Show me the Sales!

Erstwhile indie entrepreneur, caustic media darling and Ferengi executive Cliffski has put together an awesome site of like-minded indie games developers where we flog our humble wares called Show Me The Games. The site is a dedicated not-for-profit co-operative between a few of us indie developers to bring in direct sales to benefit each other, the lifeblood of expansion in our industry.

This morning we are proud to announce a sale on Show Me The Games called… Show Me The Sales!

If you’re a customer of ours (either directly, via affiliates, through Steam or the Humble Indie Bundle), please stroll on over and check out some incredibly cheap and nifty titles from our fellow indie peers, many of which would make great Christmas gifts for friends and family (especially, hem hem, on account of their extreme cheapness for the next 14 days). Of course, you could spend Christmas day playing Monopoly instead. No? I thought not. Go now!

If you’re in any doubt about any of the titles available on Show Me The Sales don’t forget they all have demos and all have refund policies.

6 thoughts on 'Show me the Sales!'

  1. Tried to get the 50% discount on Gratuitous Space Battles (since I already own all PuppyGames games) and BMT Micro told me the code is invalid 🙁

    1. I’ve informed Cliff – I expect it’s because BMT dates don’t start at quite the same time as European dates, if you see what I mean. It probably works now.

  2. I know that it is bad place to ask, but I cannot find any way to contact on SMTG site. Is there a way to show only games that have Linux version available?

  3. you guys never did finish that uridium project did you you? by the way, i’d like to see a deep sea theme in one of your games, people would like a dark glooming strange retro style graphics in that setting. It would be cool
    now i have no intention of you guys just pullling a game out of no-where, its just a “incase we cant think of somthing” topic. What was that Uridium thing about anyway?

      1. i just found it and was wondering, and i like deep sea games:bioshock, spearguns, nemo, how could you go wrong?

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