Basingstoke Out Now!


And it’s 15% off for a week, so now is the prefect time to get your very own Basingstoke.

A Basingstoke also makes an ideal gift for a friend or loved one, so why not get the gift of Basingstoke for a friend or loved one, while it’s 15% off for the next week!

Or why not pamper yourself with your very own Basingstoke, safe in the knowledge etc. 15% off etc., or if you’re looking for that ideal gift for that special someone, why not… etc.*

Oh, and here’s the new trailer

You can get it on Steam, Humble, GOG or Itch, or read more about it here.

* might be a bit delirious at this point

2 thoughts on 'Basingstoke Out Now!'

  1. Hello Puppygames!

    Picking up a copy (Steam) today before the release sale runs out 🙂 As a fellow dev, from the videos I can see you guys have put a lot of work in Basingstoke. Very entertaining but in keeping with the Puppygames ‘look’. Note to myself: must check out Unity and not remain at custom made engine 😉

    Just wondering (and really interested to get your feedback if possible):

    – Did you ever worry about the title ‘Basingstoke’? Meaning targeting international customers who only know about London, Edinburgh, the Queen and Mary Berry?

    – Now you’ve met Steam anno 2018 where game success = 87% luck. Very different from when you started on Steam. Games made in 3 hours can – if lucky – generate the same revenue as “proper made (TM)” games. Is it still a shock/were you prepared for it having 50 other games release on the same day, most of ’em made in days rather than years?

    btw nice to see you insist on proper pricing as well. Nobody remembers the 20 quid shareware days anymore..

    1. Thanks Matthew!

      There were a few misgivings about the title at first but then when we look at the titles of just about every other game … they’re all just as meaningless, and in the end I don’t think it’s hurt at all, there are a lot of people from Basingstoke all over the world talking about it. Everyone has a Basingstoke tale etc 😉

      As for Steam in 2018… eeerrgh. We were prepared for it and made appropriately pessimistic estimates of our week 1 sales… which we failed to even live up to. So basically, four years of hard work and now Alli has to leave and get a real job as his reward.

      I reckon the price is pretty reasonable, meaning, you can make good reasons for pricing it at $30. It’s filtered out loads of whiny tyre-kickers and moaners and given us a smaller number of much more determined and much more appreciative fans playing the game, and so it’s gotten a great reception.

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