Titan Attacks on Google Play

Titan Attacks for Android

Yes, that’s right, Titan Attacks is now available on Google Play. Only 10 years too late 🙂 Still, better late than never.

You have no excuse not to install it, because it’s free! Unless you’ve got one of those strangefangled Apple devices, in which case you’ll have to wait a few more days.

Of course, when I say “free”, I mean it is infested with Google’s ubiquitous advertising. Having your eyeballs assaulted by tiny adverts is a small price to play for such a neat little game that works so well on phones (and tablets), but if it upsets you at all, the well-heeled amongst you can donate a few dollars in our direction and make those nasty adverts go away forever.

I will let you know how it does in due course.

Many thanks to Jake Birkett of GreyAlienGames and Brian Kramer of Subsoap for making it all happen.


2 thoughts on 'Titan Attacks on Google Play'

  1. Will you consider adding Google Play achievements? I bought this game several times over on PC (for friends and family) and would easily donate again if achievements were added to the Android version.

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