Rock Paper Shotgun Loves Us

Rock Paper Shotgun

… and we wuv them back, too, for they have interviewed me. And yes, I speak the truth, it does appear that we’ll have a pre-order demo ready in a couple of weeks, and it’ll be 50% off, and the full game will appear in the summer!

Best get back to the drudgery of the day job first though.


The to-do list currently looks like this:

  • Alien stuck in corner of map inexplicably
  • Double music playing on start of world
  • Research screen
  • Twiddle story xml around
  • Research tree
  • Replay Level button on Game Over
  • Clearer “reloading” timers
  • Some unique landmarks
  • Shift-click on a building to switch to Build Mode using that building (if still available)
  • Increase barricade / mine limit with silos?
  • Add ammo counter to capacitors?
  • Medals screen
  • Show medals earned on complete level dialog
  • Put in a load of tips
  • Hiscores screen
  • Different sfx for factory shutdown klaxon, base attack, base critical
  • Bezerk effect
  • Freeze effect
  • Mars
  • Saturn
  • Titan

8 thoughts on 'Rock Paper Shotgun Loves Us'

  1. There’s mention of game related merch. I hope that means I can get a sweet Revenge of the Titan’s t-shirt!

    I hope Steam will sell your game this time. You mentioned that they didn’t take you on before. Do you have any intentions to try and get it on there this time? What about Desura?

  2. There’s talk of Steam, but it won’t be out on Steam for months after it gets released on Puppygames, if they even accept it.

  3. I really enjoy the tech related blog posts… I’m assuming that you guys use a Java, OpenGL stack that you’ve been honing over the past year or so.

    I’d like to see more techie stuff. For inspiration that is. 🙂

  4. 7 years more like! More techie stuff will doubtless surface once we’ve got the game out. Crunch time! Well, for Chaz, I’m off sailing for a week 🙂

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