5 thoughts on 'Why do we do it?'

  1. That’s just wreckless.

    I do it because every copy of Gibbage sold gets me £2 closer to buying a giant gold statue of myself to erect in London’s fashionanable Notting Hill, where I live.

  2. $9.95 -> $9 (BMT’s cut)
    $9 -> $8 (Shinji’s cut)
    $8 -> $4 (Chaz’s cut)
    $4 = £2 (that’s what I get)

    Cas 🙂

  3. Ordinarily Mr Blair would be grabbing about 20% or so as well… thanks to the miracle of accountacy, he doesn’t get a bean. That 20% is corporation tax, which is only payable on profits. Fortunately I have never actually made a profit, so I’ve never had to pay any tax.

    Er, perhaps that should be “unfortunately”.

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