Steam keys! Eurogamer review! Megatitan attack, Ann Arbor, Michigan!

First of all, the Steam key generator wotsit is now up and running here … and hopefully it works too. Go try it blog squadron, then we’ll fix it when we find out it doesn’t work, and then we’ll send out a newsletter.

Secondly, we got a very nice review on – 8/10 aint bad and it’s full of nice quotes too …

Hundreds of Titans will die, but still they come. As levels creep towards their end, the apparently endless spew of chomping 2D horrors finally peters out, the frown will lift from your face, the sweat will be wiped from your brow, and you will feel good.


Titans has been continually honed during approximately 38 million years in beta, and it shows.

…for example 🙂

And thirdy, worthy of it’s own post if it weren’t for the overdue Steam keys thing, we bring you breaking news…

I have photographic evidence of a Megatitan attack during a street parade in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan yesterday. An entire album of evidence!

Pity these hapless souls who you see carried in the wake of its destructive power! I was an eyewitness, and I count myself fortunate that I lived to tell the tale! Crowds gathered on the sidewalk, amazed at its mighty roar– an echoing bellow of fury as loud as a megaphone!

The creature defeated Mario. It defeated Wallace and Grommit. It even defeated a camel and an octopus. Nothing could stand before its might!

Who, then, saved the planet earth? The alien invaders had failed to account for one thing. On this planet, H20 falls from the very sky itself. This element was the only thing that could penetrate a carapace of pure cardboardium!

I urge you to spread news of this invasion! More photographic and video evidence will be forthcoming!

your faithful correspondent,
Matt Arnold

We will indeed bring you any further updates as soon as we get them – who knows where the Titans will strike next!

News update!

Just as we we’re going to press, as they say, we’ve received further footage of the days events…

Bigger than the one we bagged in Trafalgar Square! Had that one stuffed, we did. Jolly good, eh what!



42 thoughts on 'Steam keys! Eurogamer review! Megatitan attack, Ann Arbor, Michigan!'

  1. Glad the Steam key sender is out, I’m sure that’ll help hoardes of people. Now I’m just waiting till 1.80.11 is out on Steam…

    1. It was added automatically. If you have not received it yet, possibly reentering the code should fix it. Otherwise it’s best to contact Steam/Valve.

  2. I was able to use the key generator to send out an email to me with the steam key in it. I haven’t tried the steam key yet, but the email got here, no problemo.

  3. You’ve got some dedicated fans! 😀

    Also, great to see you’re being reviewed. Any chance of the Ultrabundle on Desura?

    1. Just arrived here to ask this; while Steam is shiny, I’d rather not commit to using it exclusively!
      (If nothing else, it would sadden my Linux boxes.)

      1. No, it’s a pure freebie, realised I was just being a twat making it “one way” so it’s just a nice little extra for people who want to, er, play a version behind the Puppygames one 😉

  4. Will adding a Steam key invalidate my Puppygames registration?

    I want to own on Steam, but don’t want to lose Mac or earlier updates. If I have to buy twice, I’d consider it.

  5. Hey, do you guys have a forum? I just downloaded RotT from my Humble Bundle and am playing the heck out of it. All I wanted to know if it was possible to get the tracks from the game that aren’t on the soundtrack. (Such as the one that plays during the final stage on the moon.)

    1. Only the Steam forums. (Feel free to hitch a ride over there, you don’t have to buy it from them ;))

      The tracks can be found in ogg format if you install the latest version. If you open the music.jar file using any unzip sort of utility you’ll find the music in there.

      1. Yeah. I carefully listened through each track. If I go the “Ogg” route, anyone know how to get that into the library of, say, iTunes? I’ve tried to deal with Oggs before, no luck.

        1. dBpoweramp is your best friend.
          At least it is mine, I always use it to convert. It costs money tho, so if you’re not up for that there are plenty of converters online to use or download. Just google “ogg converter.”

          itunes needs to work with more file types (like flac) D:

  6. It doesn’t show up on Steam for Mac yet. Stupid Valve Time.

    I support Steam because it will (eventually, since they’re working on Valve Time) make it so that Mac users aren’t 2nd class citizens when it comes to computer gaming. I also hate having a million logins to different sites for games… I play pretty often.

  7. It’s a bit off-topic but worthwhile:

    Why Earth and Titan Share Twin Atmospheres

    Saturn’s moon, Titan, must have formed in an entirely different way to Earth and yet they share one thing in common: thick, nitrogen-rich atmospheres that are seething with organic compounds.

    Now everything makes sense. It’s disturbing…

  8. Bit quiet in here now isn’t it?!
    Any news on when the new tech will be available Cas/Chas? ? ? ?
    p.s. Good to read a review of RotT where its obvious the individual responsible actually played the game! Congrats

    1. There’s just not a whole lot to talk about. We are just patiently waiting for updates from Cas. We know that the primary focus has probably shifted to the new game, but we still hope for updates on RotT. Personally I cannot wait for the new tech either.

      1. We’re still trying to figure out what game to make next… Chaz and I are quite keen to do a “littler” sort of game again to have a breather – a 6 month sort of project. There’s been talk of resurrecting Treasure Tomb but with 100% user generated maps and a really decent in game map editor.

        1. Meanwhile you could consider to develop an scrolling spaceship arcade like R-Type or something. I think you guys would do a great job!

          1. Go play their other shoot em ups. They’ll probably come up with something creative for their next game.

            1. I do, so I think they could do a fancy spaceship shooter with ease.

              But it’s probable that a more creative game will come since they have reached a higher level with RoTT

  9. So Steam is doing a fairly poor job on getting your patch to Titans posted.

    Is there anyway that you could release a patch that would work with the Steam version?

  10. Any news on when Steam will release the patch as its been two weeks… really, really want to play revenge of the titans with newest patch 😉

    1. Dunno, I thought it remembered usernames. Maybe they expire after a while or something. WordPress is a mystery.

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