Crash fixed!

Just a quick update to say I’ve patched Revenge of the Titans to v1.80.4, mainly to fix that crash bug you all noticed – I will get around to the huge pile of email the last couple of releases are generated tomorrow, honest – and tweak the balance slightly. This week I’m mostly going to be working on recording all your lovely Survival mode hiscores, Steam achievement integration, and possibly putting Sandbox mode in if there’s time.

Someone clever has noticed that it’s a total waste of time actually planting more than a single refinery before level 5 (just to actually start the aliens coming). In fact it’s probably not even worth bothering to research them until level 5 though the game does sort of hint at it being important. Hm. But then you can get a bit of a headstart with the efficiency research. Decisions, decisions! You know, I have no idea myself what the best path through this game actually is. Survival mode hiscores will reveal all.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: crash researching lasers and disruptors
  • Fixed: powerup counters appearing when collecting a powerup when the HUD is flipped down


  • Collectors now $500
  • Cooling towers now $500
  • Difficulty now slighty biased in favour of cash in the bank (ie. the more you hoard instead of use, the harder it gets)


  • Halved streaming audio buffer size as it doesn’t seem to have had any effect

96 thoughts on 'Crash fixed!'

    1. Just spoke with Eric the dude who often mans the instant chat support window on HIB. He says he’s going to get on Jeff’s case. I’d imagine Jeff is the dude responsible for uploading. SO! New version up there soon maybe!

      Cas – price bump on collectors AND cooling towers? yer breakin my heart!

  1. After about 50 minutes on survival mode the frame rate starts to degrade. I am using an nVidia GeForce 470 GTX and Intel i7 960 with 12GB of RAM on Windows 7 x64. Would an x64 version of the game help?

  2. I have some suggestions that might help fix the “just put a few big guns next to your base and fully improve them to solve any level” problem. I’m only in the middle of Saturn, so I probably haven’t seen everything the game will throw at me, but so far this fairly boring strategy has served me extremely well starting somewhere around early Mars. It would probably have worked a little earlier as well.

    The problem seems to be that improvements are extremely powerful and unimproved towers just stop being feasible at all after a while for various reasons. My suggestion to make that huge gap a little less huge has two parts: reduce the maximum number of each improvement affecting towers to two. Secondly, introduce another +0.5 buff tech for each improvement and make tech and powerup bonuses go over the building improvement cap. In my opinion these extra +0.5 improvements should not be extra techs, but bonuses for currently useless prereqs (like the awesome bonus from Optics). With full tech upgrades the effects on towers would change to this:

    no extra buildings: +1
    max (2) extra buildings: +3
    max buildings and powerup: +4 (current max)

    This would have many beneficial effects: first off, the currently optimal huge firebases would be nerfed from +4 to +3 unless you’re willing to spend a rare powerup (one of each actually to reach the current buff level in all categories). This might encourage players to actually build towers in more than one place. Also it would become a little more feasible to quickly put up some unbuffed towers where you need them (+0.5 late game only changed to +0.5 fairly early and +1 late). Also currently it takes a while to build a nice firebase because you have to carefully place your buildings to fit all the scanners and batteries and cooling towers. With a cap of two instead of four this could go much faster, making it easier to put some defenses down where you need them. Also the rare powerups are currently pretty silly, all they are is an extra large money drop because they cant get you over the normal cap of +4. Best case: radar, which saves you 1000$ for a scanner (of which you would get 400 back from recycling). Sure, they are really awesome for spread out defenses, but who currently builds those past the moon?

    Another thing that bothers me is that X-ray Scanners gives -0.5 tower range. Sure, it only takes away the +0.5 for optics (which is a prereq), and sure, I still only need 4 scanners for max range. But it makes putting down towers without upgrades even more infeasible than it already is. I actually wish I could un-research it (without replaying about 10 levels). Not just for the range, but also because ghosts die much easier to capacitors, and the high armor ghosts distract my towers from the things they’re actually meant to kill. I don’t think having an extra downside to this already bad tech is the way to go.

    One more completely different suggestion, an intel screen telling you which kinds of enemies you will face in the next level would be great. I’m never sure whether i need to build a Droid Factory and Capacitors or not, and when I find out often half my towers are already down (unless I have a Smartbomb, muahahaha). Possibly it could even tell you what enemies each spawn point generates. It’s trivial to find out by building a few refineries and waiting. It’s just annoying and boring to do, so I usually skip that part. Also it is highly relevant info for people who want to spread out their defenses. If you just build everything at your base, a Droid Factory is just 1000$, but you really cant put one next to each of your defense clusters.

    All that being said, great game. I love the style and presentation, and the gameplay is nice too. Building huge firebases isn’t so bad, I really wanted to try that for most of Earth and Moon. It’s just getting a little repetitive.

    1. Cooling towers are easily good enough to cost 500$. With strong turrets they’re at least as good as reactors and easier to research, so 500$ is more than fair.

      I don’t like the collector price bump, but then again, it only changes the economy a little, which is not that relevant because difficulty scales with money. It means it takes longer for a mining operation to pay for itself though, which bothers me a little.

      1. No. No. Bad! Very bad!

        I finally managed to pull past the Moon and finished Mars because Heavy Turrets were dropped, now I hit a dead end in Saturn for having far too little money and no fucking way to get any more (Mining costs almost as much as it actually gets you, and what little there is is needed to plug the gaps in your ALREADY BEING DISMANTLED defences, meaning I wind up with a net loss each mission at this point of about fucking $3000.

        I’m finding the new idea of “money = difficulty” absolutely rediculous without more detail. At the moment it doesn’t seem to matter too much whether I have $10k or just $5k, I can’t stop the ludicrous wave of titans coming at me from moving, either rapidly moving themselves out of my turret’s range or pile-driving straight through them like paper and all I can do is just build more turrets behind them, unimproved and hope the level ends after this cluster of titans. Now if the game is going to pile on even MORE titans with MORE health and speed as I get money, then Earth may even prove as big a challenge as Mars did, pulling you back down while you’re picking research then after a very brief sprint after unlocking that piece of tech, whether it be a cooling tower or barricades, you’ll earn all 3 level bonuses at once and then BAM, difficulty drop kicks you because you got near to $10k and you fall just short of finishing the moon, possibly only if you’re really lucky.

        One thing I will request though that this game very badly needs: An official forum. These threads are really inconveniant when it comes to discussing advice on how to build defences. Also makes balance discussion a bit shallow if they’re spread out over hundreds of individual patch notes. :/

        1. Just build your defenses next to your base like everyone else. The Titans have to go there, and you can speed mine with Collectors (probably still viable in new version for big crystals, but gets you a little less money). I like using 3 Blast Cannons, one Assault Cannon, plus whatever else is needed for that specific level (Capacitors/Droids/Laser). Fully buffed of course, possibly not at the start though depending on money. If you have lots of money you need more turrets (I used the 3/1 setup with 10k start money, often I build 5 or 6 Blast Cannons and an extra Assault Cannon).

          The most important upgrades for me are at least two Scanners, upped to 4 ASAP so you can shoot well behind your base, 4 cooling towers (maybe only start with 2-3 now that they are more expensive), 2+ batteries, 2+ reloaders, 2+ Reactors. 4 of everything is optimal, but usually not necessary (especially with the applied techs and at low money). Put down a few rows of barricades in front if there are fast titans (and possibly behind your base to guard against those sneaky snails). Usually the Assault Cannon should keep the slow Titans back, and it also kills groups of unarmored Titans that get through your Blast Cannons pretty nicely. Build another one if it doesn’t or if you’re getting a lot of back attacks. Make sure your upgrades, especially cooling towers, affect the Assault Cannons, and build them in the back so the armor piercing Blast Cannons actually get to shoot at the armored Titans. If the Assault Cannons are in front your back turrets only get to shoot while the ACs are reloading, and there will be lots of armored Titans coming at once.

          I haven’t tried heavy weapons in 1.80.3 because I couldn’t research them (and Rockets are on a different tech path than I’m using).

          And of course use powerups if you get into a tight spot. Shield, Freeze, Berzerk and Smartbombs are all extremely useful. Repair is usually not relevant with this type of defense, if the Titans get to your buildings repair probably wont solve the problem you have. Use rare powerups if you don’t have enough money to put down the extra buildings you need.

      1. Hm. Does it prove that we have no life if a lady friend and I spent most of the evening planning defences and shooting Titans out of the sky? This game is too addictive. πŸ˜‰

          1. It’s mostly just that we have a tradition never to do anything special on Valentine’s Day itself: it’s unlucky. Also too expensive. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh dear. Rather than mess around with blasters and improvements, I thought I’d make a beeline straight for rocket launchers.

    Unsurprisingly, surviving for long enough to get to them was proving a bit tricky, so I invested in landmines and their related upgrades: increased blast damage and radius.

    Sadly when I finally got rocket launchers they were kinda useless, as they’d almost always get caught in their own enormous explosion and die. It was pretty funny to watch, but it didn’t do my bank balance a lot of good – $1500 landmines are not cost effective. I experimented with coupling them with scanners, but it still didn’t really work out particularly well, and worse still I’m sure my rockets bugged out and inexplicably detonated right over the launchers on a couple of occasions. The titans strolling casually over the flaming wreckage of my defensive line were probably quite confused.

    The moral of this story: I don’t think I’ll be using rocket launchers again any time soon.

    1. i’ve never used rocket launchers, but i’m pretty sure you’ll need to research scanner/battery/cooling tower to make them more effective.

    2. rockets, four scanners (and otherwise maxed out), and a wall to keep the buggers at a safe distance are the best solution against ground enemies πŸ˜›

      1. Rocket launchers are deliberately silly πŸ™‚ They are devastatingly powerful though – if you can find a situation in which they work well, you’ve got a really cheap defence. I suspect this means placing them round a rocky corner so they can’t shoot behind themselves and blow your own stuff up!

  4. Since I first started playing RotT (build 2 I think) I’ve never once researched rocket launchers, but I’ve heard it’s a good idea to keep them a certain distance from your base.
    Regarding the ‘defend your base’ strategy, the simple reason the majority of players do this is because it’s extremely difficult to create defensive positions away from the base that will be effective enough to defend themselves without being pulverized; the root cause is simply not having enough resources to adequately defend the base AND any isolated defenses.
    I’m thinking that the new upgrades Caz mentioned coming in a month or so might go some way to address this imbalance, and lead players to try different strategies, and hopefully progress a little further if stuck…
    I’m sure that the difficulty is also affected by how many powerups your hoarding, so building up a load of bezerk/freeze/smartbombs isnt the best idea (unless your close to a megatitan encounter. As it currently stands, the game only allows you to slowly build up your funds slowly at first – by Mars it can get pretty tricky just to break even…
    Oh,and cooling towers now costing $500 is still a bargain considering just how useful they are.

    1. Sorry, let me just clarify that what I said about it being difficult to create effective defenses away from your base only really applies from haftway through the Moon levels and onwards (the ‘big headed’ titans and those annoying spiders on Mars)

      @ Galefury – but isn’t that the reason why cooling towers/batteries/reactors/scanners can be used 4x by turrets? To make your weapons more able to defend your base/destroy the titans? Reducing the maximum number to 2x from 4x makes no sense & will only make the game harder for a large number of players and won’t make it any more viable for them to have say 2/3 ‘islands’ of defenses spread out across the map, they’d be at an even greater disadvantage due to not being able to fire as rapidly,see/shoot as far nor hold as much ammo before reloading… The problem is clearly resources – or have I missed the point of your suggestion?

      1. You certainly have a point, but you also missed mine. If everything is cheaper (which translates to more resources, of course there are other ways to give more resources but this is an easy one) building a huge defense next to your base is still the optimal strategy, you just have to make it bigger because you have more money left int your bank after building it. This problem needs to be adressed some other way. My suggestion would help lessen the gap between fully buffed towers and unbuffed ones, which should encourage spreading out. But you’re right too, the lack of resources limits spread out defenses. Spreading out also lets you mine more of course, but I don’t know if it would be enough.

        Not that I think about it just making everything cheaper would help a little, because more money –> stronger titans –> bigger defense needed. And while building a certain number of towers after placing the initial upgrade buildings has linear costs (1 tower, 2 towers, 3 towers, etc) after a while you get out of the range of your upgrades and have to place more of those, which is expensive. Might as well put that new cluster somewhere else, say, at a place where it covers 2 or 3 spawn points. Currently I think it’s still better to just increase your base defense though. The point of this whole paragraph: defense clusters are size limited by upgrade range, so decreasing that a little might help too. Making things cheaper might also be necessary to compensate.

        Another problem is that if you build away from your base many Titans just walk around your defenses, which kind of defeats the point of building them. This is also one of the things that make this game unique, though. So I doubt that’s ever going to change.

        In levels where you are attacked from all sides building close to your base will probably always be best, but variety is good.

        1. This discussion of balance is massively interesting btw, don’t think I’m not watching πŸ™‚

          It is true that one of the best strategies right now is just to build a huge fuck-off super-buffed cluster of guns right next to the base and there’s nothing the gidrahs can do about it as they have to get your base to “win”. However this is a slightly dull (if valid) strategy and not really what I had in mind when I designed it so the game had fairly large levels!

          In 1.80.4 I have taken some steps to try and get the player to spread out a little more – firstly, by making crystals a little bit more far flung, especially the juicy big ones; secondly, by making plenty of money available (it’s $375 per level plus $1k per world plus a few odds and ends depending on bosses, base being central, etc); thirdly, by making turrets themselves cheaper so you’re more inclined to spam a few of them around; and fourthly, by making the Saturn gidrahs and beyond much more likely to go for your far-flung refineries en-route thus choking your money supply.

          There is definitely some issue with the ease with which you can max out your turrets, and also the power that those turrets actually have when maxed. It probably comes as no surprise that the bigger guns are far better value for money when maxed than the smaller ones and exponentially more powerful.

          What can I do to encourage a bit more spreading out then?

          I am amenable to various ideas. Limiting upgrades to just 2 for example, or halving their efficacy might be better (to preserve the restricted realestate mechanic). If I halve their powers then they’re also going to have to be halved in price to maintain balance. I could also as you suggest restrict their effective connection range a little more – that might be interesting: a mere 16 pixels less (1 tile) could make a great difference to the efficiency of an installation.

          The end result I’m hoping to achieve is that relying on a central base defence should still be tactic #1, ie. your best line of defence, because it just is. But I also want to be sure that this tactic is not going to be quite enough to survive, and that the player has enough money to build at least 2 other outposts on later levels to thin the aliens down and/or defend a crystal mining complex.

          1. One thing that really limits spread out defenses is that many Titans just avoid any defense big enough to kill them. This observation comes from before scanner threat level was lowered, and since then I haven’t really tried spread out defenses. So maybe the problem isn’t quite as big anymore (I’ve noticed most titans come straight at my base defense on Saturn, just the snails go around and approach from the back). But when it was, all I could do was place my defenses either next to my base, at a chokepoint all titans have to go through on the way, or directly covering Titan spawn points so there was no way for them to avoid my tower range. That, or not use scanners and see my front turrets get smashed while the back turrets idly watch. About 90% of the level area was just not a viable position to put significant defenses.

            As I said, this may have changed, I haven’t tried. But I think most titans should stupidly charge along the fastest way to my base, happily ignoring ANY danger. Having certain types go around defenses and seek out refineries and safe paths to my base is fine of course, it just shouldn’t be the majority. Also this behaviour should be limited to one type per level, maybe two types on some rare levels. Having a mix of titans coming at a well planned defensive line is fine, having several types of threats just wildly running around the map is not.

            While talking about AI, another interesting Titan behaviour would be seeking out and joining up with other groups of Titans. Something like a fast reinforcement type spawning from seperate fairly far off spawn points in large groups. They could go where there currently are a lot of other Titans, then slow down and attack together with them. This would vary the pressure on spread out defensive positions a little, because the cavalry might sometimes help one group, sometimes another. Without forcing people to build defenses in new locations. Just check where they’re going and put an extra tower or two there. Might be hard to implement though, depending on how Titan AI currently works.

            1. Also worth noting is that a large number of levels are quite linear – the wide open ones really give you no choice but to huddle in the middle (and hope for the best) whereas I’m still left thinking that RotT really misses out on some pretty interesting level design that would give players the chance to get creative with the defenses (that would open up the possibilities for amazing defensive strategies beside the ‘singalong around the campfire one’ – yep, that’s the official name for it now!:)
              As LordKane above mentioned, when the source code is released that’ll give the programming bods a chance to do some interesting things, but to encourage more spread out defenses really does need to be addressed.
              Currently, I’m waiting until the new upgrades, to see how they affect gameplay etc!

              1. Oh, and placing crystals closer to spawning points/edge of the levels doesnt seem to an effective way to get players to spread out defenses, just makes it much more difficult to get the resources you need πŸ™ or at least will entice players to ignore the most far-flung ones until haftway through the level once defensive positions are placed….

              2. may I suggest that every cooling tower, scanner, etc will only effect 2 or 3 turrets, that could minorly fix things.

          2. I’ve found that the combination of making crystals more far-flung and making the later gidrahs go after refineries makes the cost-benefit of spreading out at all worse, not better. A refinery takes about 4 minutes to pay for its own cost, and once I hit Mars, the chances of an outer refining cluster paying for itself before getting taken out by the gids is essentially zero, defensive turrets or no turrets. Putting enough defense that the gids are scared away leaves me without any cash left to protect my base, and just makes it harder for those refineries to pay for themselves and the money I’ve spent on defenses for them.

            In my current playthrough, I’m so starved for cash that I’m starting levels on Saturn with ~5k in the bank. This is just barely enough for a minimally survivable cluster at my base (4 batteries, 2 scanners, a blast cannon, and a few assault cannons). I certainly don’t have enough to pay for and defend outlying refineries, which generally restricts me to maybe placing two near my base, if I’m fortunate enough to have a crystal patch nearby where my defenses can stretch to cover it.

            Money powerups utterly dominate refineries in terms of providing the income I need to replace turrets and survive.

            1. You could research some of the money techs. You need them for the armor upgrade anyway. I also got most of my money from powerups, especially on Titan but also on many Saturn levels. In levels where you don’t need droids you can stall a Titan with barricades for a very long time. This lets you mine all the crystals. Kind of cheaty, but the things we do for money…

    2. I want to see that if difficulty is tied to money (I know it only slightly affects difficultly to be honest I haven’t really seen that much of a difference and there is always the auto-gidrah hitpoint balance.) maybe have the refineries perform slightly better? and maybe drop the cost of a reprocessor a bit more? just a thought, so far I haven’t been that bothered by it.

      and as for no refineries before level 5, just build 1 or 2 per level instead of 4, and mix weapon and refinery improvement research as the crystal scavenging post mission will often recoup some of your lost funds. You aren’t going to be able to collect all the crystals in the early levels anyways. and being a bit starving for cash isn’t that bad of a thing especially compared to the older 1.7 builds of the game. πŸ™‚

      Also remember that when the source code for RoTT is released, we could easily create our own balance mods for the game, so Cas I ask you to consider that in future patches leading up to 1.9 and beyond (if any)

    3. This game has so many places it can go! Perhaps in a few years I’ll be susbscribing to “Titan Attacks Online!” and farming powerups to go up against Boss Gidrah.

  5. i’m at level 40, for my 50 millionth play through, and i realized that i didn’t see the flying dudes on level 38/39.

  6. New version somehow forgot all saves and profiles, display settings, etc.

    After creating a profile, and changing the display settings to large window, it never recaptured the mouse.

    Also… I still would like a classic version…

    Are the previous versions archived somewhere?

  7. I’ll reiterate my suggestion for avoiding the necessity of a single base cluster strategy: make a new tower (or change an existing one), very cheap (>$200), whose function is to pass on an upgrade tower’s buff by acting as a power line. Any turret within range of a Power Line gets every upgrade that the Power Line would get if it were a turret, and one Power Line can pass things onto another Power Line.

    In other words, if I make two Scanners at my base and put Power Line #1 within range of them, and put Power Line #2 within range of Power Line #1, and then a Blast Cannon within range of Power Line #2, then that Blast Cannon acts as though it had two Scanners next to it.

    This would require extensive balancing, but the advantages are many: instead of a single clump of towers around your base, one would have a dynamic defense system, a web of Power Lines supporting turrets at key locations. Distant crystals would be a greater gamble due to needing a longer, more disruptable chain of power feeding it. Long stretches of Power Lines, while efficient, would lead to a greater chance of being cut by rampant Gids (especially on the coming-at-you-from-all-sides maps), especially if Gids are given across-the-boards intelligence to go after weak points in your defense. Shield Generators would not work with Power Lines, so more spread-out weapons, while still retaining much power, become very difficult to maintain, requiring judicious use of limited supplies like barricades and Tanglewebs.

    This by itself would lead to the game being too easy–for one thing, having one big cluster is no less viable, and for another, hugely ugraded turrets can be placed practically wherever you please. Therefore I think that, as Galefury said, the gap between buffed and unbuffed turrets needs to be reduced. Probably by a combination of lowering the upgrade cap to 3 or 2, and increasing the capabilities of unbuffed or low-buffed turrets. Unbuffed turrets (and Refineries, for that matter) are nearly useless.

    One of the factors the weights the player towards tons of upgrade towers is that, as more of the same buff is added, the result is more than cumulative. For instance, these are rough numbers for the firing speed of a Blast Cannon:

    Unbuffed – 0.5 shots/second
    1 Cooling Tower – 0.6 shots/second
    2 Cooling Towers – 0.75 shots/second
    3 Cooling Towers – 1.2 shots/second
    4 Cooling Towers – 2.4 shots/second

    (I think a similar ratio is used for the speed of a Refinery re: how many Collectors are hitting it.)

    This seems counter-intuitive for me; for some reason, I feel like the first upgrade should give the biggest relative boost, and then they become less efficient as you keep adding more. Likewise, each additional Scanner increases the radius of the circle of a turret’s range by the same amount–and thus causing the area of the circle (in other words, the amount of ground the turret can hit) increase by a much larger portion with each successive Scanner. The Battery and Reactor seem to give linear boosts, and the Reloader I haven’t tested; but the Scanner and Cooling Tower are the most important, anyway.

    Another way of stating the pertinent facts is that, other than part of Earth, any turret without at least one Cooling Tower and one Scanner is very nearly useless. It would also be telling to point out that it’s a pretty feasible thing to boost up a turret’s effectiveness to something like 20 times (maybe more) its original effectiveness, thus ensuring that upgrade towers (even when they are many) are a more affordable option than having many turrets.

    Finally I would like to say that having Gids more eager to target Refineries doesn’t make me more likely to place turrets near my Refineries; it makes more more likely to place more Refineries and Extractors, and maybe a few barricades/mines/Tanglewebs. I’m going to give any crystal near a Gid pathway two Refineries and two Extractors (total of $1500), at least; adding a second two Refineries and Extractors for an additional $1500 is much more viable solution than placing turrets (for instance, two Heavy Blasters with one Scanner and three Cooling Towers is $3500, and that’s still going to get overrun quickly by any steady stream of Gids). I’ll simply spam Refineries and Collectors and then sell them as soon as they’re done (4 Collectors makes Refineries fly), using a handful of disposable assets, or perhaps a power-up or two, to ensure they live that long.

    Oh yeah, incidentally, I found out that the Scanner boosts don’t max at 4; they max (with Optics) at 4.5. I’m guessing the other boosts do as well.

  8. Found a few bugs – 1) if the level is completed whilst your using a bezerk, the bezerk sfx continues playing when the ‘level complete’ pops up 2) Lasers don’t seem to be able to fire over crystals (or is this intentional?) 3)occasionally, whilst playing in windowed mode (1280 x) I noticed powerups appearing right at the edge of the level, and only partly visible – it didn’t happen too often, but made it a bit tricky to see them in the midst of carnage!

  9. What can we expect from “sandbox” mode? Will it be like a map editor where we can place rocks, debris, crystals, titans and towers to our liking? Will there be any way of adjusting titan/tower behavior or sharing sandboxes between users?

    I finished the game for the first time a few days ago. I felt like the Titan Levels are really easy compared to Mars and Saturn. I never felt the need to build refineries during most Titan, I never needed the cash. I made it back just from killing titans on choke points. The Laser/Scanner combo is probably way too powerful I guess.

  10. Bug alert:

    It is still a fairly common occurrence for the stage to not end. All the titans will be gone, but the stage wont end. It’s just stuck in limbo. If I restart the level it will be fine, but I’ll have to do the stage over again.

  11. I have a bug that’s been in the game as long as I’ve played it:

    I have my Start Menu on the left side of my screen, and it’s not set to auto-hide. When I open the game (in full-screen) it works fine, but if I switch to another application and then switch back to the game, it’s pushed over to the right to make room for my Start Menu, cutting off a section on the right side of the screen. To fix it I have to go into options, switch to windowed mode, then switch back.

    Dunno if it’s a really pressing issue, though; I don’t think many people put their Start Menu on the side.

  12. I finally got around to beating RotT. πŸ™‚

    Short review: I am absolutely in love with the style of this game. Graphics, music, text, it’s all awesome and fits together really well. The interface is good, but there should be a button to start the level in case you don’t want to build any refineries. Also the techtree would really benefit from even more transparency. A single line telling you what you’re going to get, even when you don’t have the prereqs for the tech, would really help. Something like “+1 armor for all buildings” or “Tower that damages and stuns groups of Titans”. Currently it’s really hard to decide what to research, and if you don’t like it you have to replay multiple levels.

    The gameplay is fun enough, but there are a few problems. Mostly that the game currently encourages building a single large firebase in later levels, which means 90% of late levels play absolutely the same. Earth and Moon play quite differently, and Mars still has some cool new stuff (spiders and ghosts mostly).

    Saturn has the snails that just always go around your defenses and also hunt your refineries, but at that point that doesn’t even matter much. The flying bombers can be tricky to deal with because their bombs keep flying for a bit, but that’s a really cool challenge. A nerf to max tower range would make them even more interesting, but also crazy hard to deal with (early shield and armor upgrade research or capacitors at a forward position and good timing would pretty much become the only options). I didn’t like the walking bombs, mostly because they could be dealt with fairly easilyl by putting reactors on your Blast Cannons. That way you get through the armor okay. No capacitors or explosives (which I never researched) necessary.

    Titan felt too easy for me, which is very bad for the final world. Most of the new challenges revolve around Titans with blasters. And that just means you need to somehow fit all your buildings under one shield and get the armor upgrade. The final level was really easy for me because I had a lot of rare powerups saved up (also lots of normal ones too which I unfortunately didn’t need), so I had to build very few upgrade buildings and could spend most of my money on towers for a change. It was glorious. Ghosts didn’t get into range of my capacitors, even with maxed zap range. The level setup was nice though, cramped base with three entrances is pretty tricky to deal with if you actually have to place all those upgrade buildings. Generally Titan felt way too easy. It’s also both nearly impossible and unnecessary to mine there. Get a money tech or cheatmine one level by stalling the last Titan, then live off powerups (don’t nerf the powerups, because it’s nearly impossible to mine).

    I think reducing max powerup buildings to two and reducing their range a bit plus giving more passive upgrades from techs and making everything cheaper is worth trying.

    I’ll probably replay this once there are some cool gameplay/balance changes and/or the game gets on Steam. Good game, keep making more! I might even check out your other games.

  13. I strongly disagree with any increase in transparency of the tech tree; it’s never been more transparent than it is right now, and the whole point of not having every single thing explained is that players have to find out for themselves by the choices (in tech) they make.
    Besides, once you’ve opened the doorway to researching a particular piece of tech, you can find out what it does via the boffin description without actually having to buy it, so that way you can gauge your options before committing to it. Not only that, but you can now see what tech route you need to take to get a particular piece of kit….. what more do you want?!
    …and I’m still not convinced that nerfing upgrades down to x2 per turret etc will introduce the ability for players to deploy multiple defensive positions effectively, or try out different strategies. Once the new tech (Scarecrow,Tanks,Droid Repair and Stealth) are introduced I’ll think we’ll have the best solution…. tick tick tick

    1. But it’s going to take months until we get new techs! I agree scarecrows might let you mine better, which in turn would give you the money to build more defenses, possibly in more places than just at your base. And getting more money would also raise the difficulty enough to force you to build more. But this is not going to change that all you need to do to win is put enough upgrade buildings and 3-10 towers near your base. And that’s even possible without getting the scarecrow tech. Giving the players more possibilities is not going to change the current strategy unless they are stronger or easier to use. And putting lots of stuff near your base is currently about as effective and easy as it gets. Also: months! πŸ™

      About the tech tree: I realize a lot of people like discovering what each tech does, and knowing what you’re going to get from research is unrealistic. But when I am playing a strategy game and have to spend finite resources on something (one tech slot per level) I would like to know what I’m going to get before researching 3 prereqs. The current system worked pretty well for me, most things I researched I could put to good use. But some I couldn’t.

    2. Arguably, there are some tech that might not seem as useful as others, but I think this comes down to individual preference; I mean, plenty of players seem to go for the rocket launchers but I’ve never really spent a lot of time going down that research branch. Perhaps that means that I’m missing out on a tech that would really benefit my defense, but it does open up replayability – previous iterations of RotT where you actually had to pay for tech research were more punishing in that respect, free tech research has opened up this possibility to try new things out. Of course there are be those players who won’t have the inclination to play through the campaign again just to try different tech routes out, but anyway…
      Months??? I’d figure it’ll be more likely the beginning of March when the new tech’s are finally available, due to Caz revealing those tidbits of information about them (your such a tease!!) but then again, perhaps he’ll be too busy implementing some new-fangled code in response to this debate about base-roids vs defenses far away from home.
      …and remember, base-roids is only effective if you’ve got enough $$ to defend it adequately in the first place!

    3. Curious and interested to know what other people think regarding this issue with RotT? – obviously Galefury and myself have differing opinions, but we both agree that it does need to be addressed.
      What are your thoughts? Possible solutions?? Anyone???

    4. I’ve gotta agree with Galefury. The problem for me is mainly that I didn’t know whether a given technology was worth the investment unless I actually tried it. I mean, I could guess what Nanohardening was, and I don’t necessarily have to know how a Disruptor functions before I get it (obviously it’s some sort of powerful weapon), but things like Reinforcements and Special Supplies, I had no idea what those did until I got to them. Same with Ionisation Laser. Does it improve the splash damage of the Laser? Or add some effect to all turrets’ shots? For those last three cases, I simply had sort of “throwaway” games where I teched directly to those, beating each level as quickly as possible, so that I would actually know what they did, and could apply that knowledge while actually playing the game.

      You could say this and that about discovering things as you go… but the fact is, if in my main game I had pushed my way through to Ionisation Laser, I would have found it (as I do now) not worth the investment, and then would have been faced with the extremely annoying choice of either replaying levels that I had already beaten, or continuing the game knowing that I had wasted several points on tech I would never use.

    5. i’ma weigh in with Luke. as i have said many a time, i think an increase in tech transparency would be unfortunate. i really don’t understand why people have a difficult time with trying out a tech route. if you don’t like it, you can unbundle your undergarments and redo some levels. maybe this is frustrating to folks, to me, it makes the game more interesting.

      and on the multiple defense thing, i’m a fan of first establishing the base cluster technique. it makes sense. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with always having a solid base defense and then expending around that. i do think this technique should only work by itself for moon/mar-ish. and then….something.

      not sure how i feel about reducing cost and upgrades to x2, i can see it both helping and not. sounds like the new tech will help to address some issues. but Galefury you right. it’s probably not going to change peoples strategies too much.

      btw, i also agree with you that titan is way too easy. they should be overrunning your base. i felt more pressure from them on mars.

      1. @ Sherfumarcus – Thanks for the support! I suspect that players who feel that the tech tree should be MORE transparent haven’t played the earlier iterations of RotT, lol… it kinda saddens me that people seem a little averse to discovery, maybe it’s due to videogames in general babysitting players? Shortened attention spans? Impatience? Not meaning to offend anyone.
        @Emile – Droids are much more useful once you’ve upgraded them, but only in large numbers… you do have a point about them targeting armoured gidrahs who then proceed to just mow down a whole bunch of them, perhaps a buff on the droid upgrade to make them a bit less kamikaze? or perhaps make them move slightly defensively instead of just pushing forward or standing still?
        @ Brett – that’s pretty cool what you’ve done; as LordKane stated, good wallpaper material.
        @JLrep – True, but frustrating as it may be, at least you have the choice given to you to re-do previous levels and take a different route, as opposed to having to start completely from scratch…
        @ Therax – who doesn’t love lasers?! and yeah, multiblasters don’t even get a look-in!
        finally, someone (can’t remember who sorry) previously mentioned about the sfx for building stuff sounding odd. That end ‘boch’ sound really doesnt fit, any possibility that it’ll be changed?

        1. Let me put it this way. The only reason I knew what some techs did before I unlocked them (Extra Mines, Nanohardening), but didn’t know others (Reinforcements, Ionisation Laser) is because some of the names happen to be more guessable than others. I would rather have the techs be either completely transparent, or completely hidden (i.e., every tech is a question mark until you unlock it). Having it sort of inbetween is highly illogical. From a gameplay perspective, it suggests that the designers think a game will be more fun if you have to play the same levels you’ve already beaten several times over just because the name they picked for a tech wasn’t sufficiently clear. From a story perspective, it suggests that the scientists know in advance the name of every breakthrough they are going to have, as well as knowing exactly how many breakthroughs they will have, but not have any notion about what they actually are.

          1. Well, let me put it this way: there’s not really enough room in the UI for it, so if we’re going to describe all the tech precisely, it’ll be on the website. Which it will be, eventually. This means a) people who don’t like spoilers who want to have a bit of fun choosing various paths through the research still can do this and b) people who like it all laid out for them on a plate can just go and have a look.

            Also: the level generator uses your research as the seed for the level. If you research something different, the next level will be different. You’ll be able to explore what each tech does on the same level until you find one that works best, then the next level will never be the same again.

            We haven’t done the aforementioned web pages yet because, er, the game is still slightly in flux, and it’s a pain to tune the game and update the website at the same time.

            1. Erm, pardon me for disagreeing with you about how your game is built, but it seems to me that the room in the UI is already there. You could let the player click on any tech and have the game give them the “After a late night drinking distilled coffee…” screen, and then if it’s a tech the player can’t research yet, remove the “Continue” button from the screen.

          2. …and there’s the crux of it: the game isn’t finished! πŸ™‚
            Your nitpicking about the tech tree transparency and ironically using the word ‘illogical’ in an illogical & irrational statement? You’d rather have it completely transparent or completely hidden? – sorry, but that just makes no sense when the obvious solution to appease the majority of players is exactly what we already have!
            Tell me, are you the type of player who plays a game to completion and then never plays it again?

            1. All of you defending tech tree obscurity could have at least given your point a leg to stand on FFS, like, oh I don’t know… instead of just showing us how much money we went into a level in the level select, you also show an icon for what research we picked?

              At the moment if I wanted to try a different tech tree because I messed up, I have to pretty much go ALL THE WAY back to the previous planet and start over practically from scratch because it’s too confusing trying to figure out the last piece of tech in the branch I was going into.

              1. So, YOUR argument for a completely clear tech tree is because 1) your too forgetful and 2) your too lazy?!
                All you have to do is look at the tech you’ve unlocked on your latest mission, then go back look at the unlocked tech – and repeat as much as you want. Doesn’t take much effort does it? But it appears even that’s too much for you…. talk about having no legs to stand on, lol!

                1. oops, meant to say ‘look at the tech, go back to the previous level, look at the tech, repeat ad infinitum – just so you get my point….

                2. @Luke,

                  “…and there’s the crux of it: the game isn’t finished! πŸ™‚
                  Your nitpicking about the tech tree transparency and ironically using the word β€˜illogical’ in an illogical & irrational statement? You’d rather have it completely transparent or completely hidden? – sorry, but that just makes no sense when the obvious solution to appease the majority of players is exactly what we already have!
                  Tell me, are you the type of player who plays a game to completion and then never plays it again?”

                  First of all, I realize the game isn’t finished. That’s the reason I am giving my opinion. I have been given the impression that the creators are seeking feedback as they finish the game. I enjoy the game and would like to help improve it, thus I am giving feedback.

                  Second, when I called the decision “illogical”, I referred to two specific reasons why it was: a gameplay reason and a plot reason. If you want to show my statement to be irrational, you will have to disprove those two reasons.

                  And to answer your question, no I am not. Most games I either stop playing long before the end, if I don’t like them, or play them many times over, if I do.

                  1. @ JLrep – 1) nothing wrong with giving feedback….
                    2) quote “I would rather have the techs be either completely transparent, or completely hidden” – THIS is the statement that I was calling illogical, for the following reasons – complete tech transparency reveals everything,no mystery,and spoils it for all those who like that kind of thing whilst satisfying only those (like yourself) who want their cake nicely laid out on a table (with a label that says ‘cake’ on it just so there’s no confusion) and want to eat it, whereas completely hidden tech is just a way to penalize & royally screw everyone over – the current implementation is a compromise of these two extremes, nothing is either fully hidden or fully revealed – a haftway point… πŸ™‚
                    …and you mention the plot? – this is RotT and the plot isnt the focus! The ‘game’ is, it’s only games that are completely plot driven (most AAA titles) that you could use that argument on…..
                    and besides, you DONT have to restart the game from scratch if you took a ‘wrong’ turn on the tech tree, it’s no game over, so quit whining!

  14. I’m liking the balance changes so far (on Saturn now -after a fresh playthrough in 1.80.4)
    I think the ghosts are much better now, since I don’t need 4 capacitors to deal with a small handful of units. I’m also liking how money hoarding doesn’t need to be the only focus of the game anymore.

    Two bugs still there for me: occasional game crashes (on 64 bit debian, MSI netbook), also one level wouldn’t end, even though there were no more visible enemies (assuming one was stuck somewhere)

    Balance ideas – any way to make the ai on the little robots a bit better, so they don’t go after guys with shields when others are around as well? As it stands, they don’t strike me as terribly useful, and I’d normally rather take the hit on a few mildly damaged buildings than even bothering with them.

  15. *cough*

    Before I got distracted by other games I spent some time with 1.80.2 screenshotting all the tech options (and what monsters I saw so far) for purposes of creating a Research/Building/Techtree FAQ, because I was annoyed at trying to guess what tech does what. In the process I run into some inconsistencies and questions:

    – The text information for level 2 as well as reminders at later levels if you don’t research refineries talk about fundings for research – feels a bit confusing considering we no longer pay for research πŸ˜‰

    – Mines, unlike every other building in the game, walls included, don’t list price per unit in their stats display

    – Girdah speed, laser damage and multi-blaster rate of fire are all listed in “X to Y” format which is a bit confusing. My guess is that girdah speed is listed as range from regular speed to “enraged and on road” speed, but the later two I can’t quite figure out.

    – +fire rate and +reload speed bonuses are a bit vauge. How do they affect turrets? Will a blaster (normal fire rate 0.4/sec) with +1 fire rate have fr of 1.4/sec? 0.8/sec? 0.5/sec? Some other number altogether?

    – Likewise I’m a bit confused by lithium concentrator, liquid sodium cooling, optics and x-ray scanners. Are these upgrades global per turret (which would be a bit silly with lithium concentrator’s +0.5 ammo :D), or do they modify the related turret upgrading buildings?

    – Girdah strength stat – does it actually do anything? (it can’t be damage done considering girdahs seem to either damage one shield at a time or, in case of boss titans, wreak the building in one go)

    – Also related – nanotehnology +1 armor for buildings, what does *that* do, considering non-boss girdahs seem to always deal 1 damage per attack

    – Any chance droid factory info could also include stats for the droids themselves? I’m curious how good the little buggers are and how much their one upgrade affects them.

    Alright, that’s enough bothering from me… for the moment at least. Away I go, maybe this time I get around doing that FAQ before I get distr- Ooooh, shiny…

    1. I assumed that +0.5 something means half of the corresponding booster building. So +0.5 ammo would mean half of the bonus per battery listed for the turret. This is just an assumption though.

      I think the firing rate range for turrets is the range from 0 to 4 cooling towers.

      Titan strength really is the damage they do per attack, but the hit point bar ticks for buildings don’t represent one HP each. I think it’s 4, same as the damage a normal Titan does. Armor does reduce that damage, and later on there are Titans with lower damage, like gidlets and Titans that use ranged weapons. The armor upgrade is really nice against those.

      1. You are probably right about fire rate – it seems that fire rate switching to range is triggered by researching cooling tower. Since only multiblaster has cooling tower as a prerequisite I saw it only when getting the stats for it, and thus got confused πŸ˜€

        Also, correction to my list of questions above – mines apparently do list the price per unit in research screen – it’s only the initial info screen that you get when you research the item that is missing it.

  16. I did manage to finish the campaign. This is an awesome game. I love the music, the visual style, the writing, and the overall design. A few things I noticed as I plowed my way through through Titan:

    1) I finished the game building few, if any, multiblasters. Early in the campaign, their 20 second reload time is pretty crippling, and I couldn’t afford enough reloaders/batteries to make them worthwhile over having 3 regular blaster turrets. Later in the game, when I could afford more enhancement buildings, armored titans are thick on the ground and multiblasters have a bad habit of expending their entire batteries bouncing shots off of armor.

    I’ve started working my way through Endless, and frankly, I’m having an easier time going straight for spreader cannons. They’re cheaper than multiblasters, have a reload time comparable to regular blasters, hit multiple targets simultaneously, and their stun effect works even if the shots don’t penetrate the armor.

    At the moment I just feel that multiblasters are two wasted research points. I think they could stand a bit of a buff. If their AI were smart enough to switch targets away from an armored titan to an unarmored one, that would probably help a bunch.

    2) Lasers are amazing. Once I started building a laser or two surrounded by upgrades, the titans generally didn’t survive long enough to get into range of any of my other turrets, especially combined with a spreader/assault cannon or two for the stun. With 4 reloaders and the reload speed passive research, lasers reload in 15 – 9 = 6 seconds, which amounts to nearly constant fire since their base rate of fire is 1 shot per 5 seconds before cooling towers. I feel that maybe lasers should only get 1 or 1.5 seconds taken off their reload time per reloader, since fire rate seems like it’s supposed to their weak point.

    3) Towards the end of the Titan missions, I was assaulted by a large number of flying titans armed with blasters. the generated map however, had a single chokepoint a ways away from my base, where my turrets were concentrated. It seems that these titans won’t shoot at the base, but will aggressively go for any other buildings. I ended up with 50+ of these guys flying over my base, avoiding my hardpoint, and not doing or taking any damage at all. Eventually I sold my turrets and rebuilt them at the base to finish the mission.

  17. @ Luke, ur welcome for the support. like opinionated folks gotta stick together.

    having said that, mmm, what about a training/simulation camp? one where you can go to at any point during the campaign and test out your latest researched tech on simulated enemies that wander around sniffing flowers and not attacking? a place where money and resources don’t matter and you can see what does what to who, and stat boxes pop up form outta nowhere like frisky rabbits?

    man guys just take a plunge on a tech route! my brain needs to stop thinking up solutions for you commitaphobes.

    you know what i would love to see? a smart missile weapon with manual targeting. that would be magical.

  18. Plans are afoot. 1.80.5 promises to be something quite special, slowly iterating towards perfect balance.

    In the meantime, these guys didn’t think too much of the game: Revenge of the Titans Review Seems they mainly thought the graphics were “bland” and the gameplay “not catchy”. Hm. Apparently not even as good as Defense Grid.

    1. Have just read that review in full…. πŸ™ How in hell do they think the presentation is ‘dull’? Oh, that’ll be because it’s not rendered in 3d with a 12million poly count…. probably only played the first world…. my analysis – the reviewers a d*ck, and sure ‘Defense Grid’ is a great t/d game, but none of the others he mentioned grabbed my attention – in fact, Plant vs Zombies helped put me off it just from it’s visual presentation!
      One thing that really constantly bugs me is when people say that the graphics for RotT are ‘retro’?? Seriously! Just how exactly are they retro, and what ignorant seat did you fall off to come to that conclusion?!?! Cas, I think maybe you should take a nod from SuperMeatBoy and create a special secret level where everything looks like its on a zx spectrum (48k, 16k might be stretching it!)
      Ok, rant over…. grrrr!

      1. Here are the factors that make the visual style “retro”:

        1) Wide stroke brushes.
        2) Sharply defined corners on 45- and 90-degree angles.
        3) A few, simple shapes per-object.
        4) A small number of basic colors, with sharply delineated transitions between regions, not smooth gradients. (Yet within a region of a single “color,” gradients are used to great effect!)
        5) Relatively few basic animation frames per-object (The boffin giving his research briefing has maybe 6 different positions.)

        Take a look at the basic Gidrah from Earth. The legs are three squares. The teeth and mouth, two triangles set in a rectangle. The body shape as a whole consists entirely of 45 degree angles, and recalls the ghosts of Pac-Man. I imagine this is intentional, especially once the wraiths start showing up.

        All of this recalls low-resolution pixel art. Looking at the eyes, I can easily imagine them as 5 pixels each, run through an Eagle or SuperSaI-style upscaling algorithm.

        What makes RotT’s visual style impressive is what the Puppygames team has done with those basic elements: Goroud-style shading and bloom effects that still preserve the impression of sharp color boundaries, and great particle, lighting, and transparency effects. Just look at the smoke, the flashing light, and the radar dish on the base structure. The bloom on the light, and the transparency of the smoke are two aspects that could never be done on a Spectrum. But the radar dish, even though it’s rotating, is a single color — there isn’t shading to show relative depth as it spins — and that strongly recalls the old 16- and 256- color restricted palettes of classic gaming.

        On top of that, although 45 degree angles are dominant, they are true angles that make use of your computer’s full resolution. In other words, although the art is inspired by a low-resolution pixel tradition, it is not restricted to a pure low-resolution grid.

        The whole game shows a real respect and affection for those old machines and the games they ran, while making the best of modern technology and interface design. This is the very best of what “retro” means to me, and I love it dearly.

        1. That’s a pretty detailed explanation there Therax, so I can’t say that I don’t understand your definition of ‘retro’ better now!

          I still don’t consider RotT visual style retro though, but only because to me ‘retro’ is more literal than meaning ‘inspired by’ – see, Puppygames visual style obviously takes some of its cue from computers/consoles/arcades of old but then throws a whole heap of personality and greshnessness to it, whereas to me ‘retro’ (in the sense of describing a visual style) implies wholesale plundering of an earlier visual style from an earlier system, for example vector graphics (Geometry Wars), or games that clearly emulate the visual resolution of a c64. Something like ‘Passage’ is obviously retro, but RotT? still not convinced πŸ™‚

    2. Don’t listen to them. Did you see their tower placement in the screenshot? I played a lot of Desktop Tower Defense. Great game, but it doesn’t touch RotT.

    3. Trying to NOT sound like a RoTT or Defense grid fanboy, but Defense Grid is a completely fucking different style of TD game, in many ways RoTT is much MUCH MUCH more open ended in terms of strategy, many TD games depend on a set path and a set strategy in order to defeat it, Defense grid in some sense is similar in its openness but the only way that is by tower placement. but RoTT offers so many choices with a) the AI, no other TD game has AI that tries its hardest to AVOID your defenses and various buildings and will try to find a alternate path and maybe a path that has less defenses or none.

      I am sorry but that review is bullshit, in its purest retarded form.


    4. Yep, looks like he only played the Earth levels from the text and screenshots. Lazy, but I guess this kind of stuff happens a lot in game reviews. The review is actually somewhat justified if you just take Earth into account though. Most of the cool stuff happens later. Having some cool terrain visuals going on before Titan would definitely help this game. The Titans and buildings look great, but the terrain really is a little bland. Except on Titan, where it is a tiny bit too flashy in my opinion.

      A cool challenge that could be added to earth is orbital bombardment. Certain areas of the map (marked by huge scorch marks) could be periodically damaged by orbital death lasers or something. The titans could know when the laser is going to fire and sometimes avoid that area and sometimes go through it. Earth doesn’t really need any added difficulty though, just a bit more style to keep new players interested.

      and regarding the “retro” it has a retro feal, yet revamped.
      I havent read the whole thing, I might later

      and I noticed their playing on macs (they cant right click)
      I know, bad joke

  19. I’m playing “Endless” level 52 and the titans never show up….Has anyone else seen this? I fast-forwarded for a few minutes and nothing. I realized I could see just the corner of one titan right off the edge of the screen so I put a blaster there and it started firing. Then I put a whole bunch and they kept firing but couldn’t tell if they killed anything. And that was it. Restarted it a couple times and same thing. I guess I’m stuck! Can it be fixed for the next version?

      1. The same happens in survival mode after approx. 45 minutes. I’ve sent you a link to the savegame via the contact form.

    1. Awesome, I’ll look into it, but it’s going to delay 1.80.5 with all the supercool changes I’ve made to please everyone… or shall I release it anyway and look at the bug in 1.80.6 instead…? That sounds better.

      1. Hate to throw another bug onto the pile, but on planet Titan on level 47 I think, the level generated 3 enemy spawn points/pools, literally next to my base. There was not enough room for a turret and barely enough for a barricade. This seemed a little unfair.

        On a lighter note. I cannot wait for the next update. I’ve been trying to play through the game to completion every time you release a new update. I cannot wait to see where your going next.


        If for whatever reason the image doesn’t work on this post, I’ve posted the image on my forum here:

  20. Hey, something I haven’t seen anyone else mention here, since 180 was released the command line options to change the window size don’t seem to work.

    I have a launcher in my panel that executes “/opt/revengeofthetitans/ width=1480 height=960”

    and it used to work, but it just makes me sad now having to squint into a tiny corner of my screen with window size set to “large” in the options. πŸ™

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