Revenge of the Titans 1.80.21 released

… and this one’s got a few more goodies in it.

Firstly and most obviously, it’s now got fancypants shader effects in it, which I’ll be expanding on a little in another patch. You can turn these off in the Options menu.

Secondly, we’ve added Easy Mode. This is a campaign mode like normal campaign mode but the difficulty is capped at a much lower level for more casual play.

Thirdly, we’ve enhanced Sandbox Mode for those of you that have it. The editor now allows you to specify a lot more detail about spawn points, and also specify exact amounts of each resource available. Check out the new editor options at

Fourthly, we’ve added Research Respec – you can now completely redo your entire research tree, at any time, without penalty.

You will notice a little screen flickering going on at the start, which we will soon remove. It’s gathering some logging information for us so we can get to the bottom of a driver crash. Sorry for the annoyance.

13 thoughts on 'Revenge of the Titans 1.80.21 released'

  1. Puppies, you truly are magnificent pixel warriors of the bitrealm, continuing to update your games!

  2. Looks great. Trying to load an existing in progress saved game from the previous game version crashed and deleted my save, so you’ll just have to restart and remember which level you were last on and restart from there if you are in the middle of a game. The scientist messages informing you to buy coffee are cut off at the top, at least on Linux. Otherwise it’s looking good! Thanks for the update. I hope this can bring you guys some more fame and glory for making these awesome retro games!

  3. Glad the update finally rolled out!

    Having some issues with the editor though, I don’t know if it’s a mapsize thing or not(it’s large), but saving/loading one of my maps takes a *really* long time, if it even works at all.

    I’m using the latest version of firefox .

    1. you know… CRT distortion, scanlines, fritzes… that sorta thing. Now it looks and feels more like the other 3 games, a bit more modern. You can turn it off in Options of course.

  4. Hey Cas,

    Good to see you’re still supporting Revenge of the Titans. Any chance of Steam Trading Card support for any of your games? It could of course give a bit of a boost for Puppy Games’ games (okay, that sounds weird), but more importantly, I’d love to plaster my profile with some Puppy Games artwork. I absolutely love the design of your games…even if I’m quite bad at them.

    1. Oh yes, we’ve got that planned 🙂 But Chaz is extra busy at the moment so there may be a little wait before we can do some.

      1. Sounds good. Reading from previous comments, it sounds like it’s save compatible, but only under certain circumstances?

        1. Actual instant-savegames are not compatible and will cause “oddness” the first time it tries to load. Otherwise your campaign is unaffected.

          1. Awesome! Thanks. I’ll have to update it when it shows up on HIB. This is one of the very few single-player games I have ever actually beaten. Usually I lose interest by the halfway mark or just play matches in skirmish/random mode or multiplayer, as applicable.

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