Droid Assault released!

The robots are here! It’s been a while coming, but we’re pleased to finally announce the release of our sixth and most ambitious game to date – Droid Assault…

The droids are malfunctioning – it’s your job to destroy them all!

Droid Assault 1.1 screenshot

Infiltrate the Omni-Corp warehouses, capture droids using your transfer beam and build up a small army of bots to assist in your mission. Along the way, modify your droids with upgrades and powerups, discover a whole range of advanced weaponry including disruptors, laser beams, rockets and flamethrowers, and fight your way through boss battles and special challenge stages too.

Version 1.1 contains a few fixes and tweaks – we’ve increased the contrast between spaces and walls, tidied up the help screen and balanced out some of the droid stats.

more screenshots…

Droid Assault 1.1 screenshot

Droid Assault 1.1 screenshot

Droid Assault 1.1 screenshot

Droid Assault 1.1 screenshot

6 thoughts on 'Droid Assault released!'

  1. Loved Paradroid! On of my favorite games on my C64. Excellent! Bought after 20sec of trial play 🙂 Keep going, don’t go broke.

    I would buy an option to Treasure Tomb for 20 EUR to keep you going.


  2. I am on a Mac and while I appreciate Puppy Games in making all games available on all platforms, Droid Assault is just too hard to control. Perhaps if I go out and buy a 2-button mouse I’ll be able to play, but I rather not. I enjoyed Titan Attack with its simple controls, but Droid Assault is a disappointment.

  3. I like it, except for 2 things:

    1. Mouse plus keyboard control is awkward. There should be an option for Robotron-style dual stick controls. (Or even the single stick controls of the original Paradroid).

    2. I’ve played through to the first boss a few times now. Each time he destroys me before I’ve even inflicted 20 percent damage on him. Maybe you are only targeting more skilled gamers than I. Titan Attacks was much better in this regard – each time I played I got a bit further, and the shop meant that it was possible to try different purchase strategies and see how they affected the game. This gave a lot of incentive to play again. With Droid Assault, if I play through again I can say with 100 percent certainty that I will have no trouble with the early levels and I will then be destroyed by the first boss. Maybe if I was prepared to do this ten or twenty times I would work out a strategy to defeat him, but since there is no shop and thus no variation in each play through I can’t be bothered to do this.

    BTW, I remember that you used to release some of your engine code as open source, but I don’t see a link for this any more. Do you still do this?

  4. @Richard:
    The first boss is quite easy to kill if you use the fast police bot with the heavy cannon. Control it for a few levels to pick up some upgrades that will benefit it.

    @The maker of the game:
    The demo is fun, but a couple things make it frustrating IMHO:
    – Friendly fire (debatable): I think your own bots can kill you by accident, isn’t it? In any case, friendly fire seems to kill all your bots in no time in a big fight.
    – Turrets only shoot at the robot you are controlling, and your friends don’t try to destroy them. However, often the turret fires at you and kills your friends that are in the way.
    – If you die and get transferred to another bot that is wandering near turrets, you’ll probably die instantly, as all turrets open fire on you before you have the chance to get away.

  5. Very fun. It’s is a great game. Keep making them! The controls are fine. Not sure what people are complaining about. I never had a problem moving/shooting/transferring. Some day I may buy one of your games, cause puppygames is a damn good developer.

  6. Droid Assault is one of the most fun, most addictive games I’ve played in ages. An amazing piece of work, kudos to all involved in making it.

    As for the controls, it did take a little work to get used to moving with my left hand, but after a while my coordination improved and it became second nature. Aiming with the mouse is brilliant.

    The bosses are definitely hard to kill, but there are two strategies I’ve used to get past them. One is to use a fast bot (as GAB pointed out the bigger flying police bot is good) and run circles around the big guy, firing constantly. The other is to get positioned in a place where you can pop out from behind cover, shoot all your shots into the boss, jump back behind cover, wait to reload, and repeat. The bosses are pretty smart, though, and will often find a way to get to you, so you may need to switch position a few times. Needless to say, you should prepare yourself at levels 10, 20, 30, and 40 with the strongest bots you can possibly find, and keep a few hidden away as backup if your main bot gets killed.

    I think friendly fire is realistic and keeps the game challenging. It’s not really an issue if you’re careful. Turrets make it even more challenging (especially level 22, my gawd), but I think if your friendlies shot them up it would be too simple.

    Maybe the only thing I’d change is adding an option to start above level 20 if you’ve already gotten above 30 (just like how you can start at 11 if you’ve passed 20). When you’re working your way up in the 30s it’s a little frustrating to have to restart all the way back at 11 when you die. (I barely made it to 40 once last night — can I just say that level 39 is INSANE — and will probably need a few days away from the game before I can face working up from 11 again.)

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