Return to Titan

After a break for a bit of contract work we’re back on the case and we’ll have Revenge of the Titans ready for a Christmas release… hopefully this Christmas. We’re also playing with the idea of releasing a pre-order beta version like Cliffski of fellow UK indie Positech Games has recently done with the epic Gratuitous Space Battles. Anyone interested?

In the meantime here’s some work-in-progess pics showing the game in action in three different Earth settings…

Revenge of the Titans progress

12 thoughts on 'Return to Titan'

  1. Really excited about this game. Even more so, after seeing the updated, super-slick visuals. Count me in for a pre-order if you go ahead with the idea.

  2. YES I want this asap! This game is absolutely beautiful and I’ve wanted it since I saw the first screeny. Please let me pay you, anything, hahaha.

  3. I absolutely love the art style of all the PG games, but especially this one. Your previous games were a bit expensive for me but the design of this one is going to be worth the price and I’ll buy it for sure. Actually I can’t wait. I hope it’s going to be out for Linux.

  4. So that’s a yes then 🙂 and a Linux verison will be available.

    Got a video to post of progress with gfx, but… ‘YouTube is down for maintenance and will be back shortly.’ bah.

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