A Patch Draws Near




Yes, hot on the heels of v1.80.1 we already have Revenge of the Titans v1.80.2, which is really just a little bit of a tweak to address a couple of really annoying things that slipped past my bleary code-worn eyes. Well worth the download. Not least because if you don’t it’ll nag you to download forever.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: shipped 32bit MSVCR90.dll this time – whoops
  • Fixed: powerups counters would show zeros when HUD hidden and shown
  • Fixed: mines / barricades counters would shown 10 when should have shown 0 when HUD hidden and shown


  • Made game easier overall – too many people getting stuck!
  • Survival a little bit harder

New Features and Enhancements

  • Batteries no longer slow down reloading rate


  • Gidrahs recalculate their paths a little less enthusiastically
  • Slight adjustment to spawn delays in Survival

With any luck, I’ve finally got to the bottom of the sound not working on a few of those Windows machines out there. Turns out I accidentally shipped a 64-bit dll in the last patch instead of the magic 32-bit one that would have fixed everything. Hm. I could in fact make a completely separate 64-bit version for Windows I suppose. Maybe that’ll confuse the great unwashed.

I Can Haz Done A Playthrough

Behold, a playthrough of levels 1-10 (15 minutes long). As you can see, I got my arse handed back to me on a plate, and not very gently either, on level 10, because I got a bit too cocky. But at least it shows the fighting spirit so lacking in today’s impetuous and lazy youth with their short attention spans and lack of investment in their own entertainment eh? Get off my lawn, Earth Boss!

I shall be uploading my Moon playthrough in a bit, which took me a fair amount longer to do, though I managed it all in one go without getting kicked in by the Titans

Full Steam Ahead!

I’ve only got a few things on my to-do list now for Revenge of the Titans, like a little graphical glitch when barricades get attacked and online hiscores integration… which is good, because it means I’m now working on the Steam client integration, which will see the unique medals in the game used as Steam achievements, and I’ll be storing the hiscores in Survival mode hopefully on Steam too. Not sure yet if the Steam cloud integration is going to work out properly for us or not yet – possibly in a patch.

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  1. ha! you suck at your own game! just kidding. thanks for the video. it helps to know i’m doing some things “right”.

    i like how you’re forcing us to use the power ups, i used to not use them at all, now they make very dramatic statements, as seen on your vid.

      1. Don’t worry, it’s still hard, it just takes a few more levels before it really kicks in. Difficulty is still infinite – ie. the better you are the harder it gets, until it finally gets you.

  2. I have to know. How does it feel to lose and then get tips on how to do better from yourself at level’s end? This irony is palpable.

      1. Nice. This game is so great! I hope you’re feeling the satisfaction you deserve for this accomplishment.

    1. you should! as i have done! channel sherfumarcus on youtube. it’s too much to do every level with all the versions spewing out from puppygames, but i’m uploading, right now, about two levels from every planet, version 1.80.1. check it out.

      i’d love to see other people’s gameplay as well.

  3. it says signing up for the newsletter unlocks $7500!!! but it doesn’t!!! i don’t want the newsletter if i’m not gonna get paid!

  4. Thanks for the update Cas/Chas; seems to have made the game a bit more accessible for the novices so that should keep them happy (or at least stop them moaning so much about the game being too hard!) Absolutely love the new tech, the ‘deliveries’ brought a big smile to my face – coffee keeps the war machine rolling!
    Can’t wait to see what those ‘?’ are, particularly those tantalizing ones underneath the droid factory πŸ˜‰ Cant help feeling that you’ve had quite a few of them under wraps for some time!
    Interesting to watch your playthrough of Earth, reminded me of how I tend to play, lining up turrets along the titans pathways. Keep up the great work guys, and may the pie and ale keep flowing!
    p.s. whats this about a newsletter and $$$? Is that just for the HIB?

    1. Oh, and was wondering if you’d thought of maybe doing some merchandise for the game; I’d love to get my hands on a t shirt (for example)

      1. In addition to that I would love to see some wallpapers for RoTT as well, hey Cas if you can give me some art assets I could whip up a few RoTT themed walls for ya.

          1. Didn’t think of that, but yeah, would be great to have a wallpaper or two at least!
            Or if you really wanna go far out with this idea, how about Rott branded mouse thats ergonomically shaped like a titan, with glowing eyes for the buttons!
            …okay, I’ll take my medicine now πŸ™‚

        1. My Sister thinks the Earth Megatitan and the Moon Megatitan are “cute” but then again. She would want a plush Gidrah for my nephew. 😐

        2. I’d love a gidrah plushie! You’ve got my vote and encouragement…
          and yeah, I think the Mars boss is cute, but then again I’m a strange one!

  5. I really enjoy this game, and I’m glad I got it with the HIB (it was honestly one of the reasons I got the HIB, because this game looked like a lot of fun and it introduced me to all your games, which I’ve bought and enjoy them as well). I look forward to the steam release so I don’t have to wait for the update to be uploaded, and all the achievements, etc.

    I like the playthrough you’ve uploaded it; it’s always nice to see how other people play the game. πŸ™‚

    and at the 7500$ for signing up for the newsletter, does that also apply to to HIB buyers? Either way I signed up for the news letter ages ago, and I plan on keeping it that way.

    1. The newsletter signup gift is just for HIB and Steam people (coz we don’t have their email addresses so we can’t otherwise send ’em a newsletter when we do something interesting).

  6. I don’t get how people are getting so stuck. Honestly, all I really had to do was tweak my strategy a bit and I got up to about halfway through the Moon levels just fine (and for the first time, even). Sometimes, hard games are good :)! That said, anything that balances the game instead of just making it easier is welcome.

  7. Hey Cas & Team,

    Love the game so far, and the fact that you throw out immense updates left, right and center makes it all the more awesome.

    Will there be a way to redefine keys someday, though? I’m on a fairly weird layout, and I’d really appreciate the option.


    1. Me too

      I use the german NEO 2 layout and can’t change to use VUIA (instead of WASD) for moving around. I could just change it every time I start the game.

      On option would be to use the scanscode instead of keycodes sent from the input device. I am not a Java programmer (only know C, Python and Haskell) but It shouldn’t be to hard. But the you can’t use the nice K_W, K_A, etc constants.. πŸ˜‰

  8. I’m getting sound skipping all of a sudden, it wasn’t there on the last version I tried (the original one from HIB). Nothing else has changed on my PC install in the meantime. It’s not super bad but it’s there all the time on sound effects and music and is distracting. Using good old Windows XP, Athlon 3400+ single core, 2GB, Radeon X1950XT 512MB.

    1. With that setup, you shouldn’t really have any problems; particularly if it was working on the previous version, although you didn’t specify what kind of sound-card you have. Does this only happen with Rott? Have you tried altering the settings of your soundcard? Does it happen if you mute the music or sfx only?
      Do you have a lot of other programs running in the background? (beside firewall/anti virus)

    2. Thanks for the response. I’ve nothing at all running in the background that’s causing a CPU load, that was the first thing I thought of as it sounds like that sort of stutter.

      No difference from turning down sound and music volume individually, they both stutter.No difference full screen or windowed. I’ve been watching the CPU load with the game windowed and it goes from nothing to 100% just by clicking on the game window even when it’s just on the title screen. Stays at 100% whenever the game window is running.

      Soundcard is an Audigy 2ZS. PC has run well in this set up for a long time I’ve not having problems with sound settings in anything else, apart from an issue that’s been there forever with occasional stuttering in Valve Source engine games (and not nearly as bad as this…) and really old games from gog.com like Outcast where you sometimes have to turn down hardware acceleration in dxdiag to get music to play at the right speed. I’m playing the Witcher, AI War, Amnesia and other stuff this week and that’s all OK. Latest install of Direct X 9, everything checks down OK in dxdiag. I tried turing Hardware Acceleration down here to see what happens and the stuttering gets much worse. Running AVG Free anti-virus but that’s never been a problem before and has a setting to go into background when a full screen app is run.

      I’m certain this has only started in 1.802 compared with the initial HIB release version that I last played back Xmas for 10 levels or so, no problems…

      1. I’m with Cas on this one, think its probably an OpenAL problem, considering all the other games you mentioned work fine, as well as the previous build of RoTT. I don’t suppose you’ve turned off AVG whilst playing? I only ask as I used to use it until a few years ago, as I noticed even in background mode it was grabbing a load of cpu cycles, and causing stuttering with audio…. fingers crossed Cas will squash this, and you’ll be able to blow titans to smithereens again!

  9. I find the voices in the games annoying without adding anything to gameplay.
    Can you include an option to disable (just) voices?

    1. I think you might be in the minority about that; but if it bothers you that much you could always
      1) stick a couple of corks in your ears
      2) leave the room
      or wait for it….
      3)just press the left mouse button to skip those bits
      problem solved!

      1. Haha, I know we’re generally quite responsive to suggestions and such, but seriously, you’ve got to pick your battles… you could always chuck Β£300 our way and we’ll put the option in though πŸ™‚

    1. I doubt it’s random – if there’s anything in the log files that’d be useful (send them to our support email). Linux always leaves useful stuff in the log files. I bet it’s your video drivers.

  10. Anyone know where the Mac version saves its slots now? I’m still trying to get my progress from 1.80 back. There’s no new folder in application support, visible or invisible, that I can seem to find. I created a new save slot within the game just to see if it would show up in the 1.80 slots folder – it does not.

      1. Ok – for some reason when I created a new savegame to test that, it did not create a new folder for that slot. So I have a whole campaign that seems to be invisible – can’t find a folder with it’s name anywhere on my mac.

  11. If anything the skipping’s just worsened. I tried a fresh install, wiped my progress (not really that attached to it either so eh), and closed all other programs in the background just to be sure. Before this the skipping could be ignored but right now it’s of the crippling variety where everything pauses noticeably while the sound judders.

    Windows XP SP 3, Athlon 2500+, 1GB RAM, GeForce FX5700VE 256MB.

  12. Question: Will there be a way for people who bought the game outside of Steam (i.e. through this website or through the HIB) to activate it on Steam, or is that unlikely to happen?

    1. Yes, though it’ll be a tediously manual process I imagine. We’ll announce the availability of Steam codes in a newsletter.

  13. watching one of my videos i saw after i used a smartbomb it says “bezerk!” on the screen. this was on 1.80.1 so maybe you caught it already. or maybe it’s intentional.

  14. You guys have been busy, it insPires me to do a version 1 vs 4 vs 6 vs right now comparison… Or just 1.0 and 8. Whatever. Anyway I think I will do a livestream on revenge of the titans tomorrow some time.

          1. Those games have no AI or pathfinding, just fancy graphics. Porting a game to iOS involves a lot of optimisations and redesigns, things that you wouldn’t give a second thought to like over draw and fill rate really kills the frame rate on mobile devices.

            That said I’d be willing to port it XD

            I’ve got a couple games on the app store already.

            1. I noticed, but the unity player doesnt seem to work well on ipod, I got your dyamyte xl but it feels… wrong and its kinda choppy
              also Im pretty sure mirrors edge has ai in it
              that said I cant complain as I havent done any coding myself ;D

  15. to start off the compliment sandwich: first off all, nice game, and thanks for the linux support.
    okay, on to the feedback. i didn’t see much discussion of these points anywhere (is there a forum or the like that’s a better place to discuss things?), so sorry if this is all old news.
    1) the tech tree seems too opaque to me:
    1a) it’s hard to guess if you want to invest in multiple prereqs for something if you can’t even read the description ahead of time.
    1b) without some additional warning about what types of enemies appear when, it’s extra hard to plan research
    1c) if you make a mistake, it’s painful to replay a bunch of levels to correct a misstep.

    i’m not sure what solution i’d suggest here. if you look at the design of, say, gemcraft chapter 0 (grindy, i know), you improve your performance on prior levels as needed in any order, since that game’s equivalent of research can be re-allocated at any time without penalty. allowing that in this game might be good (research points == levels completed, can reallocate at any time) … but it would be another big change to the research model and might create balance issues.

    2) laying out all the non-refinery refinery stuff and then madly laying down the actual refineries doesn’t seem fun. it’s too tricky to make sure everything is properly in range of everything else. i’d prefer the standard ‘press play to start the level’ button, and no time limit for selling back building at full price prior to that.
    2a) similarly, re-laying out everything when retrying a level also seems to be no fun. i’d prefer if the layout prior to hitting the proposed start-level-button was the starting point on a retry.

    3) balance and ghosts. about when they showed up, i dutifully researched capacitors as suggested by the hints. at that point, i was killing things handily with 4x blast cannon clusters. adding four maxed capacitors (4x reactors and batteries) didn’t seem to scratch the ghosts. i did better laying down sacrificial refineries (where possible) and $250 turrets to kill them … did i miss something? balance bug?
    3a) since capacitors seemed nigh useless, i backtracked a bit and researched x-ray scanners instead. i couldn’t get them for mars, but when the ghosts reappeared late on saturn i was sure i’d be ready. much to my surprise, the x-ray scanner made the ghosts visible, but neither lasers nor blast cannons seemed interested in targeting them much and they easily ate my base … targeting bug? did i miss something else? or do i just continue to dump $250 turrets and such on top of them?

    4) somewhere around mid-mars, the game seemed to degenerate to: “build a single 4x cluster of maxed turrets.” there were some maps where i could be clever with barricades and such to mine better, and i could micro the bombs with barricades, but mostly all i could after building my cluster was to speed-mine and/or use freeze/shield right at the start. it’s okay, but it gets a bit old …

    and again, to complete the sandwich, thanks for making a great game — i’m looking forward to the finished product.


    1. I agree that it would help to be able to read ALL of the various tech descriptions BEFORE choosing your path.

      loof78, I was confused about capacitors for a while too. Once you’ve built them, you need to actively target the ghosts and other ghidras, and then click on them for the capacitor to shoot electricity. So yes, that’s one more thing you need to keep busy with, but I’ve gotten used to it and I quite like it now.

      1. nope, i’m hip to the click-to-shoot issue, they just don’t seem to do enough damage. i should have been more detailed about that i guess. i can kill the wraiths somewhat with my 4x cap 4x reactor 4x battery cluster, but not fast enough to keep them from destroying lots of buildings. that’s why i’m raising it as a balance issue.

    2. i was always a fan of the clock starting as soon as the level starts, something that was taken out at some point during this game’s progression. i don’t understand why the titans would wait for you to start mining.

      i really like the research being opaque (and it’s sooo much more transparent than it ever was). i guess it comes down to you either enjoy unwrapping the mysteries of the game or find it frustrating. i rather like sitting up at night strategizing about how to improve my game, and you kinda have to do that with this one. with researching the tech, there’s a certain amount of letting go that you have to succumb to when going down a path where you’re not sure of the destination. but to be fair RotT doesn’t really have “dead ends” in the research, which is to say you really can’t go that wrong with picking a tech route (though you may be confused as to the proper implementation of the technology)

      i kinda feel you about the game getting repetitive around the mars levels in regards to upgrade placement, through with this version that has gotten a little more fleshed out. when you get into things like force fields that forces you to rearrange you setup a little bit. over all i do think that as you progress it’s different enough to keep your strategic mind engaged (and there may be strategies that you haven’t though of yet, which is why a love this game so much, there’s so many ways to play it.)

  16. Hi! What I said? Less clicks, more fun! You made it! Looks great, and the most important – now its more relaxing, not overloading the brains.

    But, I have an wired idea for clickery… Could the blaser be faster in reloading and shooting if user constantly clicks on it…? πŸ™‚

      1. i was thinking of having the refineries collect faster by sweeping over them but that would make the collectors obsolete. i miss that bit of clickery.

  17. Hi,
    Just a feature request. While you’re getting a briefing on the next level or the features of a new technology, can TAB speed up the text output please? A simple thing but it frustrates me!

    Awesome game!

  18. I have a few suggestions to make, and I will put them simply, then follow with detailed reasoning.
    1. Allow the Capacitor to take the same benefits from upgrade towers as the other turrets do.
    2. Give detailed information to the player about each tech and tower (e.g., current damage, current rate of fire, max buffs, etc)
    3. Lessen emphasis on upgrade towers.

    On the first point: must agree with loof78 that the Capacitor seems barely usable. It is a chore to have to add into an already cluttered collection of towers a turret which is very weak and doesn’t seem to upgrade properly (Reactors give it a minor distance boost, while Batteries seem to cause it to stop charging). I don’t see any reason why the Capacitor shouldn’t take upgrades the way all the other towers do.

    On the second point: people are pointing out that it is difficult to optimize your tech order when you can’t tell what a tech does until you get to it. I’d like to go further and suggest that the game provide detailed statistics on each of the towers. It seems only fair and logical, since it is a game which requires a certain amount of perfectionism (seeing as it is essential to maximize your profits, if you what to get far). In light of this, it is very hard to know exactly what to research and build when I do not know…
    -How much damage a turret does (presumably an unbuffed Blaster does 1, but how am I to know the damage or armor piercing of a Laser?)
    -The precise effects of armor and armor piercing
    -How much money is in a crystal (so I can determine whether the investment of a Reprocessor is justified)
    -Whether upgrades like Enemy Anatomy affect Droids.
    -A variety of other things I had to find out for myself, by trial and error. The fact that all buffs max at 4, for instance, or the fact that a Refinery with 4 Collectors works more than twice as quickly as a Refinery with 3 Collectors.

    I’m not saying the game needs to explain every detail of its mechanics to the player, but it seems an odd ommission that it won’t point out to a new player that he doesn’t need six Cooling Towers around his turrets.

    On the third point: I realize this is a major indictment of the game’s mechanics, I feel there is simply too much of an emphasis on upgrade towers. “Too much” in the sense that, while there are many ways to play Earth, by the time you get to mid-Mars (again, as loof78 said), essentially the only viable strategy is some version of: “make a stack of Scanners, Cooling Towers, and possibly some Batteries, then cluster your turret of choice around them, then cover the whole thing with a buffer zone of barricades and mines.” (Perhaps better players than I can get away with omitting the last step; by mid-Mars, I cannot). Whereas in Earth I was making elaborate paths for the Gids to walk down–making sure my turrets were close enough to hit, but not close enough to make obvious targets–the most tactical thing I do now is make sure my Laser is positioned so that it will hit a lot of targets.

    This is also what makes the Decoy very difficult to use. My logic runs thus:
    1. Even if I use multiple Decoys, a good number of Gids will almost always go for my base.
    2. I have to protect my base.
    3. It is highly inefficient to have more than one cluster; I’m already spending $3500+ on upgrade towers alone.
    4. It’s far too expensive to use a decoy as a disposable distraction (that’s what mines are for).

    Facing all of this, I again put my cluster next to my base, and leave the Decoys untouched.

    This is the sort of thing that could by fixed in many ways, but I will offer one possibility: change the Reactor into a sort of “power line”: that is, if a Reactor inbetween, say, a Battery and a Laser, then the Reactor will pass the Battery’s buff onto the Laser. Likewise a Reactor can pass its buffs on to another Reactor. So you could create a cluster of upgrade towers in one spot of the map, then string out a line of Reactors, and any turret close to the Reactors gets all those buffs.

    Obviously this would require a good deal of balancing. It shouldn’t work with Shield Generators (part of the point of which is that you have to find a way to protect the exposed Generator itself); it would probably be advisable to make the Reactors relatively cheap. And I daresay it would be logical to limit the effectiveness of Reactors, for instance by making each successive Reactor subtract 1 from the total effectiveness of each buff (for instance: you make 4 Scanners, put a Reactor next to them, put a second Reactor next to that, then put a Missile Turret next to that, and the Missile Turret acts as though it’s got 2 Scanners next to it).

    1. Pardon me, I was a bit off in describing the behavior of the Capacitor. What I thought was an issue with the Battery is a different issue which I should have remembered: when a Capacitor is out of energy, but you have the mouse button held down within its range, it neither fires nor charges. This is a major issue when you have several Capacitors at slightly different ranges and different levels of charge (you may be firing at a Ghost with Capacitor A so that it doesn’t destroy your base, while doing so is forcing Capacitor B to sit there idling).

      And before I open myself up to too much criticism, I realize the Capacitor doesn’t function in the same way as the other towers, so making the upgrade towers effect it the same as the others doesn’t strictly make sense. Rather, I meant to emphasize that Scanners ought to increase their range normally, and that one of the towers (presumably the Auto-Reloader, now) ought to make it recharge more quickly (while the Cooling Tower would then presumably make it more powerful but more energy-hungry).

      Or you could keep it such that the towers have rather different effects on the Capacitor than the do on the other Cannons, which would be justified because it would make the Capacitor more interesting; just so long as they do SOMEthing to it.

      Final note, having a Capacitor with very great range and perhaps greater recharging ability or stopping power could easily make it too powerful a weapon for taking care of small Gid incursions–but this could just be seen as another excuse to ramp up Gid viciousness, which I (and I think others) do not mind.

    2. “…it seems an odd ommission that it won’t point out to a new player that he doesn’t need six Cooling Towers around his turrets.”

      that’s a good point. i only understand the way everything works by reading this blog, and actually, i still don’t understand how everything works. btw, with the reactors slowing down firing rates, you sometimes do need more than 4 cooling towers, but i know that was just an example.

      JLrep i challenge you to successfully integrate decoys into your gameplay. i never use them, so i can’t offer any guidance. but seeing as you’re a thinking man, i bet you can find a way.

      beyond that has anyone tired other ways of playing? maybe just shield generators, batteries, reactor, capacitors, decoys? perhaps throw in a laser or distributor? i bet there are other ways of playing that could prove just as effective.

      1. You know, I never actually considered using extra Cooling Towers to offset Reactors. Well, that’s because I haven’t yet used Reactors much; I’ve only played through the entire game once, and that was before the last few patches, when the Reactors had a much different use.

        On my current playthrough, I’ve become a bit bogged down in Mars. I’m relying on Lasers, which have enough power that the Reactors don’t seem too necessary. I also have another playthrough stuck on Mars, which I am playing almost entirely without turrets (I haven’t researched any turrets or upgrade towers). Hella Droid Factories got me through the second half of Earth and the first half of the Moon quite nicely, at which point I started spamming mines and barriers, turning the war into a test to see if I can through enough money at the Titans to kill them all.

        And actually, it was going really well until Mars. Now there are just too many armored Titans. Interestingly, when the Droids’ shots bounce off of them, they ARE doing damage, it’s just so little (I’d guess damage is reduced 90% or 95%) that even the Droids from a dozen Factories can barely stave off a single Gid. Leaving me with just mines, and even with Extra Mines, there are just too many of them. Lacking turrets, I have ways of slowing them down, but no more ways of actually damaging them (the last levels I’ve gotten to I’ve relied on dropping Blasters on their heads, which works well but obviously burns cash pretty fast). However, I am hopeful that with the Droid Factory upgrades we’ll be getting in future releases, a Droid-centric strategy will become far more viable (it is rather fun to watch the little guys completely swarm the enemy).

        As for the Decoy, well, I just might do it. I have run some informal tests where I note that while a single Decoy hardly distracts the Gids more than a spare Refinery, placing three next to each other will draw almost all of them even from the very doorstep of your base. Presumably the max, as in most other cases, is four; now that I think of it, they very well may abandon your base entirely if you have four Decoys in the same spot. Of course, since you have to kill them all somewhere this in itself is not terribly useful… The more obvious application is to draw them away from Refineries (my biggest problem in Mars is that all the crystals are way up near the Gid spawn points), though I haven’t done much testing of this.

        What I really would hope to do is use a carefully-placed couple of Decoys to spread the Gids out so much that my turrets have more time to hit them. Though the way the levels are built, that would require some mighty tricky placement.

        1. Quick note: the four Decoy thing isn’t a sure thing. I think the function of Gid psychology and Decoys is more complex (or more random) than I thought at first.

          Compellingly, you can freely distract many Gids indefinitely by placing a Decoy, selling it within ten seconds, and repeating.

          1. An interesting tactic there regarding the decoys! Likewise I too am eagerly awaiting these new droid techs, hopefully it’ll give them much more firepower, and then I can resume spamming droid factories and watching battalions of them slowly heading towards the gidrahs! πŸ™‚

          2. interesting strategies, and nice research on the decoys. you’ve inspired me to try ’em out. i was hoping further versions of this game would promote even more creative strategies, we’ll see with this latest version, sounds like you might have rely on turrets more now.

    3. It does become all about the cluster mid-to-end game.

      It’s not only because of the need to defend home; small groups or singular turrets don’t have enough firepower to defend themselves and thus become difficult investments to justify. Worse yet, if a forward cluster is in a defensible enough position sniping with scanners, the titans will just avoid it entirely and you’re out the cash for it.

      This also extends to factories a bit. They aren’t defensible for cost.

      Not sure of a solution; dumber but tougher titans might is a disappointing option; pushing for situations where you have to thin ranks early or risk total saturation at the end.

  19. Just wondering what’s up with the SetupRevengeOfTheTitansHIB-18021.exe on the Humble Bundle download page. A stealth bug fix release?

      1. Installer reports it as the same version number, but it’s a different filesize. Odd. Doesn’t seem to have changed any sound bugs on my end though.

  20. Thanks for the updates works really well now it’s really addictive/frustrating!

    One small request for the bigger moon levels – a really simple minimap for keeping track of things, countless times ive had one run right past and ive not even noticed!

  21. Hmm… anybody any idea what weapon profits from the x-ray scanner? Lasers and Blasters don’t see the ghosts though I have developed x-ray scanner. Is there a special building I just can’t find which I have to add to my turrets? : /

    1. i’m in the same boat (see my earlier post). i’ve seen my lasers and blasters *sometimes* target ghosts with the x-ray scanner, especially when there are no other targets. so i think it’s some kind of targeting bug/feature.

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