So I went to Rezzed with @Cliffski (and Mrs. Cliffski), ferried there in a state of mild car-phobia induced air conditioned comfort in his spaceship-like Lexus. I couldn’t tell you what Lexus it is, just that it is black, and has batteries in it to make it go, and a charming electronic assistant lady called Lizzy who tells Cliff where to drive. I also managed to figure out how to transmit music from my phone to the car, and forced Mr. and Mrs. Cliffski to endure my “eclectic” musical tastes. I notice that most of the music I listen to has what graphics people might describe as a “high dynamic range” – that is, it has quiet bits, loud bits, bits with low frequencies, bits with high frequencies, and mostly every combination in between. It turns out that this is crap for cars, as you can’t really hear anything, and this probably explains why nearly all modern music is just a massive irritating wall of sound – because the only place most of it gets listened to is on car radios. Anyway, I digress. This is what we did when we got there:

Indie Stone

We went to see a talk by the Indie Stone of Project Zomboid fame (I’ve been doing some things for them). We were nearly as surprised as they were as the room was packed out with hundreds of people (a show of hands in response to a question from one of the, er, Stoners, showed that maybe 90% of them were fans of Project Zomboid). Anyway – the presentation was of course quite funny, detailing as it did how not to set up a studio and have several disasters. We make our own luck, as the saying goes 🙂

I was going to throw tomatoes at Lemmy for forgetting to mention me but as he was visibly shaking like a leaf with nerves decided that would be a bit mean. My time will come! I think it’s time I did a talk at one of these talk things, having amassed all sorts of interesting bits of know-how and wisdom about the industry, games, and coding in general.

Borderlands 2

We wandered around and looked at all the man-shooters on display – still strangely the most prevalent sort of game at computer game shows. There were also a rather large bunch of indie games there but unfortunately my largest and most vociferous organ was telling me that I had to go and eat, so we didn’t hang around and play any of them for any significant length of time. Can’t even remember the titles.

We wandered into a section labelled “18 Only”, hoping for scantily clad pole dancing ladies and these naked booth babes I hear everyone decrying, but annoyingly there was just some guy in a rubber Alien suit, and Borderlands 2. The Borderlands 2 demos were wired up to XBox360 controllers. WTF? I wrestled with the controller for a minute, looking probably like one of those long lost tribespeople that some missionary westerner has just given a knife and fork to, and eventually gave up in disgust. So in short: it looks like Borderlands 1, but prettier and the interface is a smidgen slicker. I’ll be buying it and playing it with a keyboard and mouse as God intended.

Fish And Chips

Eventually my stomach won the argument and we went in search of fish and chips. This you must know if you visit Brighton: the Regency Restaurant, on the sea front opposite the old burnt-out pier, makes the best fish and chips I’ve ever had. The Indie Stoners arrived along with torrential rain, and we decided to go to the pub.


In this bit we discuss things that we are not allowed to repeat in front of anyone, let alone broadcast all over the internet 🙂 A couple of things became apparent though. Firstly, the Stoners absolutely hate the AAA games industry with a passion, and after they told us their life stories, I can see why. Secondly, we had a good laugh at the Zomboid team’s expense concerning what disasters might have befallen them on the way down from tha Toon to Brighton including hilarious anecdotes such as strapping all the laptops with the source code on to the front of the van (“for safekeeping”).

Peter Molyneux

The next talk we went to was to see what batshit silliness Peter Molyneux is up to with his new “independent” studio 22 Cans. It turns out that he’s hiring lots of people to make little games for iPhones, and to be fair he did have quite an interesting “game” concept he talked about which he claimed was about curiosity – “what’s in the box?”. I thought that really it asked the question, “Just how much money can you fleece people out of via iTunes?” Molyneux actually seemed to concur on that point. Nothing wrong with parting people from their money, I always say. Anyone daft enough to spend it in such a manner clearly needs to be parted from it as soon as possible before they actually go and do something stupid with it.

Cliff and I stood at the back and sniggered like naughty schoolboys. During the Q&A session I was just almost but not quite drunk enough to want to ask Molyneux whether Cliff was fired or whether he quit Lionhead in a huff. But again my pleasant nature somehow smothered my desires to make mischief and the session ended without incident.

Mitu and Redshirts

After the session we bumped into Cliffski’s minion, Mitu Khandaker, who is simultaneously developing Redshirts for Positech Games (ie. Cliffski) and also strenuously denying being a minion. Just as I was getting into my stride mocking one or the other of them the Mode 7 team happened by broadcasting their intentions to obtain food from Italian restaurants, and my favourite organ once again declared its interest in food. Exeunt Indies. Past Molyneux near the front entrance; I tried to get Cliff to rant at him (“Remember me? Huh? Remember?”) but he wouldn’t do it, which is a shame as it would have been entertaining.

Pizza, Beer, etc.

Went and had a pizza. Waitress threw a plate on floor behind me. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in Final Destination. Anyway, having dodged certain death from flying crockery, we went out to go and find the RockPaperShotgun drinkiepoos at some fancypants club called Audio. Talked to a bunch of people there including me old mucker Adam Martin, whom I conclude needs to port Titan Attacks to iOS for me, though he doesn’t know it yet. But we were so knackered we only managed a couple of drinks and had to retire back to the hotel. Out like a light. An interesting day.







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  1. Sounds like an amazing day. I have to say Molyneux’s latest project both intrigues and kind of disgusts me, but we’ll see how it plays out.

    Also, you should totally do a talk! It’d be great to hear what you bring to the table, or at least watch you flip a few tables.

  2. Great read as usually. I urge you to write more often. You’re ramblings are always interesting and if I may be a bit intrigued could you elaborate on the ‘eclectic music taste’. I’m having a dry season in my music selection at the moment.

    1. Hmm let me see… I think I inflicted Fatboy Slim Big Beach Boutique 2 on them (which isn’t too bad as car driving music goes), Nine Inch Nails (Year Zero), Dr Phibes and the House of Wax Equations “Hazy Lazy Hologram”, Peeping Tom, a bit of Beck… all sorts of random stuff.

  3. I was at Rezzed as well, shame we didn’t pump into each other so I could gush about revenge of the titans. We managed to sneak up to the 2nd row of seats because people were leaving them empty for some reason and the usher was motioning us to fill up all the seats. We were right in the splatter zone of his rantings, entertaining though they were.

    Game of the show: Prison Architect (followed by Gunpoint)
    Chris was a cool guy but he had to keep fixing the bugs in his game while I was playing, looks good though.

    P.S. are you hiring?

  4. Cas, you need to post more, I enjoyed reading this. I miss the almost weekly posts, even reading the RotT change log was entertaining.

  5. Cas:
    Talked to a bunch of people there including me old mucker Adam Martin, whom I conclude needs to port Titan Attacks to iOS for me

    Alternatively, you could just run the JavaConversionMonkey over the Android version and *boom*, 90% of the job is done automatically for you!

              1. To be fair it’s not actually too bad once you get into it – it does start pretty slowly I suppose. But it’s really a bit of a mishmash of ideas and it’s too complex for most people to enjoy, and we hadn’t really settled on a style in those early days.

                1. is that why is so strange looking? And I didn’t have much of a chance to play, it kept crashing a 15 second to 2 minutes in.

                  1. It pretty certainly doesn’t work properly on modern hardware unfortunately. I’m surprised it even runs at all. I can’t run it here.

                    1. 2002. In fairness it’s probably not the game code itself which is broken, it’s most likely to be the slightly hacky nature of the LWJGL it was based on (0.7alpha I think)

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