Titan Attacks Sales Stats

So you’re all dying to know how Titan is doing, I’m sure. Well, thanks to our friends at Apple.com we’ve received unusually large amounts of exposure. Gameproducer.net did a little entry about Titan Attacks’ vital statistics that might be of interest to you.

It has to be said that without Apple.com helping out this game would have gone the same way as all our other games, that is, a couple of sales here and there, and then petered out of existence again. Ah well.

7 thoughts on 'Titan Attacks Sales Stats'

  1. Great job! Apple.com does seem to drive a lot of downloads. You should upload it to VersionTracker.com also, I didn’t see it there. That is the second-most-popular Mac download site.

  2. Excellent news… although what did Apple actually do?? The GameProducer information says that it was listed on the Apple.com front page – how long was it there, as I missed it! :-/

  3. I love TitanAttacks and have just purchased it, but it will keep crashing on me! I’m playing it on a MacBookPro and just as I get right into the game, it seems to randomly die on me – does anybody have any clues as to what could be going wrong here?

  4. Yes – disaster 🙁 The new Intel Macs have a bug in their audio driver causing it to crash randomly. Good old dot-oh releases eh? I’m trying to figure out a workaround.

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