Slight delay!

It turns out that we’re not quite ready to release the next installment of Revenge of the Titans today! As this is quite an important release we’re making sure it’s properly sorted, so it’s staying in the oven to cook for a little longer. Maybe Sunday, maybe Monday…

Also, I’ve figured out how to make Debian Linux packages (both 32 and 64 bit)! They install with a simple double-click. I’ll test it out with RotT first and if it seems to work OK then I’ll release all the other games that way as well. RPM format is next on my to-do list. And if I’m feeling particularly nifty I might be able to do separate 64-bit Windows installers too. The Webstart option will remain (and work for everyone, everywhere – something Java got almost right!)

Stay tuned…

7 thoughts on 'Slight delay!'

    1. Might release as 1.64 anyway, without Titan, to get these bugfixes in (and get the new Linux packages tested out by my faithful army of Linux luvvies). This is what’s in it so far (plus a bunch of unseen Titan things):

      Bugs Fixed
      Fixed: factory-not-restarting bug again
      Fixed: flickering status message when factories autocollected and turrets autoloaded
      Fixed: saturn flying gidrahs not appearing!
      Fixed: awesome medal awarded multiple times in a level
      Fixed: gidlets getting stuck on crystals

      New Features and Enhancements
      Survival and Endless modes are now available to demo players too!
      Factories that shutdown with less than $10 to collect should go straight to shutdown
      Extra mines / barricades powerups no longer appear in campaign/endless mode
      Custom window sizes: pass width=xxx height=xxx on the commandline to use a custom window size (not compatible with fullscreen mode – sorry)
      New blaster noises! – sorry, but the old ones were of unknown provenance – still working on new ones using steel slinkies and tuning forks
      Some new ambient background sound for Saturn levels

      Buffed disruptor very slightly
      Droids fire a tiny bit more frequently
      Make saturn boss a bit weedier
      Gidrah slaughter attenuation now only in effect after level ends from the state at level end
      Gidrah rush ramp-up duration now gets longer as levels progress, rather than shorter!
      Crystals a little more far-flung, and a few less crystals on Titan

      Fiddled with sound attenuation parameters
      Quieter bashing sounds & building collapses now based on building size
      Fixed problem where game assumed all flying gidrahs drop bombs
      Tweaked minimum level size to ensure that (barring desktop display mode changes) levels always fit properly into a monitor
      Some new ambient background sound for Titan levels
      Fixed: Exploding gidrah bullets totally destroyed buildings in one hit!

      1. Can I suggest a different selling sound to the normal exploding sound? If you have time it’d be better if selling a building didn’t explode it as well.

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