles in cost when you build them, and you’ll need to position them really cunningly so that the maximum number of refineries possible are attached to the maximum number of silos possible as well as each refinery being attached to the maximum number and size of crystals possible.”

    I was bored during a math course so I decided to put up that “crazy balance to figure out” into a formula:

    T = x + 250xy/1000 – βˆ‘(y=1) = 250y

    where: T= Total amount of crystal you’ll mine
    x= Total amount of crystal in range of your silo-boosted refineries
    y= Number of silos you built

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