New Version! Bugs Vanquished!

Having been awake for about 60 of the last 72 hours I thought I would idly fix a few bugs and tweak the game in all sorts of unimaginably silly ways. Unfortunately coding till 530am does not make for great design decisions so it is quite possibly the case that I have gone and broken it all. Rather than trust my own shrivelled tired old tiny brain instead I find it easier to unleash the results, Revenge of the Titans 1.72, on you, our unsuspecting audience.

PANIC! Thanks to 100,000 Bundlers I now have literally 200 support emails to get through in my inbox. I will try to answer each one but it’s going to take some time!

UPDATE Bundlers: your download links from will now download the new 1.72 version! Please grab as soon as you can!

Download Links

Mac OS X
Debian Linux 32-bit
Debian Linux 64 bit
Generic Linux 32 bit
Generic Linux 64 bit
Java Webstart (all OSes)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: reprocessors should require extraction tuning to be researched (still todo: update graphic in research screen)
  • Fixed: no sound on building things
  • Fixed: Linux .deb installations
  • Fixed: ESC key now correctly cancels build mode and sell mode
  • Fixed: desktop shortcut on Windows

New Features and Enhancements

  • Can now specify vx, vy, vw, and vh on commandline to perfectly position the game inside a fullscreen display (useful on strange multimonitor setups) (Linux only for now)
  • Maximum of 4 refineries to crystal. Surplus refineries wait idle until one of the other refineries is full.


  • Very slight reduction in crystals on later levels
  • Crystal distribution now biased to move larger crystals further from base. Hah!
  • Reprocessor research cost back up to $15k. You should realise just how important reprocessors are now!
  • Buffed Saturn and Titan gidrahs as they were a bit of a pushover
  • Titan gidrahs now have longer ranged weaponry


  • Commandline args now accepted by the Windows executable – however, I broke it slightly in this build so it’s not active yet.
  • Upgraded to LWJGL 2.6 in the hope some of the odd bugs are ironed out – unfortunately buggering up any Mac users stuck on Java 1.4
  • Title screen server messages now have variables in them so I can point people at a different website for the HIB#2 build (next patch)
  • Included a new game parameter, “download”, to point people at where to download the latest version
  • Game now has an internal version number, in case I need to bump the apparent version number but without breaking everyone’s saved games

I’m really really sorry about breaking everyone’s campaigns yet again for 1.72 but the balance changes were a bit too significant. If you really really want to you can copy your campaign files from the ~Revenge Of The Titans 1.71/slots directory into the 1.72 directory and they’ll be OK.

It is possible I have made this version too hard, but due to time constraints I didn’t manage to play past the end of the Moon so I’m not sure how it goes. It is supposed to get pretty challenging by Mars though, and require concentration, skill, and strategy to prevail. This ain’t your mom’s tower defence, this is a proper RTS. Albeit a turtley one, haha.

Flames, trolls, vitriol and praise will all be handled with the usual cheerful aplomb in the comments below.

124 thoughts on 'New Version! Bugs Vanquished!'

  1. Saturn just got more difficult!? And here I was thinking it needed to be toned down, or at least for the explosive titans (who would-a thunk aliens full of high explosives would take 20 shots to go boom).

    I don’t know if this has been fix yet, but the explosive guys show up one level before the egg-heads tell you about them.

        1. plopping mines down right in front of their path helps prevent run out – not that you’d necessarily have time for that. capacitors, good secondary weapon against them.

  2. What does the reprocessor do, anyway? Does it just increase the speed of extraction or does it actually make extraction give more money in total?

    1. It makes a refinery extract more money of of a crystal in total (note they are attached to refineries not crystals).

      1 reprocessor = 17% more money, 2 = 20% more, 3 = 33% more, and 4 = 50% more.

      FYI a small crystal holds $2000, medium $4000, and large $6000. You’ll have to do the maths yourself. In realtime, whilst being eaten by 30 tonne monsters.

        1. You specifically don’t make money faster – to do that, you use reactors. But yes, you also specifically make MORE money. They’re hard to use efficiently mind, thanks to their exponential pricing. They work best when you’ve got a couple of really big crystals near each other and can plonk 4 down next to every refinery that’s mining them. That’s when you can make a killing.

      1. Are those numbers right? 17%, 20%, 33%, and 50%?

        So the first reproccesor gives +17%, the second gives only +3%, the third is +13%, and the fourth is +17%? Is there a reason for the second reprocessor being entirely useless?

        Or when you say “2 reprocessors” do you mean 20% more than having 1 reprocessor?

  3. Just a suggestion, no idea how easy or difficult it would be to do, be here it is.
    Could you have the game window release the mouse while in a menu screen? It would just make it that much more convenient.

    1. I agree with Matt. It almost defeats the purpose of playing the game in windowed mode when I can’t switch over to something else because of the mouse lock.

        1. It does! I was not aware of that. I’m just used to using esc to pause a game, but that’s good enough for me. Thanks

  4. Is this version supposed to break the savegames? Because when I load up the game and click any mission (from earth to mars) it tells me “Welcome to Earth” and starts me back at mission 1.

    1. Yes – sorry :/ The level generator is slightly different. You can rescue your old savegames though – copy the slots directory under ~Revenge of the Titans 1.71 over to the 1.72 dir.

      1. This worked perfectly. That the actual savegames does not work is not big deal (for me at least)l, as long as you don’t loose your place in the game. Copying over the files from the slots folder to the new one did exactly that though.

        Thank you!

  5. Is it my imagination or is the HIB2 version of 1.7.2 missing the music? It’s nearly 40MB smaller as a download…

  6. Great game, probably my favorite defense game ever, and I’ve been playing them since the original starcraft. I was upset that my save was broke again after it being broke so many times in beta, but its worth the active improvements to the game. I was having a LOT easier of a time playing through this time now that i know how pre-processors work, so I’m in favor of the tweaks to make the game more difficult. Thanks for the great work and good luck with the support!

  7. Hey

    Just wanted to say what a fantastic game!

    Does anyone know the upgrade path for whatever is designed to kill the phantasm/ghost titans? I think I may have taken a few wrong turns on my upgrade path…. D:

      1. I was also stuck there. The game wasn’t clear on that it was so important to develop particle physics / fusion (just some vague hint about “some electric discharge” when the ghost monster is announced). It was pushing for automation all the time.
        As there was no way for me to pass that Mars level without being able to kill ghosts, I had to go back some levels and re-do research, which is fine, but I had no idea what tech tree path to follow.

      1. Do you think we’ll be able to link already-purchased games (ultratron, titan attacks, droid assault) with Steam?

          1. Whaaaaat!?
            So all the classics won’t be on Steam? T&T
            I guess I will buy a bundle for now before it’s expired πŸ˜›
            But if you can deal with Steam so the games will be on it. I’m definitely getting another one!

          2. That’s a shame.

            On a related note: once you get RotT to Steam, will you be adding Steam achievements as well?

  8. Can anyone research reprocessors in version 1.72? The Reprocessor is not clickable after I research efficiency.

  9. First of all: Great game!
    My problem: I installed version 1.72 and I wanted to erase ALL my campaign files, records, medals, etc. I deleted the folder ./Revenge of the Titans in my home directory, but when I start the game I still see all my previous information. Is there another hidden file/folder I should delete? I’m using the Linux version.

    Greetings from Chile

  10. I purchased the HIB#2 mainly for your game.
    I tried a demo some time ago, and the differences I found in the final release raised the game to an upper level. πŸ™‚
    The best title in the bundle, hands down.
    Congratulations for the release and your efforts to package this little masterpiece.
    Greetings from Italy! πŸ™‚

  11. Just wanted to say what a great game this is. Got it before work two days ago and it has sucked my free time dry ever since. I’ve been ranting about it to anyone who will listen.

    Going to buy a dozen or so HIB#2 codes and hand them out for Christmas just to get people to play this.

    Keep up the good work.

  12. Was something done to the rockets? They seem to Prioritize titans that are next to my buildings now. I’m having cases where my rockets will have a titan come into in range and not fire till it has walked all the way past the rocket to the 4 scanners I have placed nearby, then fire.

    1. Hm no nothing was done to rockets. Though I’ve seen the very same thing happening to a laser yesterday. I’ll investigate. I haven’t changed the targeting code for a few months though. Right now the algorithm simply picks the closest alien that it can do the most damage to but that’s not very effective…

      1. I also noticed the rockets tend to miss sometimes, maybe .1% of the time the rocket greatly over or undershoots a target, even if it is not moving.

  13. I’m only on Thyle II – level 25 and I’ve found it to suddenly become increasingly very difficult. A level where titans can come from every direction with four chokepoints and one chokepoint seemingly full of hulls the titans enjoy running through. Perhaps I haven’t researched what I needed to but this level seems quite impossible!

      1. I recommend laying mines down in whichever hole is the main way the gidrahs are coming – they don’t know to avoid mines – and barricading the other holes up, and getting some very rapid firing weapons behind the barricades: 4 cooling towers and a couple of multiblasters. Behind the light weaponry you want a big gun like a blast cannon. That way the little guns take out the little gidrahs first, and anything big getting through the hail of fire will be hit by the blast cannon.

        A spreader cannon or assault cannon is also particularly handy at slowing down the advance of the gidrahs by stunning them. As they’re slowed down some distance away you get plenty of time to get a lot of rounds into them before they get to your barricades.

        1. Hm. I suppose mines would fall into the defense category? The instructors kept shouting to throw more into defense, but I knew not which section was defense after I researched the walls that were available to me. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s near impossible to buy an upgrade every level and still survive as there will not be enough money to produce adequate defense…it”s an interesting game, to say the least.

          1. All the tech is defensive, it’s a defence game.

            What they mean is don’t research anything this round and spend money buying turrets instead.

            You research something next time as you say.

            There are enough levels to have everything unlocked well before the final boss.

          2. I think your misreading it. Theres a message that pops up that tells you to save more money for (building defenses) as opposed to researching.

  14. Well after playing until Mars ….. i think the bosses are a bit too hard under normal (non-berzerk) circumstances, even the earth one… i usually save a berzerk powerup for the boss, which kills it in like 3 secs, but its not excactly skill.

    Too liven things up a bit, how about increasing turret range by about 1/3rd ?? i know this requires major rebalancing… alas its good as it is, but even something like 2 layers of walls will make the turrets kinda useless because of their limited range.

    Some kind of indicator when youre trying to plant buildings to close to a pre-existing one?

    when you place a building ontop of a wall, and the wall dissappears, why not return the wall(s) to your maximum count?Minor niggles overall, top job

    1. Ah.. you do know about scanners don’t you? They greatly increase the range of your turrets. 4 scanners and you can cover most of the screen with a single turret!

      A bezerk has the effect of cooling all towers to maximum cooling, as if they had 4 cooling towers attached, and giving them unlimited ammo for about 10 seconds. With that in mind it should be eminently possible to build a string of turrets on the boss’ path, all fully cooled and given a few batteries, and a scanner to keep him in range a bit longer, and that should kill it. Or just make sure you save a bezerk for when you need it πŸ˜‰

  15. For some reason, I’m unable to research the silo/re-processor while still on Earth (it doesn’t show up as red, so I get the impression that some other tech still needs to be researched). I’ve already researched refineries and efficiency. Is there something I’m missing here? Does the silo/re-processor not become available until a later planet or something?

    I just downloaded and updated the game from HIB last night so I should have the latest version

    Congrats on the release btw!

  16. Great work, as usual ! πŸ™‚

    But I still don’t get the decoy thing.
    I’m on the third level of saturn atm and I just researched decoys cause the new saturn’ creatures seeking refineries are pretty awful but no matter where I put the decoy, it doesn’t affect the titans at all. They keep running their own ways to seek my base. Maybe it is broken, or maybe saturn’s creatures aren’t affected by decoy, or maybe it’s just not the purpose of decoys ?

    I suggest you add a “man page” where you explain what unit do what and how to use them πŸ™‚

    I read forums where a lot of people doesn’t even know the purpose of pre-processor :s

    Also a lot of new players are complaining about the difficulty, but I think it’s mainly because you really need to know what units are useful against what in order to get to saturn and there is no proper way to know that :s

    1. All creatures are affected by the decoy – however! – you have to experiment to figure out how to use them. The really dumb gidrahs will immediately start seeking out decoys wherever they are: whenever a decoy is placed, all the gidrahs reassess their priorities, and the dumb ones simply select one target at random out of all the decoys and the base. So with 3 decoys, about 75% of them will head off towards the decoys leaving the remainder to go for the base.

      The smarter gidrahs are less easily fooled. In particular they will only be tempted by decoys if they are about half the distance to the nearest other building, which might mean laying a decoy strategically. Or just shooting them πŸ™‚

      At any rate, they are a very effective means of dividing most of the enemy’s army into much smaller more manageable sizes, the secret of any good general’s sucess!

      We’ll do a strategy guide in the new year I think when we’ve got a bit of breathing space.

  17. Hello all, just purchased this through the bundle. While it seems really fun and the upgrades are diverse, I seem to get into a cycle where I don’t have enough to upgrade what I want, which makes the next level harder, which means I have to spend more, and then can’t upgrade again, which makes the campaign kinda frustrating. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, or am just really bad at this game…can anyone offer some pointers?

    1. Get the range scanners first, they’re the best upgrade. Get alien anatomy and the one that unlocks shotgun turrets to get +1 to damage and +1 to armour piercing, that’ll get you through the first couple of levels. Next either go for heavy blasters and blast cannon or go for mines on the explosives route. You need mines to take out the giant 3 eyed aliens as they have tough armour and go your your refineries.

      Before you could unlock reporcessors early on but now they require tuning research as well so they’re a bit out of reach. So better to go for capacitors next to deal with bomb aliens and wraiths. They’re also handy for the tiny aliens which you need to look out for. As a bonus capacitors are armour piercing.

      Once you’ve got those you should go for tuning and reprocessors to boost your income.

      Always go for the pristine bonus and the efficiency bonus by not placing buildings in paths of aliens and spam refineries around crystals to harvest them quickly. 3 should do it for medium sized deposits. Sell them right after they’re done to avoid damage. Early on the bonuses help your funds greatly.

      In the later levels you’ll need the laser for shooting flying aliens. The other super weapons are optional but the rocket is particularly good so long as you don’t let the rockets destroy your own structures.

      The 4th nano mesh wall is worth getting, can’t stress that enough, they stop wraiths and gidlets.

      Build lots of small blasters along the path of aliens and bosses, much better than trying to hold them off at the base. Until the later levels with hunting aliens this is the best strategy.

      Save a berzerk power up for the boss levels, it’s really hard to win without them.

      Learn the shortcut keys, really helps in frantic moments.

    1. ok, i overlooked the new zip archive w/ soundtrack. sorry.. anyway the question regarding resolution still stands. j

  18. Woah, is it just me or did the Titans become too damn good in this update? I can’t even seem to get to Mars on the update even on lower difficulties whereas before the update I could reach Saturn easily.

    Or did I just start sucking?

  19. I just got this game in the humble bundle and I’ve been finding the last level of the moon series to be pretty difficult. Is this probably because I didn’t collect enough or used too money across the missions? I tried replaying a mission to get more money and it looks like it restarts your progress from there. Is that the way it works? Why can’t it just add the additional money (if any) to all subsequent levels?

    I really like the game though πŸ™‚

    1. You can always generate a new level that’s easier if it gets too hard. No need to rough it all the way through, just so long as you’re having fun right?

  20. – the two research topics I highlighted in the picture should be – according to the tree view – opened up with efficiency/automation but are not. It seems that either there is a bug or something changed and the tree didn’t get updated to account for this.

    Also: I understand that the fact that research options are unreadable until you open up their prerequisites is meant to create sort of “exploration of the game” kind of fun. And that’s fine. But for the sake of people like me, who don’t know the whole research tree by heart – either because we play the game on and off and didn’t get far enough to explore everything or because someone just bought the game – could we get some sort of spoiler document describing research options, what they do and what they require? It’s a bit frustrating to spend youre money basing only on how the silhouette of the icon looks, especially since about half of the options at the start is just money sinks that do nothing but open up other research.

    1. No one wants to write that game FAQ because it could all be changed in the next update. Just play the game a couple times and and go back to an earlier mission if you want to undo a research path.

  21. Nice game!
    HIB2’s Revenge of the Titans doesn’t seem to accept fullscreen window switches yet:

    $ ./ vx=0 vy=0 vw=1920 vh=1080

  22. I’ve generally been liking the changes to the game so far – thanks for all the hard work !
    But in the latest version, there now seem to be too many continual warning beeping noises -and it’s a bit off-putting/annoying.
    There was a continual tinny beeping noise for unmined crystals (seems a bit redundant since we already have the warning light for this, and it’s not a good way to start the mission with the annoying tinny beeping noise, especially as it drowns out the background music) and then there seemed to be a continual tinny beeping noise in the mid or later phase of a game mission for “high threat alert” (I think? I couldn’t actually figure out what the beeping was for… it wasn’t for unmined crystals). It was very distracting and wasn’t helpful. Perhaps some people like the beeping though – maybe there be a switch for this in the options menu.

    This is a great game but the new tinny beeping warning alert sounds are VERY distracting and seem a bit pointless

    1. Hi,
      I like the unmined crystal thingy (all alarms should be optional though) but I’m quite distracted by the end of level alarm wich doesnt make any sense to me at all.

      On a sidenote I liked having mining as a main goal, not killing, so a mission could end ealer when you mined it all. This kind of does make sense to me. Maybe you should re introduce it, but end the mission when the time is up. (kind of tactical retreat) Or at least make it an option to win the level.

    2. a bit of followup:
      1) when I said “drown out the music” in the previous post I really meant “drown out the really cool ambient sounds you get to enjoy in the “calm before the storm” planning stage of the mission. Plus I guess the other alert sound I heard was the mission complete warning noise as X-Site experiecnced (which , yes, doesn’t seem to be necessary)

      2) I reinstalled the previous version of Titans. it looks like the alert sounds are in there too, but I never really noticed them before. It’s just that it seems like in the new version the sounds are much louder and very distracting. Even if they are made quieter though, I still think it is a good idea to put in an option to switch them off.

      1. oh wait, looks like there is “mission complete” continuous alarm sound and also a “maximum threat level” continuous alarm sound…. they just often all blur into each other as indistinguishable tinny noises….

        I’m pretty sure older versions of the game didn’t have these alarm sounds? so we could enjoy the loverly ambient environment sounds in peace…

    3. The alarm sounds are a holdover from version 1.70 were a little bit of experimentation was done. In that version the titans kept on coming until all crystals were mined, So if you missed a small patch of crystals way off in a corner then an infinite number of titan would be coming after you. So the little alarm was helpful.

      Also the alert levels came about by the more time you spent on the level the stronger the gidrahs became. With one last push coming after you mined all the crystals.

      Due to issues (like spamming all your money on refineries in the beginning of a level made it way too easy) it was decided to go back to the current way things are done.

  23. Hello all, I never figured out what the amount under each level was on the map. Is that how much I earned? Can I know the maximum in any way so I know when to stop trying? πŸ™‚

  24. I must be doing it wrong. I never have enough money for research and am now at levels where heavy blasters are ineffective. What am I supposed to do when I finish the level with $800.00 each time?

    1. Go back a couple of levels and rethink your strategy. Don’t do research every level! It’s so much easier to start a level with $5k in the bank and use appropriate weaponry than to start with bugger all and try to squeak through with little blasters.

      Also – generate easier levels. ESC menu -> New Easier Level. No need to play at maximum difficulty (the default) all the time!

  25. Could one of the devs look into the difficulty (see my previous post) and comment on whether I just imagine that it got a lot harder?

    1. Actually you’re right, it has got rather harder. I’ll be tweaking the next patch to tone down the difficulty a shade. Also consider generating easier levels – it’s easy to make the game easier, so to speak, but we’d like to keep it challenging for players.

        1. Ah no, that really is your imagination πŸ™‚ They’ve all got the same hitpoints as they had before. At least until Saturn and Titan, where I buffed the gidrahs hitpoints a smidgen and made them a bit faster.

  26. i’m hating on the the droids right now. they sit there twiddling their…thumbs? – as they forget their one job to, and let a bunch of mini titans pass them up to then start jump all over my sh**. Then the droids remember “oh yeah, i’m suppose to be shooting at things” and release a volley of shots that would have been effective 10 seconds ago. it’s not even a “firing rate” thing. it’s a “deciding to shoot” rate. they’re slow in the head. screw droid factories! i’ma sick to capacitors for mopping up my messes.

    1. The little bleeders aren’t effective enough are they… think I’ll buff them a bit in the next patch. Or make droid factories cheaper so you can have more of them!

  27. Hi, just got this in the bundle and I really like it – quite addictive! A couple of things:

    * In the final titan levels, the purple used for the UI is really dark, it makes it very hard to see the icons. Fine if you know the keyboard shortcuts but I haven’t memorised them, and it’s quite difficult to hunt around for the right buildings especially when you’re panicking.
    * I’m getting random crashes in survival mode – the game will go for roughly 2 minutes and then completely quit with no error (osx here).


    1. Hi Matt, congratulations on completing the game (I assume!) – that’s unfortunately what causes the crash in survival. I’ve fixed it in the next patch out on Monday ish.

      Is your gamma turned down too much? The purple’s clear as day on all the machine’s I’ve seen the game running on.

      1. Hi Cas, thanks for the fix! I’m pretty confident with my gamma, it’s calibrated to sRGB (~2.2) with an EyeOne colorimeter – I do graphics work.


  28. Running in fullscreen on Mac OSX, clicking “collect” on crystal refineries does nothing. Is there a keymap to bypass the what appears to be not working click-action?

    1. Hm the click not working problem is curious as it’s the very same code as you use for everything else in the game. Sure something else isn’t up? Is it running smooth at a constant 60 frames per second? You might have to jam the mouse down for 30ms if it’s getting sloiw. I’d like to improve the responsiveness of the mouse in general – probably in a later patch.

  29. The new installer from the bundle link is still not installing properly, the .exe file is being deleted. I disabled Avast and windows firewall, and I have on other anti virus software. Any ideas what could be causing it? Thanks! πŸ˜€

    1. Hi Ian, it’s working fine, but your antivirus is deleting the game immediately. You’ll have to add RevengeOfTheTitans.exe to its exclusion list, or disable the AV altogether, and hassle your AV vendor to fix it.

  30. yeah i like the difficulty, the hardest thing for me on this version isn’t completing the levels, it’s making more money. but in any case, i’m back to trial and error, which i like. speaking of money, when i throw down a bunch of refineries a couple of them appear to not be refining until the rest in the bunch fill up with money, not sure what’s going on there. anyway, magical game.

      1. There’s so much to discuss too. For example, running the numbers, we all know its best to get scanners as your first real upgrade, but after that is it better to go for cooling towers or batteries? or even try going xenobiology before that? I’d love to argue with someone over things like that πŸ˜›

        Also, being able to upload examples of building placements would be great. I know there are some great ways to eek out extra efficiency when you’ve got titans coming in from all angles, and also ways to manipulate the AI’s reaction to heavier canons. But these things are next to impossible to write out.

        Anyway, I think that a forum to go along with your strategy guide would be a great thing. There’s a couple hundred thousand people coming to try this game from the humble bundle, and I’m willing to bet more than a few would stick around πŸ˜›

  31. Please, please for the love of Titan can anyone help me out, because I’m going spare.

    I’m using Vista (32 bit). I want to delete all my progress and start again. I can’t do this, because the game is putting some of the profile files in some random directory, not just in the ROTT 1.72 directory in documents.

    Some folk have helpfully mentioned where it is for Linux (~/.java/.userPrefs/net/puppygames). Where the heck is it for Windows? (Full file path please; I’ve poked around in the Java cache, I can NOT find it and it’s driving me nuts.)

    I want to delete my progress because of a bug whereby if you improve your score on a mission, you don’t get the extra cash to use on the research screen. I want to play the game do the research “right”, and I can’t replay because it seems stuck on remembering the scores I got the first time around.

  32. is there any way for me to transfer my save for mac OSX humble bundle version to the new bundle version for mac? I have seen many people talking about it for PC but can you do it for mac. Want to know before i download it. Thanks πŸ˜€

  33. Hm, i think there is a BUG:
    i play “survival mode”, and after ~ 5 min game turn off … Always. I try Earth, Moon map, but same ..

    my system is “Ubuntu 10.10”, 32 bit.
    I don’t kow where i can see error log …

  34. I cannot compare the latest version with previous ones because it’s the first I’m playing. Thus, I have a doubt: did it use to be there some background music while playing? I think I’ve listen to it just in the final boss maps but not in regular ones. Also the zip file with soundtracks does not contain all the music, I miss the Moon theme which I like it really much.

    Also as a suggestion, it would be interesting to develop another kind of games based on harvesting instead of killing them all.

    And if someone can answer me about what is exactly the endless mode. Thanks.

    It is a really good game that make me very nervous

    1. Endless mode is like campaign mode except without any story and… endless

      You fight, earn money, research new tech. You can replay missions to earn more money or research something else.
      It’s not linked to the main campaign or survival mode in any way.

  35. Hey!

    Quit messing with my funds at the end of the levels!

    I just completed Level 1 (Basingstoke) with $1000 for the level complete, $100 in recycling and $500 in bonus’s, plus the $250 bonus I picked up in the game and the $300 I started the level with. I should have $2150 in the bank but the game nicks it down to $1650!

    Seriously, I know it seems like a good idea to take away some funds to make the next level harder and add a few to make the next level easier if things don’t go so well…BUT THAT’S NOT REAL…

    Oh wait, I’m sorry, America…TARP Bailouts…European Union…Irish and Greek bank bailouts…do you really want Revenge of the Titans gamers to grow up and be the next generation of corrupt politicians and bankers?

    Honestly though, I do a good job thinking up strategies in a game like this to be rewarded on later levels! Not to be continually nerfed so the game stays interesting. Let me have all the money I earn…and if I mess up and can’t finish the game cause I spend foolishly then…by golly…I’ll actually lose! Imagine that happening…

    FYI, Homeworld did this same thing and it only caused me to burn out through all available money so I got the most out of every level.

  36. problem with ROTT 1.72v (deb) using ubuntu 10.10 32bit
    can’t lunch the game.

    all I see is the intro screen and the theme music – then after one mouse click or two the game just quits.
    and I want to play it… badly!

    I even reinstall my OS and upgraded my graphic card – yet nothing,

    1. err log says:
      Dec 20, 2010 8:48:09 PM java.util.prefs.FileSystemPreferences$7 run
      WARNING: Prefs file removed in background /home/magna/.java/.userPrefs/net/puppygames/applet/prefs.xml
      Mon Dec 20 20:48:17 IST 2010 WARNING: Resource ‘sellMode.soundclip’ not found

  37. Is it possible to generate a new map without turning down the difficulty ? Apart from winning the previous level again ?

  38. i agree about not being able to see the purple icons very clearly on titan (i love those levels especially the music and the glowy effects). things i noticed, the flying creatures in one level just kept floating by without attacking me. in another level the titans with the cannons kept firing at a wall – it definitely took away from the intimidation factor seeing them behave so silly. lasers (at least the way i’m using them) wasn’t enough to stop air assaults. this is more true for the saturn levels. capacitors are awesome for this. they’re great for just about everything.

    not sure how shields work (but fun looking to use!) they absorb attacks by a certain amount? and are they more for absorbing cannon fire? i had damaged capacitors from getting chewed on by titans boosted by three shield generators – wondering just how helpful that was to have them.

    other noticings, sometimes at the ends of levels there are stragglers, whether a really slow boss, or one little titan who came late to the party. also (i’ve noticed this more on the later versions of ROTT) the titans will take an illogical path in order to get to your base (i assume casue the sense a weak spot in your defenses) but that often allows more time to pick off most of the horde before they reach the base. it’s these types of occurrences that make me feel like the titans aren’t always up on their offensive game. speaking of!! i really miss the titans rushing your base right away at the end of each level. this got CRAZY on some of the later versions, and now it’s really toned down. i liked it when they rush cus it seemed realistic, scary, and offensively (in all meanings of the word) effective. which brings me to what i’ve already mentioned, there should be multiple (four?) levels of difficultly.

    the clock doesn’t start until you put down your first refinery. something that i forgot entirely until recently. it use to be a fixed time before they start attacking, and while i enjoy that additional time to set up, i miss the feeling of impending doom, knowing they’re going to attack and not being able to postpone it. (and why do they wait for you to start mining before attacking. again, offensively not wise.)

    i don’t know why i’m defending the titans so much. i know that while writing this i’ve been listening to the tripping music to my pause game on titan. i feel like i’m on something πŸ™‚

  39. Best game in the whole bundle. Beat Machinarium relatively easy; braid is alright but very short with little replay value, cortex command has the makings of rivaling this game; but it lacks polish or campaign mode. Osmos… poor poor osmos… But this game just keeps you playing, and playing, and playing, and playing.

    Hope you make enough to keep you making games for a very long time.

  40. Hi!

    Just bought 1.72 with the Humble Indie Bundle. A great game. πŸ™‚

    BUT as soon as the main screen is loaded, I get 100% CPU usage. The funny thing is: If I put RotT in the background, there is only about 10 to 20% MAX.

    Any idea how I can fix this or if it is normal?

    I have a WinXP 32bit SP3 system with:

    – Pentium M 1,7 GHz
    – 1GB RAM
    – ATI Mobility Radeon 9550

    Thanks a lot!


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