Time to clean up the hiscores table

Lately we’ve been rather miffed by the amount of really bad language on the online hiscores table (and what we thought was cheating but turned out to be a MySQL driver glitch).

Now hear this: the online hiscores table is viewed by children and we’re really not going to accept any more of this stuff any longer. You will find yourself banned permanently (and all of your hiscores deleted permanently too) if you abuse the facility.

We get a lot of complaints from concerned parents about this. If you’re a concerned parent, you may be pleased to know we’ve finally implemented the hiscores cleanup feature to get rid of the stuff you don’t want your kids reading. Also, the latest versions of Titan Attacks and Ultratron now have an option to completely turn off online hiscores for good measure – see the Options screen.

Only an email of the most grovelly kind will get us to unban you.

You have been warned.

3 thoughts on 'Time to clean up the hiscores table'

  1. Ah no! It turns out to have been a MySQL driver glitch which I’ve now fixed! I did think it was odd so many people cheated (800!)

  2. Im glad this was looked at. There were times that the titan attacks high scores looked like an ignorance convention.

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