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RotT Sandbox & Soundtrack out now on Steam!

Now you can listen to the music of Dave Sunerton-Burl whilst beavering away with the Revenge of the Titans level and campaign editor, and then play and share your creations in the new Sandbox mode, and compete for hiscores!

You can get Sandbox Mode and the Soundtrack directly on Steam here, or buy it directly from us (and you get a free Steam key anyway!).

Confused? What is this Sandbox mode you speak of? Here’s what it is in a nice easy to read list format:

  • Create your battlefield, choose your Titan adversaries and select your weapons and tech with the online editor! Add mission briefings to your levels to create custom campaigns!
  • Publish your levels and campaigns to share them online!
  • Play community built levels & campaigns!
  • Compete for hiscores!

Here’s one I made earlier… Continue reading

RotT Sandbox mode beta now live!

Thanks to those that send us feedback on the RotT online editor beta. … and now the new Revenge of the Titans Sandbox mode gets it’s turn to do the beta thing.

With the Sandbox mode you’ll be able to play all the user published levels and campaigns, and compete for hiscores. You don’t need to have signed up to the online editor, but if you have done you can login using your online editor account details and you’ll be able to play your own unpublished levels and campaigns as well.

… if you’re part of the beta testing group that is 🙂

Please note:
The Sandbox mode beta will only be available to people that have bought the game from this site.
It wont work if you’ve bought it from Steam or from the Humble Indie Bundle.
Sorry about that. It will be available to everyone when it’s released.

If you want to take part send us your name and email address using this contact form, and we’ll sign you up and send you a reply email as soon as we can. In the meantime download and install the latest build of Revenge of the Titans from this site.

Once again any feedback is greatly appreciated – please use this contact form.

And again a general disclaimer – it’s a beta so there may be bugs! And they’ll be some limit on the number of people we’ll sign up for free, so first come first served etc.
Continue reading

Revenge of the Titans Online Editor Beta!

We’ve got a beta test version of the online editor for Revenge of the Titans up now at www.revengeofthetitans.com/editor. But before you click anything please read the whole post, as there are a few things you should know first.

Edit: the Sandbox mode beta is now live, so some of the below has changed… 🙂

This is a beta test version. This means it’s not quite finished, so there may be bugs! Also, this is just the web-end – the actual bit where you can play the levels isn’t quite done yet is now in beta, but we thought we’d release the editor in the meantime. So, please bear in mind…

  • Javascript and cookies must be enabled
  • We will dubiously sniff your browser – it will only work with up-to-date browsers, and Internet Explorer 9
  • You wont will be able to play any levels or campaigns that you create
  • Published levels and campaigns wont will be visible to anyone else
  • Levels and campaigns you create may not will be playable in the final release
  • The hiscores are not real!
  • There may be small graphics issues with the map editor, such as thin outlines around tiles
  • If you’re using Opera you may want to disable the right mouse button gestures that Opera uses
  • It may be a bit slow, especially in Opera unfortunately
  • It may break
  • It may make your computer explode for no reason. Use at own risk etc.

Please let us know of any bugs you find, or any suggestions you have, but don’t use the blog comments for bugs, please use this contact form so we know what browser you’re using etc. There’s a link to the form in the editor as well.

So to wrap up, here’s the link again – www.revengeofthetitans.com/editor, and remember…

  • It’s a test – it’s not finished
  • You can’t play any levels or campaigns yet
  • Please don’t use the blog comments for bugs


Yeti Attack!

Wolcum Yole, Puppyfriends! As a special treat to all the boys and girls who have been good all year we have spent the last month working on completely free DLC for Revenge of the Titans!

All you need to do is make sure you install the latest v1.80.14 release (download the demo from our site here if you’re a Puppygames customer, or go to your Humble Indie Bundle download page, or just fire up Steam and it’ll update automatically). You’ll find that between 19th December and 8th January there’s a new game mode available – Yeti Attack! You get all the toys in the game, albeit in limited numbers, and you can even use disruptor towers safely! The objective is to survive for exactly 30 minutes of a constant stream of Hoff Yetis arriving from the north. The maps generated are completely random so there should even be some good replay value in there as well. Afterwards you will be treated to some amusing statistics.

Die Rache der Titanen!

Revenge of the Titans ab morgen im Handel erhältlich!

Yep, Revenge of the Titans available in stores starting tomorrow! says Google translate.

Am 25. November, veröffentlicht Iceberg Interactive „Revenge of the Titans – Die Rache der Titanen”. Das im Retro-Look gehaltene PC-Spiel ist eine Mischung aus Echtzeit-Strategie und Tower-Defense. Die Spieler müssen erneut die Erde retten, die ein weiteres Mal von den Titanen überrannt werden soll. Die furchterregenden Bodentruppen der Titanen bedrohen die Erde mit ihren grauenvollen Monstern. Ist die Erde diesmal dem Untergang geweiht?

Die Spieler von „Revenge of the Titans“ müssen ihre Verteidigung schnell aufbauen und immer weiter upgraden, während sie die notwendigen Ressourcen aus den nahegelegen Mienen schöpfen. Neue Technologien und Gebäude müssen erforscht werden um die Erde und das Sonnensystem zu verteidigen. All das, während die Titanen unaufhaltsam heranrücken.


50 Level auf der Erde, Mond, Mars, Saturn und dem Titan
Unzählige Technologien und Gebäude zum Erforschen
Spielmodi: Entspannter Endlos-Spielmodus und aufregender Survival-Modus mit Online-Highscore-Listen

„Revenge of the Titans – Die Rache der Titanen“ ist zum empfohlenen Verkaufspreis von 19,99 Euro im Handel erhältlich.

Weitere Informationen unter http://www.iceberg-interactive.com/

Steam keys! Eurogamer review! Megatitan attack, Ann Arbor, Michigan!

First of all, the Steam key generator wotsit is now up and running here … and hopefully it works too. Go try it blog squadron, then we’ll fix it when we find out it doesn’t work, and then we’ll send out a newsletter.

Secondly, we got a very nice review on Eurogamer.net – 8/10 aint bad and it’s full of nice quotes too …

Hundreds of Titans will die, but still they come. As levels creep towards their end, the apparently endless spew of chomping 2D horrors finally peters out, the frown will lift from your face, the sweat will be wiped from your brow, and you will feel good.


Titans has been continually honed during approximately 38 million years in beta, and it shows.

…for example 🙂

And thirdy, worthy of it’s own post if it weren’t for the overdue Steam keys thing, we bring you breaking news…

I have photographic evidence of a Megatitan attack during a street parade in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan yesterday. An entire album of evidence!


Pity these hapless souls who you see carried in the wake of its destructive power! I was an eyewitness, and I count myself fortunate that I lived to tell the tale! Crowds gathered on the sidewalk, amazed at its mighty roar– an echoing bellow of fury as loud as a megaphone!

The creature defeated Mario. It defeated Wallace and Grommit. It even defeated a camel and an octopus. Nothing could stand before its might!

Who, then, saved the planet earth? The alien invaders had failed to account for one thing. On this planet, H20 falls from the very sky itself. This element was the only thing that could penetrate a carapace of pure cardboardium!

I urge you to spread news of this invasion! More photographic and video evidence will be forthcoming!

your faithful correspondent,
Matt Arnold

We will indeed bring you any further updates as soon as we get them – who knows where the Titans will strike next!

News update!

Just as we we’re going to press, as they say, we’ve received further footage of the days events…

Bigger than the one we bagged in Trafalgar Square! Had that one stuffed, we did. Jolly good, eh what!



Now on Steam!

What's Steam?

So it would seem… we are on Steam now! Humble Bundlers: Valve are working on getting the game into your libraries. Be patient, it’ll just pop up automatically when it’s ready. Puppygames customers: we’ll sort out keys for anyone who wants to use the Steam version – I’m working on a page you can use to grab a Steam key automatically as there are too many requests for me to do manually now!

I’ve got another patch waiting in the wings, v1.80.11, but I’ll release that next weekend when things are quiet. Amongst other things it increases the amount of barricades and mines you get, brings crystals a bit closer, reduces difficulty somewhat in later levels, and has modding support in it!

Quick note – we’ll be adding Steam achievements and hopefully Steam Cloud support over the next month or so. And getting ahold of Steam keys is going to take a day or two maybe. Hang in there.

We Can Haz A Forumz!111!1!

The Joy of Valve! They have given us a forum! See you there.

1920 x 1080 Revenge of the Titans wallpaper

Here’s the first wallpaper, which is a modified version of the image that will be gracing the Steam store soon, touch wood…

Click on the image for compressed .jpg version, or you can grab an uncompressed .jpg or .png (which Windows will convert to a .jpg anyway if you set it as the desktop background, I think.

Will be putting up other sizes, and getting special versions done for those that helped with the Mac icon, soon! … though that’s a special Puppygames soon 🙂

ペイントツールSAI ftw!

There’s another wallpaper image to come as well, along similar lines, at a later date. Here’s how it looked at an early stage in PaintTool SAI, which really is the dog’s ‘nads if you’ve got a tablet, and can’t draw for toffee*, like me…

Tune in tmrw to see the finished thing!… Steam permitting.

* It doesn’t really make you any better at drawing in general, as you can probably tell by my efforts, it just makes it easier to draw smooth lines with a tablet with it’s cunning adjustable stabilizer wotsit.

Survival Mode!

At last, after a couple of delays involving house moves, panicking TV stations, and the unexpectedly early completion of a new game mode, we are proud to announce Revenge of the Titans v1.61! Without further ado, here are direct download links for our blog followers (the proles get the simplecdn cached stuff with varying degrees of success).

Mac OS

Here’s what’s in the latest version:

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Garbage collector crash – don’t use G1 on Java 6!
  • Fixed: selling buildings just before level end to get double money!
  • Fixed: shield generators keep getting more expensive every level
  • Fixed: Missing research link in tree: heavy blaster -> blast cannon
  • Fixed: Superfluous link between heavy blaster -> assault cannon
  • Fixed: Slot selection screen only showed Basingstoke – Earth – $0
  • Fixed: when a building is shielded, after the Invuln powerup finishes the shield sprites are gone
  • Fixed: removing droid factories, shield generators and silos didn’t reset their price

New Features and Enhancements

  • Survival mode!
  • New map generator code: better wiggly tunnels from spawnpoints to map
  • Stop gids from spawning when freeze mode on
  • New hint: don’t overspend on research
  • New hint: boss level -> save your cash!
  • Removed the turret aiming lag – didn’t like it


  • Increase initial gidrah delay based on level size
  • Increase range of disruptor slightly to 110px from 96px
  • Decreased damage of disruptor from 25 to 16
  • Nerfed multiblaster from 4 to 3 points damage
  • Nerfed spreader cannon from 4 to 3 points damage
  • Nerfed assault cannon from 8 to 7 points damage
  • Powerup drops last a bit longer before vanishing
  • Even more crystals
  • Mars gidrahs nerfed somewhat
  • Droid factory: now each droid factory can produce at most 8 droids
  • Droid factory: production rate slowed down by 50%
  • Droid factory: …but factories now only cost $1000+$1000 per factory


  • Queue gidrah route recalculations on building so they don’t all happen at once
  • Increased memory allocation for the VM to 256mb
  • Reduced max GC pause to 3ms (Windows only)

Survival Mode

Lucky registered users have a new mode to play. It is unlocked after completing the Earth missions. When you select a survival mode game, you get to choose the world (from the set of worlds you’ve seen so far with that profile), and just for fun, you can choose the rockiness of the terrain. The buildings you have available to you are the buildings you have researched so far in campaign mode.

You are expected to lose. Probably quite fast. The aliens will rapidly become overwhelmingly deadly. The idea is to get a base together as fast as you can and defend it as long as you can. Notice that you don’t earn money for killing gidrahs! The only way to get cash is mining crystals, which spawn every now and again, or pickups.

Your best time for a particular world/terrain combination are also recorded. Let’s hear some hiscores!

All Good Things Must Come To An End…

…or become a bit more expensive, anyway! But only as expensive as to be able to afford a helping of mushy peas with one’s pie and ale. The Ultrabundle is now just a tiny weeny bit more than it was, assuming you think that $2 is tiny weeny like us. It’s still ultracheap if you’ve not picked it up already, and it will get more expensive again while we experiment with prices in the not very distant future. So don’t delay! Hand over your filthy cash today!

Don’t forget the bundle lets you install all 3 of our minigames an any combination of operating systems, as often as you need to!

Endless Mode!

I’ve just uploaded Revenge of the Titans v1.6 here:


The following tweakery has been performed for your delectation and continued amusement:

Bugs Fixed

  • Again at certain resolutions the map scrolls past the edges
  • Gold medal awarded even though level made easier
  • Mysteriously reverting to earlier planet when resuming
  • info panel remains open when HUD hidden
  • Having your progress reset once you get past Earth

New Features and Enhancements

  • Add a “sell stuff” hint or two
  • Endless mode!
  • Movement animation of stop-start gidrahs looks better
  • Stop-start gidrahs move in a slightly different way


  • Crystal reduction as player gets richer slightly less severe
  • More crystals!
  • Blast cannon damage buffed to from 12 to 16


  • Much better frame rate limiting code
  • New animation commands to avoid XML duplication

As per usual, download and install over the top of your old version. Also as per usual, all your progress and saved games are invalid – bah! – that’s the perils of beta software. So I advise you start a new profile from scratch and test Endless Mode for me 🙂

Revenge v1.51 released – you asked for it!

We’ve been listening to your feedback on the Revenge of the Titans beta over the last few months, and with this new update (v1.51) we’ve attempted to address some of the most requested changes. And of course there’s a load of other tweaks, not least finally the ability to sell buildings! Here are the download links…

Mac OS

Don’t forget to check the version number to make sure you’ve really gotten 1.51 installed. Here’s what’s new, changed, fixed, twiddled, and nerfed:

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: stuttering sound (hopefully!)
  • Fixed: HUD money updates when intermission screen is showing
  • Fixed: Reloading a turret in build mode should stop build mode
  • Fixed: Can’t reload a turret or collect a factory when in Build mode
  • Fixed: creating path for gidrahs overwrites odd ruin tiles – needs to either leave them or delete all tiles associated with the ruin
  • Fixed: dialog text not centred on game over
  • Fixed: Apostrophe key ‘ now correctly selects autoloader for build
  • Fixed: Load/Save. Again. All files now stored in user home directory.
  • Fixed: Gidlets now only immune to explosions when spawning
  • Fixed: Ruins used to block blaster fire in their bottom left corner: this is now specified per ruin for the whole ruin or in a mapping attribute

New Features and Enhancements

  • Medals
  • Ranks
  • New intermission screen
  • New ESC menu
  • Wired up ESC button on HUD
  • Completely new in-game UI
  • New Game Over UI
  • Added the in-game menu to the research/story screens so you can quit out at that point.
  • Change the way shield generators work
  • Wire up new options (to hide various GUI stuff)
  • Rockets now explode when they hit the edge of the map
  • New research GUI with all the stats and two different views
  • Sell mode
  • DEL key wired to Sell mode and middle mouse button
  • You get 10 seconds to sell a building after construction in which you’ll get 100% of the money back (like an undo)
  • Laser to be able to fire into mountains (turret needs to be able to see too)
  • Appropriate story tweaks when flying gidrahs appear re: lasers
  • Removed [X] button from hints panel – click anywhere to close it now
  • Hints now remain onscreen for 7 seconds max
  • Top HUD fades out as mouse approaches
  • Bottom HUD now hideable with toggle button (INS key)

Balance Changes

  • Gidrahs now get a little more urgent and fearless when the timer runs out
  • Nerfed damage bonus for alien anatomy to just +1
  • Increased research cost of a few things
  • Nerfed laser/rocket ranges a little
  • Saturn gidrahs now a teeny bit harder
  • Slightly increased saucer duration on earlier levels, decreased on later levels
  • Reduce crystals available slightly now Sell button implemented
  • Tweak tuning: game needs to be tiny bit harder tiny bit sooner

Internal Stuff

  • Completely change the way game metastate is persisted
  • Store exact representation of level instead of relying on dubious random number seed
  • Gidrah now uses 1/32th the RAM courtesy of using packed bits in ints in its tiny brain
  • Awarded a non-repeatable medal sfx
  • Awarded a repeatable medal sfx
  • New rank sfx
  • Sold sfx
  • Can’t build sfx
  • Insufficient funds sfx

And onto a few pics…

We’ve had a fair few requests to be able to see the statistics of researched buildings, and to see in some form the research connections between technologies and buildings. Here’s the new Research screen showing those stats, and the improved table and the new tree layouts…

(You can read more about the changes in Research GUI for the Tweak)

Adding the requested ‘Sell’ button required a HUD redesign, so we made some oft suggested alterations as well…

( more info here: Revenge of the HUD Redesign and Revenge of the HUD part 2 )

The old in-game ESC key menu has been given a restyling, and is now accessible from a HUD button. You can access this menu from the various Story and Research screens by pressing ESC too. Options on the Game Over screen have also been updated…

And last but not least, the Achievements dialog showing Rank and Medals…

There’s also a new Level Complete dialog – though that looks a bit pants at the mo, so wont bother with a screenshot 🙂 That’ll probably get a bit of a tidy up in the final polish stage of development.

Next up on the todo list – Cas will be adding Endless and Survival game modes, and I’ll add badge graphics for ranks before making a start on the Titan levels. The jury’s out as to whether to tackle Endless or Survival first, but right now we’re hedging our bets with Endless mode, which is like the current campaign mode, but without a story, or… an end. Just level after level of slowly increasing size and difficulty, drawn randomly from the scenery we’ve done so far, until you are defeated (and there’s only one life). We expect Endless games to take hours to play, by which time you will probably be a gibbering nervous wreck.

Research GUI for the Tweak

Next up for GUI tweaking is the research screen, which currently looks like this…

There’s 2 major changes to make that people have requested:

  1. to be able to view more complete info and stats of already researched items
  2. some way to tell what research item leads to what, rather than effectively having to guess

The following images are first thoughts, and quick mockups – I know they don’t make a lot of sense as to what’s being hovered on,  refineries don’t lead on to robotics etc. 🙂 … Continue reading

Revenge of the HUD part 2

Thanks for all the feedback on the HUD changes – it seemed opinion was split between versions 1 and 2, but with the majority in favour of version 1, so I’ve gone ahead and sorted all the graphics and XML for that.

It may be possible to add some option to choose between the two at a later date, and I’ve arranged the various buildings so that they could potentially open up from category icons in little panels of 1×3 or 2×3 building icons… but as its taken 2 and a half days of fiddling to sort the HUD out so far I don’t think I’ll have time to do that before the next release which we have planned for Sunday.

This is how it was looking before…

… and here’s how it looks now….

Changes made…

Continue reading

Revenge of the HUD Redesign

We’re going to be making a few changes to the buildings/powerups panel. Here’s the current HUD….

First of all, and by popular demand, we’re going to add a sell button. Unfortunately there’s not enough room to squeeze it into that bottom panel, as that’s about as wide as it will go on a vertical display – the max width when vertical is shown by the dotted lines.

We could make the icons smaller to squeeze it in, but some people have also commented on the icons being too small to tell apart easily as it is, so that’s something else that would be good to address as well – magnification on hover being one suggestion.

There also needs to be a way to be able to hide the buildings/powerups panel, as it prevents building along that bottom edge.

So, 2 different designs after the jump…

Continue reading

Saturn released!

Well, we’ve finally released the Saturn levels for Revenge of the Titans under the guise of version 1.5! This has been quite a complex release, what with the addition of several completely new alien types and a whole new world, and an awful lot of fiddling with balance, bug fixing, enhancement, and so on. Without further ado, here’s the links:


Mac OS


Like last time it would probably be a good idea to play through from level 1 again with a new profile, as the amount of money available in the levels is somewhat different now, as is the cost of researching various things.

And here are some pics…

Yes, the boss is armed with a laser. No, he’s not very friendly.

Continue reading

Mars Invaded!

Earthlings! Your puny efforts to defend yourselves against our remorseless hordes will soon falter! Even now ten legions of our crack troops close in on your poorly defended Martian strongholds! We have resurrected the spirits of our ancient heroes to freeze the very blood in your veins!

Yes, we are finally pleased to announce the release of Revenge of the Titans 1.3, which now includes the Mars levels, and a list of tweaks and features as long as your arm. There’s still tons to do but the Martian levels should keep you nicely entertained for the next month or so whilst we work on the Saturn levels. In the meantime, we advise starting again from level 1 because the game has changed balance-wise quite significantly. The costs of things have been tweaked rather a lot and there are some significant changes to harvesting crystals (tip: you really, really want silos) and some changes probably required to your strategy.

Update: minor disaster with the current version… Bug: Enemies don’t appear on level 1

We’re uploading fix – should be ready in 30 mins or so

… so don’t click on these for now ...   should be ok now

Direct Download Links


Mac OS X

Linux / Webstart

Revenge of the Titans beta released!

t’s finally here… playable beta demo to download, and now available to pre-order at 50% final price!…


Our server is currently taking a massive hammering though, so apologies for the painfully slow download speeds – we’re looking into solutions

Update: server fell over! we have Windows version download mirror sorted now, but have had to restart the server, apologies again, we weren’t expecting quite such a massive demand 🙂

Wallpaper of the Titans!

We will be releasing a pre-release demo of Revenge of the Titans very soon, honest…

In the meantime here’s a nice big pic (1280×800), ideal for putting up as wallpaper or desktop background or whatever you want to call it. If anyone wants particular sizes for desktops just comment away and your wish will be my command. As long as you say the magic word. And as long as it doesn’t involve me doing much work.

Click on the pic below for the full size image…

Continue reading

Unfinished things – The Time Pilot / Uridium Project

Rummaging around in some dusty old project folders I came across these old mockups. Back in June 2008 we started work on a TIme Pilot ‘inspired’ game which was shaping up nicely, though we didn’t get as far as adding the Uridium style ships…

However, it felt severely limited by our old odd square format, giving you very little time to react to the enemy ships. We’ve dropped that now though and gone all widescreen for Revenge of the Titans, so maybe that wouldn’t be such an issue now.

The other problem was that it induced extreme motion sickness in a few people 🙂 …

Would that put anyone off, or worth digging up one day… once Revenge of the Titans is all done? Titan Attacks 3 perhaps?