New trailer for Titan Attacks v2, glitchy bits fixed, Revenge 1.80.13

To accompany the recent v2.00 release of Titan Attacks is this new trailer wot I have done…

Cas has also done a few fixes – so if you had any problems with Linux freezing, have a go and see if it’s got better.

Linux Ultrabundle Fixed

I’ve just uploaded a hacky fix to make the Ultrabundle games work properly on Linux. If anyone could let me know why Frame.isActive() always returns false on Linux I’d be grateful. Grr.

Revenge of the Titans Updated to v1.80.13

Humble Bundlers – download the update from your Humble Bundle page, not Puppygames!

Revenge of the Titans also got an update which actually changes a few things, some of which will make whiners whine, but as that’s what whiners do, we shall leave them to it. Amongst the changes is that the resolution of the game has now been fixed regardless of your screen’s aspect ratio. It was supposed to be like this before but because of a bit of a logic error it never really worked as intended. Now it does. You should find the game now resizes to any size you like when running in a window (press “P” to pause and ungrab the mouse).

Balance & gameplay changes in the game are as follows:

  • The overall difficulty level of the game has been slackened off a tiny bit. You will be able to hoard a little more money before things get really tough. But hoarding money is not the way to win this game anyway. Spend it on defenses! Or as we like to call them here in Blighty, defences.
  • Battledroids and repair drones have been nerfed, and are now produced in slightly fewer numbers.
  • The repairs that repair drones do now actually cost you money. The repair cost is 10% of the basic value of the building per hitpoint restored. The base, having no cost as such, costs $750 per hitpoint.
  • It’s now running under Java 7 on Windows, and should see about a 20% boost in performance, which you won’t notice really unless your machine is marginal in the CPU area.
  • Fixed a few typos here and there
  • Fixed a bug where you the difficulty was not being attenuated when you were being kicked in by the Titans. This has been in for ages! I did think it was a little odd that people were complaining quite so much about difficulty – turns out the little tweak that was in there to allow players to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat was broken!
  • Nerfed boss hitpoints a little
  • Any of you running on Steam will be delighted to know that we have added Steam achievements and Steam cloud support!

That little lot is bound to upset loads of people but, well, you know, they needed fixing. You’re unlikely to really notice unless you were heavily into repair drones, or you were finding the game too hard – in which case, give it another spin, you’ll probably get a lot further before you hit the Easier Level button.

61 thoughts on 'New trailer for Titan Attacks v2, glitchy bits fixed, Revenge 1.80.13'

  1. This is amazing! I can’t wait for RoTT to be updated on Steam (achievements and steam cloud!), but in the meantime I need to buy Titan Attacks. I played the demo and got hooked.

  2. Awesome. Achievements and game syncing are always nice.

    Somehow the “Defeated a Megatitan” achievement seems different than all of the others.

  3. I’m very happy for the support, even thought I wasn’t finding the game too hard ^^.

    Will you release the source for this version ?

      1. How does that work anyway? If it’s not like an Apple NDA where you can’t even talk about how you can’t talk about anything.

        1. Well, I don’t really know, and I’m too lazy to find the NDA and read it again but basically there’s a public and a private part to our Steam APIs, and the private part requires linking to Steamworks APIs, which are not redistributable to the public. So that bit of the source code isn’t going to be available. The public part on the other hand – our wrapper around the private part – is.

  4. Sweet, made me actually play the game again since a while!
    However, the Steam achievements don’t seem to work properly for me, they simply won’t unlock altough I achieved something via the medal ingame. (For example defeating a Megatitan)

      1. Hmm, the 70+ achievements are showing up already though. Anyways, seems to be a problem in general because for another game an achievemnt didn’t unlock either just now.

        1. I don’t think that’s in any way related. Our problem is that Steam are still delivering 1.80.12 and the achievements are in 1.80.13. Bah.

          1. Alright, tried it and yes, achievements are working now.
            However my old profile seems gone as I had to start a completely new one when starting the game, with the old one not showing up. 🙁

            1. Ah it will do that yes… Steam cloud support means it’ll suddenly be looking somewhere new for saved games. I think I’d better update the blog post to explain this and what to do about it.

  5. Well, unfortunately the game still seems to freeze here (Titan Attacks). So neither this nor the other ultrabundle games are fixed. Thanks a bunch for trying 😀

    1. What about Revenge of the Titans? (Actually I’m not sure if I’ve even uploaded the fixed Titan Attacks now. Too little sleep. I am not sure what has and happened for real and what I’ve dreamed now).

      1. It doesn’t start anymore. I get a message about my graphics card not being supported, even though it used to work before (nVidia and Intel).

                    1. Yay it works! 😀

                      Thank you for the on going support – not only you’ve made some great games, but you keep on making them better. Can’t wait for the next project now!

                      Hm, no more nesting in the comments now… 🙁

  6. “Any of you running on Steam will be delighted to know that we have added Steam achievements and Steam cloud support!”

    Hell yeah! Thanks guys.

  7. The new update has reset my saves on the Steam version but it’s not the end of the world. Does the steam cloud store save positions as well as preferences?

    1. The steam cloud stores all the same stuff as the Puppygames version, just in a different location somewhere buried in the steam folders. I have a feeling you might be able to copy the files out of the Puppygames folder and put them into the steam one.

  8. “But… I do take the point that the modern gamer just wants all the stuff handed out up front. ”

    *sigh*, Zylon chewed your food for you, and you still refused to swallow. Bad design decisions remain. Stupid research tree with worthless techs and barely any explanations remain. I hope you get out of games business, since you obviously dont want to learn on your mistakes.

    1. Revenge of the Titans is great and us Brits make quality games. Puppy Games should be encouraged to continue writing software. Comments like Karry’s just make me despair at their ignorance and inflammatory nature.

      1. That’s gamers for you. He’d probably best have a word with the other 288,165 Revenge players on Steam about how we should stop making games.

  9. Here’s how to get your saves back:

    1. Start the game first. This is important, or Steam Cloud will ignore your old saves!

    2. Copy your old save folder from:
    – C:\Users\\.revenge_of_the_titans_1.80 (Windows Vista/7)
    – C:\Documents and Settings\\.revenge_of_the_titans_1.80 (Windows XP)

    To the new save folder in:
    – \userdata\\93200\remote\.revenge_of_the_titans_1.80

    Overwrite any existing files in the new folder.

    3. Exit the game, Steam Cloud will now sync up your old save data where it’s safe and sound!

    1. Hmm the paths got messed up, let me try again:

      1. Start the game first. This is important, or Steam Cloud will ignore your old saves!

      2. Copy your old save folder from:
      – C:\Users\[username]\.revenge_of_the_titans_1.80 (Windows Vista/7)
      – C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\.revenge_of_the_titans_1.80 (Windows XP)

      To the new save folder:
      – [steam folder]\userdata\[random number]\93200\remote\.revenge_of_the_titans_1.80

      Overwrite any existing files in the new folder.

      3. Exit the game, Steam Cloud will now sync up your old save data where it’s safe and sound!

  10. Refineries keyboard shortcut seems to be broken (builds different structure, cooling tower I think?).

    Whoa, repair bots have just bankrupted me! I think they spend money too agressively.

    1. They certainly do spend money – better make sure you’ve got plenty of it, or a decent income from refineries. I think the balance is just about right now though. Repairing something expensive is way cheaper than having to buy a new one. I think they come into their own more in survival than campaign mode.

      1. so i go to wre i go to buy the game and install it, it only lets us install ot if you fill out the page with your credit card numbers and such
        i still dont understand, i know i seem stupid to all the other people, but the link it gives is to the home page not the place were tou click to re-install it

        1. If you bought Revenge of the Titans from the Humble Bundle, redownload from the e-mail that you’ve received from the Humble Bundle.
          Otherwise, just download the demo and enter your email address into the demo to get the registered version.

    2. I also noticed that the keyboard shortcuts for refinery and cooling tower are broken. Maybe others too… Do we get a fix?

      1. Yes, there’s a fix coming in a couple of weeks (sorry about the delay but we can’t patch as fast as we’d like because of Steam)

  11. wait? were do you go if you want to update the games you already have, there should be a link in the message you give when people play the old version; so they can update it faster

    1. They do show a message, if you play an older version, with a website in the message to visit. If you got the game from us, for example, it says go to Steam users don’t get messages, they just get the updates automatically.

      Just install the new one on top of the old one – job done.

  12. Any tips on restoring the lost saved games for the Mac Steam version? I’m not finding any folders that have the old saved game in them. Given how far I was into the game (and how long it took me to get there), I’m afraid I don’t have the time or the patience to replay it…

  13. Tried the above suggestion to restore saves….does not work. I made sure I was copying from the correct folder into the correct folder but does not correct anything. I played level 1 quickly on endless, tried copying the ‘old’ save over, as described, closing, but that doesn’t overwrite….

    I’m at a loss.

    1. It’s tricky to get the timing right. As the game closes it triggers steam to sync the files but it also overwrites the data you just copied. Try to paste just as the game finishes closing but before steam gets a chance to sync.

  14. I bought the game through Humble Bundle. When I start the game, it shows a screen asking to check the email, enter the code and unlock a bonus. How do I get the email with the hex code?

    1. There is no hex code in an email. There is, however, an email which has a link in it to opt in to the newsletter, and upon completing the opt-in, it shows you a code. Once, ever. Then it’s gone forever.

  15. I used the idea of copying and pasting into the new save area just after closing the game but before it syncs.. and after about 3 or 4 tries it seemed to work. The planets I had opened appeared on the level select, but when I clicked on an area no matter which area it always went back to Basingstoke level 1 on Earth and all of my upgrades were gone… Any official word on this? Would much rather not start all over again..

    1. Nevermind, in the end I decided to just start all over again. The hoarded achievements aren’t unlocking though. You may want to fix that

  16. Hi,

    I have the ultrabundle for Linux. Is it possible in a near future to get them on Desura?


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