TA2, a brief history, part 4 – the dark ages

After some mock-up-ing we resume work on the old Monster Mash, adding a scrolling map and dropping the lighting and grey backgrounds. Partly due to me being bored of the glowey sci-fi look we go for a jolly old medieval look…

… but we just couldn’t get arrows to look quite so much fun as blasters, lasers and rockets. Bah.

To be continued…

5 thoughts on 'TA2, a brief history, part 4 – the dark ages'

  1. It’s great that you are varying the terrain, but PLEASE don’t stick with the mideval look. its WAY too overdone. especially since there would be a theme conflict with the terrain and shops vs. the enemies you face. It would be cool if it was just for one level or series of levels, but overall it shouldn’t be like this.

    also: perhaps you could intergrate some of droid assault’s droids into this game. omnicorp vs titans! or omnicorp and titans vs whoever you are!

  2. No worries Dotz – these are only mock-ups from a couple of years ago. We started on the medieval theme but it soon reverted to standard puppy games glowey sc-fi style.

    As for droids – in Revenge of the Titans the droid factory building spews out droids, which automatically wander off to attack the Titans, who also have they’re own smaller ground units… tho because of the scale they’re just tiny blobs. Probably won’t be in the demo though, so don’t get too excited, yet 🙂

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