Linuxy types! We need your help!

Please test these experimental Linux builds of Revenge of the Titans 1.64! The Debian packages should install with a simple double-click and on a normalish installation you’ll get a shortcut in your apps menu under Games. They should be compatible with your existing Webstarted profile, too.

64-bit tar.gz
32-bit tar.gz
64-bit Debian package (for Ubuntu and similar)
32-bit Debian package (for Ubuntu and similar)

I’m afraid I haven’t got RPMs to work yet. There seems to be some buggery going on inside the Redline RPM creator I’m using from within Ant that causes the architecture to get wrongly specified.

11 thoughts on 'Linuxy types! We need your help!'

  1. Works for me! 32-bit kubuntu, Intel gfx. Menu entry added, game runs fine.
    ’twas mildly annoying to have to download OpenJDK when I’ve already got Sun’s JDK installed, but I doubt that supporting both VMs will prove worthwhile for you. The extra download was automagical at least.

    Probably unrelated: clicking the “www” button caused the game to immediately close and did not open your webpage. It felt like a crash, but there’s nothing scary in the logs.

  2. I’ll be very happy to test all of these for you… I have different systems setup for different things with ALL operating systems installed and constantly updated.

      1. Thanks for that!

        The 64-bit tar.gz version worked fine on my Gentoo system. Alt+Tabbing and all :-).

        Though I did notice, it seems to want me to re-register every time I play. It sends the link to my email address, which I then activate, and it works fine. But if I quit out of the game and start it up again, it’s reverted back to a demo and I have to do the email thingy again.

        Just checked and it’s doing this with the .jlnp version as well. Odd…

  3. It works, I have the icon in the menu and it installed correctly. I could play the game.
    I used the .deb 64 bits package on a x86_64 ubuntu 10.4 up to date.

    Keep up the good work !

  4. The 32-bit dev works nicely on my ancient 8.04 Kubuntu install, though I had to force it to install despite not liking the dependencies. Only issue I’ve had is that it doesn’t let me alt-tab to another window.

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